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Adelphia R.I.P.

It is with great pleasure that I report the demise of the Adelphia. Time Warner and Comcast are pecking through the carcass of the bankrupt cable company. Sometime in the next year, assuming FCC and DOJ approval, I'll become a Comcast customer for cable modem service. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing...

Time Warner Cable and Comcast to Acquire Assets of Adelphia Communications (TW))


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Comments (15)

Yeah, my sentiments, exactl... (Below threshold)

Yeah, my sentiments, exactly. "Asshats" is an understatement as to category, however.

Next they need to take a cl... (Below threshold)

Next they need to take a closer look at COX.

Better Comcast than Time-Wa... (Below threshold)

Better Comcast than Time-Warner.

Must be a regional thing, M... (Below threshold)

Must be a regional thing, McGehee. Time-Warner is The Bomb in my area. I love 'em.

If my experience with Comca... (Below threshold)

If my experience with Comcast cable is any indicator, I'd start looking into dsl or (shudder) dialup if I were you. I no longer own a tv because the reception is so lousy without cable, my apartment building won't let me have a dish, and I ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY REFUSE to do business with Comcast (sorry about the shouting; this subject does that to me).

I have digital cable, HDTV,... (Below threshold)

I have digital cable, HDTV, DVR, and broadband all through Comcast in Denver, and I'm 97.43% satisfied after about 18 months of service.

A regional thing, I agree. ... (Below threshold)

A regional thing, I agree. I've been on Comcast in two areas, one great the other sucks.

no complaints about Comcast... (Below threshold)

no complaints about Comcast besides seeing prices go up and up but that's what happens when you have no choice in cable providers. the one thing they are working on is inserting commercials into DVR'd content... don't like that at all since one reason you use the DVR is to avoid commercials.

Let's see. Comcast cable m... (Below threshold)
John S.:

Let's see. Comcast cable modem cost twice what a Verizon DSL costs, but at 4 mbps it's 4 times faster. And over 2 years my connection has been 99.999% reliable. I wouldn't use Verizon and reliable in the same sentence.

Kevin: I work for comcast, ... (Below threshold)

Kevin: I work for comcast, what are are you?

For what it's worth, Comcas... (Below threshold)

For what it's worth, Comcast's digital cable and cable internet have been pretty good for me in Richmond, VA.

I have been an Adelphia cus... (Below threshold)

I have been an Adelphia customer for ten years in Morgantown, WV, and I have never had a problem with them.

Maybe I don't know how bad they are because I have never dealt with anyone else, but I just don;t know.

What did Adelphia do that made you all hate them (other than Rigas being a damned crook)?

I've been a Comcast cable u... (Below threshold)

I've been a Comcast cable user for over five years. It's been a good service.

I'm also a digital cable with HDTV service. Good services... pricey but worth it, to me.

Too bad for Adelphia and th... (Below threshold)

Too bad for Adelphia and the family that controlled it.

They were fabulously rich but apparently thought of Adelphia as personal property because the owned so much of it for so long.

I just realized I said "wha... (Below threshold)

I just realized I said "what are are you" I meant "what area are you?"






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