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The Friendly Skies

A while back in discussing the future of the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) and the security changes implemented after 9/11 I termed the mutli-billion dollar expenditures a "giant public funded placebo." The worst part of the placebo is that it's been something of a shell game. Airport security, while no better, is more inconvenient than before, but security for transportation workers at all levels has not been tightened with the same gusto as has passenger security.

Jim Kouri reports today another in a recent string of raids on those who service our nations infrastructure, reporting on illegal aliens found working, fully badged, on U.S. military shipyards. In March more than two dozen illegal aliens, including 4 from countries on DHS's watch list for terrorist activity (Sudan and the Philippines), were arrested at TIMCO Aviation in North Carolina. The illegal aliens worked on commercial airliners, and many had signature authority to return planes to active service.

It's heartening to know that there are operations examining the employment practices of transportation associated industries, since we are only as safe as the weakest link in our defenses. Depending on how you look at it we've been fortunate (or unfortunate) to have been paying little public notice to these security lapses in the 3 1/2 years since 9/11. Had more attention been payed to the rest of the security spectrum outside the airport screening lines, we all might have decided long ago that the TSA's "increased security" was placebo all along.

Illegal Aliens Busted While Working on US Navy Ships [MND]
Bust of illegal aliens maintaining jets raises safety concerns [AP/USAT]

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I remember, back in the 80'... (Below threshold)

I remember, back in the 80's, when I worked in Human Resources for a major defense contractor, there was a law that legal work status had to be verified for new hires. The verification process was left to clerks in the HR office. It consisted of the clerk photocopying their documents and keeping them on file. NO one from the Government ever asked for the records.

Reagan said of the Soviet Union, "Trust, but verify". It is a Government practice to pass laws, but fail to finance the enforcement.

That is why we have 10 million illegals here today. A lack of will on the part of Government. And it did not start with the Bush administration(s). It started in the early80's. The biggest advocate of a very liberal immigration policy? The 'ole swimmer', hizzoner, Ted Kennedy.

The whole problem seems, to... (Below threshold)

The whole problem seems, to my view, to be based within the ongoing false criticism about illegal immigration as being something "race" based and/or suggestive of (falsely, again) the "intolerance of immigrants."

Neither could be farther from the truth, where illegal immigration is concerned.

It's about ILLEGAL behavior by anyone/everyone who engages in it. That certain countries are contiguous to ours on the North American continent and that we can identify those countries (Mexico, Canada and to a great degree, Cuba/Caribbean) does not mean that inherently there is some "discrimination" of attitude about the races that inhabit those countries but, again and again and again, racially motivated groups accuse the very nation they claim they desire to use for thier own purposes as being "racist" and "anti immigrant" when the entire immigration process is not that but requires certain laws be observed and respected that are not by those violating them via illegal immigration.

So, lawsuits ensue (d'oh), the territory loved and catered to by the ACLU and various others and the courts are used to further denigrate the country's legal requirements for immigration, by one accusation or another nearly always based in false "racial" and/or "immigrant discrimination" allegations.

So, government backs off. At least, that's the only way I can understand why our government has turned milktoast about the issue of illegal immigration.

...combined with the fact t... (Below threshold)

...combined with the fact that good defense attorneys can make any offense seem minor, even appear to be the fault of the accuser (USA article).

My first impression (impression only, so it's not fact, and I recognize that) is that the one guy from Sudan that's been identified in that article (USA...) being "whisked off to" a distant federal holding pen indicates that there's reason to conclude that those doing the whisking want to take a closer look and have their reasons why.

About aircraft mechanics who obtained/maintained their jobs based upon false i.d.s and are not literate in English, I'm wondering about all those parts, all those instructions, all those restrictions, directions, etc. on all those parts on all those planes. Just because planes aren't falling out of the sky with regularity afterward does not mean that there's been competent maintenance on those planes. The comments in that second article (USA...) by some defending the illegally-gotten employees is mindboggling.

Concerning the illegals arr... (Below threshold)

Concerning the illegals arrested at TIMCO, I have read that TIMCO management has explained to their employees three things:

First, most of the illegals were working for a contract agency, not TIMCO, and that the contract agency, not TIMCO, was responsible for accomplishing the background checks; and

Second, for the couple of illegals who were actually employed by TIMCO (not thru a contract agency), that the information that would have revealed they were illegals when TIMCO did the background check was "federally protected information"; and

Third, that all of the illegals were under the direct supervision of properly licensed and trained personnel.

I am in NO position to know the facts or to be able to verify any of these statements, but that is the information being provided to TIMCO employees.

If the second statement IS true, that's the one that scares me the most. It would mean (if true) our federal government remains the worst offender in the whole sorry illegals mess.

You can contact TIMCO Public Relations to verify this if you wish.






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