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We don't need no stinkin' inspection stickers!

Earlier this week, I reported about a Boston Herald investigation into unpaid parking tickets given to city-owned vehicles. It turns out that the Herald isn't quite ready to stop chewing on that bone.

Of the nearly $27,000 in outstanding tickets, over $1,000 were for uninspected vehicles. That's right. City workers were driving around in cars and trucks that hadn't had their mandatory safety inspection.

Among the sticker violations were a Department of Public Works vehicle cited 16 times, a School Department vehicle tagged seven times in one month and a Transportation Department vehicle cited four times in a week.

The city's chief of basic services, one Michael Galvin, said that sometimes things "fall through the cracks." He also said that oft times uninspected vehicles are taken off the road until the inspection can be arranged, conveniently overlooking that a vehicle has to be ON the road to receive a ticket.

But that's just the Massachusetts way. All the rules and taxes and fees are for the LITTLE people. It's just not fair to expect the important people -- lawmakers, judges, other public employees -- to follow the same rules. After all, they're better than the common rabble.



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Comments (12)

Does everybody in Massatu... (Below threshold)
mark m:

Does everybody in Massatuchits have to have safety inspections or just city workers??. That's creepy if it's mandatory for everyone.

I thought all states had ma... (Below threshold)

I thought all states had mandatory safety inspections (make sure you've got a rearview mirror, make sure your signals and lights work...) Most people do it at the same time as emissions inspections, I think.

It is mandatory for every v... (Below threshold)

It is mandatory for every vehicles registered in Massachusetts. It really isn't that creepy and I know of other states that routinely do inspections of vehicles as well, including New Jersey, New York, and etc.

It used to be mandatory her... (Below threshold)

It used to be mandatory here in Florida. They ended it thankfully. There was a stipulation in the law that if one earned under a certain income annually, they didn't have to get their car fixed. It was so stupid. It was the low income people with the old cars doing 90% of the pollution they were trying to combat.

Also in our fair city, they were constructing a city owned building a couple years ago. Their own code says there must be a covered fence surrounding the construction site. They put up no such fence. Tons of debris (foam insulation, etc.) scattered into the street and into our restaurant for months. Rather than erect a proper fence, they fined themsleves for the infraction and then excused themselves from the fine.

Nice, huh?

meepNo safety inspec... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

No safety inspections here in Ohio, but they are mandatory in Pennsylvania.

No emissions inspections either, except maybe in a few specific cities.

Inspections are mandatory h... (Below threshold)

Inspections are mandatory here in Texas. They've also made emissions testing mandatory in the large cities - Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, etc.

No safety inspections or ... (Below threshold)
mark m:

No safety inspections or emission testing here in Michigan either....at least that i'm aware of. There used to be emissions testing but that went over like a fart in church.
Maybe I just don't like mandatory anything.

Nebraska has no inspection ... (Below threshold)

Nebraska has no inspection law for cars. I believe Iowa tried one for a while, but it was such that you only needed to get a safety inspection to pass a clear title when you sold the car. Unintended consequence: people drove their old beaters until they literally fell apart on the road, knowing they couldn't sell it due to a cracked rearview mirror or some such nonsense.

I seem to recall that safet... (Below threshold)

I seem to recall that safety inspections were once required in California. I remember as a kid riding along as my dad went to get one on the family car. And another time he spotted a CHP checkpoint in time to avoid it, because the inspection sticker had expired.

By the time I was driving, though, it was only the emissions inspection -- although my first ticket was a fix-it order for a dead headlight. I've lived in two other states now and never had to get a safety inspection sticker.

I've also never managed to live in a jurisdiction that didn't need an emissions inspection -- not even in Fairbanks, Alaska.

I am incredulous that there... (Below threshold)

I am incredulous that there are other states where safety inspections are not required -- I had always assumed it was one of those requirements that the Federal Highway Administration imposed on ALL states for highway fund eligibility. Awwwwww shit.

This Michael Galvin guy is a first class piece of s**t, and everything he touches turns to s**t. BUT, he's a BIG pal of the Mayor (or has pictures), so he'll be spreading his stench across city government until Menino is gone (unfortunately, not for several more years).

In the UK you have an annua... (Below threshold)

In the UK you have an annual checkup that checks everything from exhaust emissions to seatbelts to CV boots (pain in the ass when that goes I can tell you). Without your MOT you can't get the car taxed and it means your insurance is null and void, all of which are mandatory to have the car on the road.
If you don't have an MOT your car can be taken off the road by the Police & if you don't fix it, it will be crushed!

If people would keep their ... (Below threshold)
Allison Osmond:

If people would keep their cars up, like replace their tail lights, we wouldn't need inspections. It's a sad thing that just by having a tail light out, you could cause a serious accideint.I think having inspection stickers is a good thing!






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