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Quote of the Day - Wishful Thinking Edition

"I think the United States is sick. It suffers from the sickness, the disease of being the victor and it needs to cure itself from this disease."
Mikhail Gorbachev, former president of the Soviet Union, at the United Nations presenting the 2005 Allan Cranston Peace Award to CNN founder and U.N. benefactor Ted Turner. [CNN]

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There was a strong initiati... (Below threshold)

There was a strong initiative by Reagan to reduce the number of nuclear weapons in the world. As two superpowers facing off in their global interests, this was a mutually beneficial agreement strategically. I am sure Gorbachev feels he was important in that initiative and I guess he was. It's just that Reagan kind of held the upper hand. The fall of Communism has eliminated a heavy diplomatic and economic hand that could otherwise moderate the aggressive inclinations of smaller countries such as North Korea over which the US has historically held no . With that diplomatic influence gone I presume the current administration feels that a more direct and measured confrontational stance needs to be taken. All of our other foreign policy moves are viewed through the world's perception of our "needless" operations in the Middle East. It seems this administartion trying to elicit China as a partner in this particular concern. But I don't think the US is going to give up any more until the balances of influence throughout the world are more clearly sorted out.

"I think Russia is sick. It... (Below threshold)

"I think Russia is sick. It suffers from the sickness, the disease of being a loser AND anti-semitic and it needs to cure itself from this disease."

-An Informed American

This just in, from a former... (Below threshold)

This just in, from a former Time Magazine 'Man of the Year'.

Maybe it's just sour grapes. "Sorry, Gorby, your side lost the cold war."

Gorby AND Ted Turner, in th... (Below threshold)

Gorby AND Ted Turner, in the same room, giving away an award named for Allan Cranston.

Talk about your critical-mass cloud of bozons...

Yeah, but he is good-lookin... (Below threshold)

Yeah, but he is good-looking, right?

That stain on Gorby's head ... (Below threshold)

That stain on Gorby's head appears to have leaked into his brain impairing his ability to think clearly.

Hey Mikey! We won. You lo... (Below threshold)

Hey Mikey! We won. You lost. Get used to it.

What a LOSER.... (Below threshold)

What a LOSER.

Gorby rose to the top in th... (Below threshold)

Gorby rose to the top in the USSR. Congenial with an ability to find political friends.

Gorby then confidently began to tune the empire.

Within a decade the USSR was gone and no one cared. Everything he tried failed. More tellingly, the Russians never listen to him.

Conclusion: a good neighbor, but don't ask him to babysit your kid.

"The disease of being the v... (Below threshold)

"The disease of being the victor."
It never changes with the Left. Black is white and up is down.
We tried defeat when we allowed oursrlves to be politically out-foxed by the commies and the American left in Viet Nam. It sucked and it felt like a malingering disease until Ronald Reagan came along. I like victory better.

Only a moonbat Lib would ca... (Below threshold)

Only a moonbat Lib would care what a loser thinks about America. And Gorby was standing next to the Prince of the Moonbats Ted Turner.

When Gorby departs this mor... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

When Gorby departs this mortal world, just watch how the Left and the MSM will lionize him as being the REAL reason the West won the Cold War.

Somewhere, Reagan, Thatcher and JP2 will be laughing.

The quote and the short des... (Below threshold)

The quote and the short description of context are breathtaking in their elegant completeness. Adding commentary is like trying to simplify the shape of a sphere.






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