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"What the hedgehog sang is not evidence."

I've always been a voracious reader. When I was in the 3rd grade, my teacher loaned me a book that I have loved to this day. At least once every year or two, I dig out a copy (I've lost three over the years) and re-read it.

I just finished it again, and am sitting back with the warm glow and slightly dopey smile I always have after reading it.

Wizbang bonus points to the first reader who can identify this wonderful book, the source of the quote in the title.


(Additional hint in the extended section)

(I'm not the only blogger who loves this book. A quick perusal of the blogroll to the left reveals another big hint to the book's identity.)

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<a href="http://hem.passage... (Below threshold)
El-ahrairah's trial in the ... (Below threshold)

El-ahrairah's trial in the book Watership Down.

Sorry, Sarah. Jason nailed ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Sorry, Sarah. Jason nailed it. And barely lasted half an hour.


Oh, my was just a silly jo... (Below threshold)

Oh, my was just a silly joke.

I got a copy of Watership down when I was about eleven...first experience of a book I could not put down. I left it for a few minutes here and there for a crust of bread, etc., lost all track of time.

Knew the whole rabbit vocab backwards and forwards...

Sarah: ...but does the Wiza... (Below threshold)

Sarah: ...but does the Wizard's staff have a knob on the end?

I was heading here to guess... (Below threshold)

I was heading here to guess Watership Down and see that I got beat to it. Long book for what seems to be a children's book, but well worth the read, although I'm not all that impressed with the author's other works. My favorite part was when Thlayli cusses General Woundwort out in Lapin. That was cool. Kids are always looking for cuss words their parent don't know are actually cuss words.






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