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Desert Island Discs

When you've got a house full of kids, rainy days are your kryptonite. There's only so much you can do to entertain a pack of bored kids. What you need is a collection of "go to" videos. If you were stuck inside with kids and only a couple DVD's which ones would they be?

Here's my current short list:

Share your favorites in the comment section, but try to limit yourself to 3.

Note: Unfortunately Laurie Berkner's popular Noggin videos (which would be on my list) have not been released on DVD, but they are available online at Noggin. Her VHS concert video is not nearly as entertaining as the Noggin videos.

Comments (21)

1. Veggie Tales Silly Songs... (Below threshold)

1. Veggie Tales Silly Songs - great for the kids and very entertaining for adults. You will definitely be humming the songs afterwards.

2.Any "Dora the Explorer" video

3. "Fantasia 2000"

1) Texas Chainsaw Massacre<... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

1) Texas Chainsaw Massacre
2) The Thing (John Carpenter remake)
3) Babylon 5 Boxed Set

Once I've scared the crap out of the kids with the first two, I'd fire up the third with the full confidence that I wouldn't be interrupted.


(No, I don't have kids. Why do you ask that?)

I'm old enough to remember ... (Below threshold)

I'm old enough to remember when DVDs and videos weren't an option. Back then, whenever I babysat (babysitted?) my three youngest siblings I just tied them up and threw 'em in the basement. No problem.

The Adventures of Milo and ... (Below threshold)

The Adventures of Milo and Otis

Star Wars Trilogy

The Incredibles

Rough Science.<a hre... (Below threshold)

Rough Science.

Picture 'Survivor' with scientists who know how to make their own wire, get working electricity, make flare rockets, build kilns, make rubber, and generally do something more entertaining that passing out in their own firepit.

The Wiggles have always don... (Below threshold)

The Wiggles have always done it for my kids.
That movie, "Good Boy" with the talking dogs is also great.

Any of the Eyewitness serie... (Below threshold)

Any of the Eyewitness series, Volcano, Planets, Desert, Dinosaur, etc.

Jonah, a Veggie Tales movie

For real young kids, the Bananas in Pajamas were a big favorite years ago

You should be teaching your... (Below threshold)

You should be teaching your kids from the Bible, or you're not really good Republicans.

My three movies are...... (Below threshold)

My three movies are...

1) Either of the Disney "Rescuers" movies

2) Disney "The Three Caballeros" (I freaking LOVED this as a kid and, apparently, so do my littler cousins)

3) (For my older cousins when they come visit) Any of the Miyazaki films (like Spirited Away). They're into the whole anime-on-TV thing (like Yu Gi Oh! and such), so they like almost anything anime.

minnie, if you're as tireso... (Below threshold)

minnie, if you're as tiresomely unhumorous as your latest post sounds, then i'm eternally grateful we've never met.

Rocky & Bullwinkle, always ... (Below threshold)

Rocky & Bullwinkle, always classics

Winnie the Poo (always loved them)

The Grinch Grinches the Cat in the Hat
(one of my all time favorite movies as a kid)

When my kids were younger, ... (Below threshold)

When my kids were younger, on rainy days I used to chase them around the house with an axe handle. Nowadays, they look back on these warm childhood memories with a smile and you can almost hear the bittersweet nostalgia in their voices as they say "Dad?" and I say, "what do you little $%#@! want now?" and they say "remember the restraining order?"

when my girls were younger,... (Below threshold)

when my girls were younger, rainy days were filled with coloring books, board games and puzzles in addition to fave tapes of Dark Crystal, Secret of Nihm and any number of Duck Tales. Or Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

The twin grandsons (now 2 1/2) can't get enough of Monsters, Inc, Finding Nemo or Toy Story. Heck, the credits start rolling and Sean looks up at me, tapping his fingers together and intones "More? More?"

1) The Incredibles2)... (Below threshold)

1) The Incredibles
2) Bill Nye the Science Guy; Top 100 Episodes
3) Thomas the Tank Engine the "Percy Edition"

Pixar is where it's at: Toy... (Below threshold)

Pixar is where it's at: Toy Story 1 and 2 being tops with the ages it sounds like your kids are.

I second The Adventures of Milo and Otis. That's a classic.

And last of all The Magic Schoolbus, but I doubt it's on DVD...

1) Any Thomas the Train<br... (Below threshold)
mark m:

1) Any Thomas the Train
2) Tom & Jerry
3) Teletubbies

I agrre with the Baby Galalaeo series and the Bob the Builder shows as well. Also, NO WIGGLES...that stuff is terrible.

Junkyard Wars is especially... (Below threshold)
Governor Breck:

Junkyard Wars is especially good for boys. It's competitive and it's all about people building improbable machines from junk. Boys go nuts for this. Having almost zero experience with small girls, I can't vouch for its effect on them.

Anyone who would subject th... (Below threshold)
Clash City Rocker:

Anyone who would subject their offspring to the wiggles is a sadist. Wanna watch a kid's brain turn to mush faster than terri shivo's, put in the wiggles, sit back and enjoy the show.

My top three:
Any Disney, anytime anywhere...kids are enthralled by the master.
Bugs Bunny,Bugs Bunny, Bugs Bunny any WB classic is well .... classic
My youngest likes HBO's Autopsy series, what can I say she pukes at the site of the wiggles.

Not in any particular order... (Below threshold)

Not in any particular order . . .

1. Anything by Pixar--highly entertaining to the kiddies, with enough obscure "grown-up" gags thrown in to make them tolerable for the adults.

2. The "Peanuts" videos--even though many are holiday themed, most kids don't care, and I've always been partial to Shultz.

3. Wizard of Oz. Simply one of the best films ever made for kids.

4. Any of the old Live-Action Disney films. 'Toons are good too, but "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" is hard to beat. I think it's a pity that "Song of the South" is no longer available.

Of course, take these with a grain of salt--my 7 year old daughter loves Nosferatu.

When my kids were younger -... (Below threshold)

When my kids were younger -

Homeward Bound (I or II) or basically anything with talking animals.

Rescue Heroes (remember the toys? They made 15 and 30 minute videos that came with the action figures when you bought a set. Yeah, we got the whole freaking collection.)

Zeus and Roxanne - another animal story, this time no talking animals but decent show

Now that they're older, basically a fight over PS2 and Xbox.

I am unluckhy enough to be ... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

I am unluckhy enough to be in the stage where the age range of kids is too big to make everyone happy (6-11). So to please all of them, I would say any of the Pixar movies are a hit, and anything VeggieTales. Some Disney isn't too good for all of them, but Lion King seems to be equally enjoyable.






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