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If you're playing a game and the points don't matter, you might not be a redneck.

I'm currently cleansing my palate between 90 minutes of "Whose Line Is It Anyway" and an episode of "Blue Collar Comedy," and I'm enjoying it tremendously. I've always appreciated stand-up comics; I've always said that if you want to learn how to think quickly on your feet, and in general be a better thinker, you could do worse than to study stand-ups.

Anyway, I'm thinking about both these shows, and I'm finding some rather striking parallels between the shows.

* Both shows were built around a big-name star (Carrey, Foxworthy).

* Both shows are astonishingly cheap to produce.

* Both shows are basically excuses for said star to hang around and have fun with some of their buddies.

* Both shows' big-name stars are, while funny, are actually the weakest member of each show.

I miss "Whose Line." While Wayne Brady was obviously the breakout star (he is amazingly talented, and had his own show for a while), Colin Mochrie remains my hero. I saw him and Brad Sherwood live once, even got to contribute a bit, and I have their autographs.

And as much as I enjoy Larry the Cable Guy, he'll never -- NEVER -- replace Captain Hair.

(Favorite Colin Mochrie line: Introducing a game of "Greatest Hits" with "We'll return to our nature documentary, 'Saggy, The Anorexic Elephant' after this brief message.")

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Nope. Wrong. At least WRT... (Below threshold)

Nope. Wrong. At least WRT Whose Line. WLIIA? is a British show that was a HUGE hit on BBC3 or 4 (can't remember which) and featured Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, Brad Sherwood, and Greg Proops, as well as about 10 different British comedians, some of whom you may have heard of....

Stiles brought the show to the US when he got the Drew Carey show gig, and he and Carey pitched it to ABC. Several of the games are direct from the Brit show and some of the crew and several of the guest comedians were on the UK show.

As a huge fan of the UK show, the US version is WAY too tame for me, I miss the gay/bathroom humor you can get away with on the BBC, and especially the British host, Clive Anderson.

Sorry, but I don't think WL... (Below threshold)

Sorry, but I don't think WLIIA can compare to Blue Collar Comedy. Those guys are hilarious, and are probably the hottest thing in comedy right now.

I watched both Larry the Cable Guy and Ron "Tater Salad" White's standups. Man those guys are absolutely hilarious.

It's a feel-good story; they resurrected Foxworthy's career and have made them plenty of money while making a name for themselves. And I'm saying this as a black guy living in NC. I've always thought rednecks were some of the funniest people around.

Best WLIIA is the one where... (Below threshold)

Best WLIIA is the one where Richard Simmons made a guest appearance and did th "props" skit.

Funniest. Skit. Ever.

You don't have to miss the ... (Below threshold)

You don't have to miss the show any more. ABC FAmily channel, if you get it, runs new episodes on Monday evenings at 8 PM Eastern.

I miss TW3...... (Below threshold)

I miss TW3...

But you might just be a GEE... (Below threshold)

But you might just be a GEEK!

And if you get as animated about the subject as caltechgirl, well then its pretty clear.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that….

Actually, I liked the BBC’s WLIIA, which ran in the US on Comedy Central (or maybe the Comedy Channel) for quite a while. But I absolutely LOVED the US version. Of course I’m a big Drew fan. But I can take or leave the Blue Collar comedy tour.

I liked the BBC version, bu... (Below threshold)

I liked the BBC version, but the US one was better because of Wayne Brady. Captain Hair's my hero too, but Wayne is *the man*.

Sniff, sniff, no comments o... (Below threshold)

Sniff, sniff, no comments on TW3 BBC vs US version... I will go back to my room and listen to my 78's and 45's...

Jay Tea, I think I love you... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea, I think I love you.

Colin's "bald guy" hoedown performance will forever be my favorite WLIIA? moment. A close second is The Disco Kid followed by the ever-popular Captain Hair.

"We're watching animal porn!"

And yes, I know I have no life. No need to put salt on the wound.

The funniest skit ever for ... (Below threshold)

The funniest skit ever for me had Mochrie and Stiles cleaning the Bernouse for the Prince of Funkistan, in one of the "Mission Impossible/Improbable" skits. You have to see it to understand, but "The Cat!" as a line is used in at least one other show...

Another favorite of mine had Brady singing in the style of The Rocky Horror Picture Show about a Coffee Grinder.

Somebody's gotta bring that show back, I've seen them all, including the British ones.

My favorite Colin line is f... (Below threshold)
Jim C.:

My favorite Colin line is from a game of "Questions Only" (on the British show, I think). Ryan is taking airline reservations and asks "Smoking or non-smoking?" Colin's comeback: "What's the difference?" Ryan breaks up and exits. A minimal line, but it killed just the same.

Hey now, quit thinking so n... (Below threshold)

Hey now, quit thinking so negatively. We’re the ones who actually have a life.

Those people who didn't watch WLIIA? because they refused to miss an episode of “Friends” are the real losers.

At least that's what I keep telling myself.

My favorite was Colin and R... (Below threshold)

My favorite was Colin and Ryan employing two cheerleaders as live pointer props. There was just something innocent and quite real about using gals for cheap thrills......

Tom Blogical:"We c... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Tom Blogical:

"We can't use the cat, it's all wet!"


"How does poo become food?"... (Below threshold)

"How does poo become food?"

uh, wait, tis the other way... (Below threshold)

uh, wait, tis the other way around.

Unless you're into that sor... (Below threshold)

Unless you're into that sort of thing, McCain, it most certainly is the other way around. *shudders*

Jay Tea:"It's OK. ... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea:

"It's OK. I have another Bernouse!"

I think that the best Colin... (Below threshold)

I think that the best Colin moment has to be when he's doing "News Flash" in front of the green screen, only behind him is playing... him. I really liked it when he finally figured it out. He looked for a moment like he was going to kil someone, but in a humerous way. :-)

Second favorite moment? Ryan is doing party quirks, I think he's doing Carol Channing getting her head stuck to things when he rams the desk and shatters the neon, then keeps going. :-) The show must go on.

Erik,I never saw tha... (Below threshold)

I never saw that episode but as you explained it, I saw it, and could not stop laughing. Colin is indeed the most special bald guy there is... :)

Liked both versions US and ... (Below threshold)

Liked both versions US and UK. When the chemistry was just right the shows rocked. Haven't seen the tv versions of blue collar comedy, but did see the DVD of their tour. The best part was the time spent at the end of the show, when all of em are out on stage and they are telling stories about each other. Why can't we have more tv like this. (Yeah , I'm an old fart and remember much the same thing being said about the old Carol Bernett show. the interplay between tim conway and harvey coreman was a site to see.)

<a href="http://newsfly.org... (Below threshold)

http://newsfly.org/humormedia/richardsimmons1.htm copy/paste that into your browser, is 5 min clip or so Richard Simmons skit on Whose lines. It's just, well go watch it.

Eirik - we loved that Ryan ... (Below threshold)

Eirik - we loved that Ryan party quirks bit too! We had TIVO at the time and just kept playing it over and over and ROTFL...

We need to get out more...

(Favorite Colin Mochrie ... (Below threshold)

(Favorite Colin Mochrie line: Introducing a game of "Greatest Hits" with "We'll return to our nature documentary, 'Saggy, The Anorexic Elephant' after this brief message.")

I remember that one! But it's not the best. In a game of "Scenes from a Hat," the challenge was, "Things you can say to your dog that you can't say to your girlfriend."

Colin (as to a dog): "Come!"

("How does food become poo" is a close second, though.)

My favorite was from "Pick... (Below threshold)

My favorite was from "Pickup Lines of a Drill Sargent". Brad Sherwood's line,
"I'm going to stand here, and look at my Privates!" left me rolling on the floor.

Nope. Wrong. At least WR... (Below threshold)

Nope. Wrong. At least WRT Whose Line. WLIIA? is a British show that was a HUGE hit on BBC3 or 4 (can't remember which) and featured Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, Brad Sherwood, and Greg Proops, as well as about 10 different British comedians, some of whom you may have heard of....

WLIIA began, as with so many other classic British comedies, on the radio in the late 80s, hosted by Clive Anderson and team captains Jon Sessions and Stephen Fry. It was then brought to Channel 4 (not BBC) by Hat Trick Productions.

Nobody can hold a candle to British comedy. We have to have a good sense of humour to deal with all the terrible teeth.

I'm a Britphile myself, LOL... (Below threshold)

I'm a Britphile myself, LOL, the reality is the humour is different, certainly British TV comedy is better overall because they don't seem to be constrained by network censors and they are just well cheekier - ironic in the land of PC BBC - the only time the Yanks have been able to successfully rip off a Britcom is Three's Company.

When we were kids in Canada, we watched On the Buses, Benny Hill (my dad gets hysterical) Doctor in the House, heck Doctor in the House was on everyday after school, in hindsight we probably shouldn't have been watching it, LOL

as a Canadian I think we understand and appreciate both British humour and American humour and kind of mix it up ourselves as well as having our own unique humour....

British do dry wit and even physical comedy better but the Yanks do observational humour best. In terms of improvisional or skit comedy I'm not sure. Much great talent came out of the Second City tradition, American and Canadian.

I miss Kids in the Hall but I guess that makes me
a South Park Conservative, LOL. Terrier....

Colin Mochrie, just another fine Canadian comedic export!!!

My favorite on WLIIA are Co... (Below threshold)

My favorite on WLIIA are Colin! He's the funniest bald man on the planet!
My favorite Colin Moment was "TAPIOOOCA!"






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