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Lost Boy Hits The Wall

Ever wonder what happened to 80's teen sensation Corey Haim?

Warning - It's not pretty...


In-Corey-igible (w/video) [Pulse 24]


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Comments (63)

Dude looks like <a href="ht... (Below threshold)

Dude looks like Mindy Cohn.

Was the wall made of bacon?... (Below threshold)

Was the wall made of bacon?

I never wondered.... (Below threshold)

I never wondered.

Which of the 80s coreys was... (Below threshold)

Which of the 80s coreys was he again? The guy who wore his sunglasses at night?

If you count the sunglasses... (Below threshold)
Finn McCool:

If you count the sunglasses guy, that makes three Coreys: (1) this one, Corey Haim (in all his bloated glory), (2) Corey Hart (aka, Mr. Sunglasses), and (3) Corey Feldman, aka Michael Jackson's "special friend."

Haim could have been Jackson's "special friend" too, for all I know, but I'm 99% sure that the sunglasses guy never was.

Jay Tea used to be Cory Hai... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea used to be Cory Haim!?!


Dude looks like he ate<... (Below threshold)

Dude looks like he ate Mindy Cohn.

Hey, hey, hey! Mind the sla... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Hey, hey, hey! Mind the slander!

The guy in the picture has much more hair on top of his head, and considerably less above his lip, than I do.

Take my word for it.


Sorry Jay,That's w... (Below threshold)

Sorry Jay,

That's what you get for posting the picture from your "vacation" ;-)

I wouldn't mind being able to say that I had dated Alyssa Milano, Nicole Eggert, Holly Fields,Victoria Beckham and Cindy Guyer, though.

Trying to sell his teeth and hair on eBay was kind of weird.

Corey Hart has been releasi... (Below threshold)

Corey Hart has been releasing other albums all these years. Who knew? http://www.coreyhart.com/

This is your brain. This... (Below threshold)
Wes S.:

This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs. Any questions?

Who the hell is Corey Haim?... (Below threshold)

Who the hell is Corey Haim?

GOD Corey Haim was BEAUTIFU... (Below threshold)

GOD Corey Haim was BEAUTIFUL...what HAPPENED to him!? I mean, I can understand the whole getting older thing...but seriously...WHAT HAPPENED??? I'm pretty sure the young Corey Haim was on his way to being one of the sexist men in the world (he still kills me)...and look at him now. So sad :(

Cory Haim did get older but... (Below threshold)

Cory Haim did get older but he still has a to die for smile!

WOW! poor guy.... (Below threshold)

WOW! poor guy.

Corey Haim as soooooooooooo... (Below threshold)

Corey Haim as soooooooooooo cute... WHAT HAPPENED!!!???

I used to be in LOVE with C... (Below threshold)

I used to be in LOVE with Corey Haim's smile.I think I still am....BUT WHAT HAPPENED!?

another site just showed co... (Below threshold)

another site just showed corey haim looking cute as ever.that fat blob here cannot be him...

WOW...u see,this is what ha... (Below threshold)

WOW...u see,this is what happens when u take drugs.

He was cute,but now he need... (Below threshold)

He was cute,but now he needs a tan and he needs to lose weight.

i used to watch the the los... (Below threshold)

i used to watch the the lost boys overe and over again just because he was in it, i still do, but i was watching special features disc and his face face was just a blob of fat. but then again, you see different pics of him all the time, some are sexy, and some are just...

I grew up watching him and ... (Below threshold)

I grew up watching him and thought he was sexy. Is it wrong that I still think he is even in this picture?

I still love him!... (Below threshold)

I still love him!

He still has the most beaut... (Below threshold)

He still has the most beautiful smile I have ever seen!

Corey Haim is the fucking m... (Below threshold)

Corey Haim is the fucking man. I've been trying to find him for about a month now, because he kicks so much ass. The cheeseinesss of his movies are just so great the pull you in and dont let go til the last lame ass line is dropped

I can't wait until Demoliti... (Below threshold)

I can't wait until Demolition University II: Doctoral Dissertation is released!

Alan Thicke and Corey Haim ... (Below threshold)

Alan Thicke and Corey Haim were a dynamic duo in Demolition High.

He looks HOT! I always used... (Below threshold)

He looks HOT! I always used to have fantasies about feeding him and making him gain weight. It's finally happened. I'd love to get him into bed and play with his hot belly!! WUFF!!

corey USED to be sooooooooo... (Below threshold)

corey USED to be soooooooooo hot.i bet now he really regrets taking drugs.

Hi...Corey haim is... (Below threshold)


Corey haim is / was soo cute..!!
I realy can die when I see him on the internet or in a movie.!!!
Those eyes and smile are just killin me.!!!!!
I wish I mett some-1 that looks just like him..!!!
But heY : everybody gets older... :(
and he used drugs .... so sad..!!..
I hope he looses the weight !!!!!

I heard he's auditioning fo... (Below threshold)

I heard he's auditioning for the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man in Ghostbusters 3.

I heard he's auditioning fo... (Below threshold)

I heard he's auditioning for the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man in Ghostbusters 3.

I Loved Corey Haim soo much... (Below threshold)

I Loved Corey Haim soo much!
I watch lost boys over and over again just to see him!
It is such a shame what happened to him.. I wish he would loose alittle weight!
I dream of some of the guys in my school lookin/acting the way he did in all his 80's movies.
And it does suck that he was on drugs -- him and Corey Feldman both.
I loved the two of them so much as 80's hotties!
Well, 80's cutie or not, I will still always love Corey H.!

Hey, i think corye is so cu... (Below threshold)

Hey, i think corye is so cute even now, i dont see that it's really that bad, he aint that fat really. I think he's adorable and i love him and want to go give him a big hug. Think about it this way: he's more hard wearing now. See, if something heavy fell on him he'd prolly be okay. He's less likely to break. See the sunny side.

when I saw Corey Haim in th... (Below threshold)

when I saw Corey Haim in the lost boys taking a bubble bath he loked soooooooooooooo adorable!and I still think he looks sexy!

Cory is still sexy, but chu... (Below threshold)

Cory is still sexy, but chubby.Ever since i seen him in lost boys,i've been in love with that sexy smile of his!!!!The Corys were and still are the shit!!!1

i bet he feels so ... (Below threshold)

i bet he feels so sorry for taking drugs and getting so fat and losing his fine body
and now he feels sorry cuz his clothes dont fit him hahahahahahah

i bet he feels sorry that h... (Below threshold)

i bet he feels sorry that he took drugs but he still is cute to me lol

Hey why doesnt everyone lea... (Below threshold)

Hey why doesnt everyone leave him alone, he may not look the same, but give the guy a break he's had a hard life.... if i saw him in a movie today or even out in public id still be a fan, he was great.

He is fat but hey, he might... (Below threshold)

He is fat but hey, he might loose weight. I loved his movies. I really hope he makes a come back.

What a fat retard.... (Below threshold)

What a fat retard.

Most of you need to pull yo... (Below threshold)

Most of you need to pull your heads out of your asses!

How many of you look the same at 35 ... compared to when you were 16.

Corey Haim used to be so ho... (Below threshold)

Corey Haim used to be so hot... I thought drugs were supposed to make you skinny

OMFG!!!!!!! I saw him looki... (Below threshold)

OMFG!!!!!!! I saw him lookin like that on one of the VH1 shows ;((((( I think I cried LOL

To Lindsay some drugs make ... (Below threshold)

To Lindsay some drugs make you fat. But that doesn't matter now because Corey is sober. He has been clean for awhile now. Which is probably why he has gained the weight.

Seiji has a point, I mean, ... (Below threshold)
Joti & Kiran:

Seiji has a point, I mean, who the hell looks exactly the same after 10 years. You're just jealous because he looked (and still does) way better than you ever did. You're just mad because half of you are heavier than he is and most you can't spell. He used to be a sexy beast and now he's a cute, fluffy teddy bear. We can watch his movies over and over again. Okay Joti, let's end it here... naahhh, let's criticize them some more, it's kind of fun. Candian men are sooooo sexy. Oh yeah, whoever has something fucked up to say about Corey Haim, just shove it up your dumb fat ass!!!(we're not blondes, we're brunettes!) Peace.

Corey Haim is bad ass, and ... (Below threshold)

Corey Haim is bad ass, and how cool is it that we share the same name? ;) I think he should get some hot chick named Cory (like me) and then we can just sit around all day saying "What's up, Cory?"..."Not much, Corey"...love ya Corey Haim, always have, always will baby!!

How cute, then and now, aww... (Below threshold)

How cute, then and now, awww,Corey Haim, honey, I love you. I love all you guys who are writing about Corey Haim. Don't you just love him?!! I love him more than all you guys do. Trust me. Peace, suckers. Ha, ha, ha, I'm just kidding. Bye!

I dont give a [email protected]#K!!!! CORE... (Below threshold)

I dont give a [email protected]#K!!!! COREY HAIM is one hot to trot, sexy, mutha fuck and i'd be with him young or old so quit talkin smack on my husband.

You are not married to him.... (Below threshold)

You are not married to him. So you really shouldn't call him your husband. They lock people up for being psycho. So you should watch what you say out loud. Keep your fantasy world under wraps and pretend to be sane. It's fun to have everyone fooled.

I think that he is just per... (Below threshold)

I think that he is just perfect!! I think he looks better now than he ever has!! His personality is still the same -- who cares what he looks like!!

I've never done this, but m... (Below threshold)
local girl:

I've never done this, but most of you seem to care. So here is an up date cory's do well he has lost some weight and is enjoying life with his friends and family. ps don't trash people you don't know its bad karma

cory haim is the best <br /... (Below threshold)

cory haim is the best
he made a big mistake and am sure he learned from it the next fag bitch who says a problem about cory haim has to tell me about it because half of the people writing these comments do not even know him so step off because cory haim is the best and by the way get a life ass holes because cory haim is the best and i know because i have seen all his movies including dickie roberts former child star and believe me when i say cory haim has changed i would like to see what you would do if you were on drugs!

OMG he was so adorable in L... (Below threshold)

OMG he was so adorable in Lucas ..what happened =(

Yes, Haim has changed, but ... (Below threshold)

Yes, Haim has changed, but how accurate do you think this picture is? Weight goes up and down for some people. For the record, Corey Haim has kicked the drug habit and is planning a reality show, soon to be announced. All you fans can look forward to seeing him on the screen again very soon.

Hes still hot to me!! Love ... (Below threshold)

Hes still hot to me!! Love the guy always will.I know he looks different but the guy did drugs and drank he shouldnt have but its too late now. I still respect the guy and id get with him in a heartbeat. I love my husband Corey Ian Haim foreverr

This pic looks like it's fr... (Below threshold)

This pic looks like it's from the music video at the end of Dickie Roberts. Many many people tend to gain a good deal of weight while kicking a drug habit, it's pretty common. This pic is probably at least 3 years old so who knows what he looks like now...

EEEWWW Someone ate Corey Ha... (Below threshold)

EEEWWW Someone ate Corey Haim!

sure i might not have be... (Below threshold)

sure i might not have been aware of him when he did loook.. well .. to DIE for!! but omg!! i would love to have been his girlfriend he was sooo hot!!!! like unbelivably .. and i think everyboday knows!! im only 14 now but i would of given anything to be 14 back then and be with him.. woah! dont we all x X x
he looks do different now.. everybody grows up and changed.. just a big bummer thats all hehe x X x

Yall don't be mean to Corey... (Below threshold)

Yall don't be mean to Corey, he is my baby! back in the 80's he was adorable and hot, but now he lost the hotness but is still majorly adorable! and him gaining weight was worth it so he could get off drugs, and I'm proud of him, he is still perfect in my eyes, his baby blues, his blonde locks, his adorable smile (even though he lost the elvisish smile, his new one is almost as good) I know if he loses the weight he'll instantly gain back his hotness, but until then atleast he is still cute! and really nice, you should see him in interveiws, he is too good for Feldman (who I also love, but is sort of a scumbag)

I watched the Lost ... (Below threshold)

I watched the Lost Boys a few days ago and I just thought to myself I wounder what Corey looks like know. To bad I looked up on him.

But come on who really looks the same after so many years, but then theres the fact that he did do drugs....... so who knows. I still love him as an acter.

I was looking up Corey Haim... (Below threshold)

I was looking up Corey Haim on google for my blog and found this. lol I hope he STILL doesn't look like this. I remember when I was younger I had a poster of him on my wall and I would kiss him goodnight every night! Awww memories.

I declar he was almost the ... (Below threshold)

I declar he was almost the PICTURE OF GOD back in the 80's.

I think it was that smile...suggested innocence and mischief. And his puppy dog eyes. And his hair, scruffy. He looked best as a blondie, but red was good too.

I was born in '92 and discovered Lost Boys. My bedroom walls are plastered with him. Don't understand how my friends these days can call him UGLY. WTF? They think freaks like Jesse mcCartney and Chad Michael Murray are hot....they have no personality, not like "the haimster"






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