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San Diego Mayor Dick Murphy Resigns

One week after being named as one of the three worst mayors in the country by Time magazine, San Diego Mayor Dick Murphy announced today that he will resign effective July 15th. Murphy, who was re-elected when thousands of write-in ballots for write-in candidate Donna Frye were not counted because the write-in bubble was not filled (though Frye's name was written), has been dogged by a financial crisis in the city employee pension fund. Compounding Murphy's legal problems was the "Enron by the Sea" moniker The New York Times tagged on the city, that stuck.

Residents of Detroit and Philadelphia (the other two cities with mayors singled out by Time), must be pretty jealous today.

Murphy resigns - [Union-Tribune]
Reaction - [Union-Tribune]


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Comments (11)

wonder if he's related to t... (Below threshold)

wonder if he's related to the Jack Murphy that the Padres old baseball stadium was named after?

Too bad they won't let the ... (Below threshold)

Too bad they won't let the runner up take his office. His career definitely took a trip down the Mrs. Murphey.

Dick Murphy is not related ... (Below threshold)

Dick Murphy is not related to Jack Murphy. I cleared up a few areas where Time magazine was light on the details. I also have an update on the Murphy resignation. I don't know who will replace him, but the Deputy Mayor, who will be acting mayor, will be running the city from a defendant's chair. His trial for federal corruption charges begin in early May.

Residents of Detroit and... (Below threshold)

Residents of Detroit and Philadelphia (the other two cities with mayors singled out by Time), must be pretty jealous today.

OMG, you read my mind.

I saw that earlier today and as a Detroit (former Chicagoan -- yeah, I know) resident (OK, I live a block north of 8 mile) I was praying for something similar.

Kwame "the Gangsta" has been a rediculous source of fun for the local media. From hookers being beaten by his wife after parties at the Mayor's mansion and a security team that would make a president jealous getting caught in sneaky business, beating up local news reporters and drunken wrecks to mysterious 25k one year leases on Lincoln Navigators for said wife-- Coleman Young doesn't look so bad all of a sudden.

From a town that ran Dennis Archer out on a rail.

And almost elected Gill Hill of Robocop fame as mayor.


Unfortunately, no one better is willing to step up.

Geoffery Feiger talks about it -- disgusting (though he did get beat by the largest margin in state history when he tried to run against Engler).


As a San Diegan, I say; we... (Below threshold)

As a San Diegan, I say; we need to stick to female mayors, because every male mayor we have ends up having to leave office. Here's hoping Frye wins the election to replace Murphy!! :-)

Says the City Attorney lead... (Below threshold)

Says the City Attorney lead the call for the Mayor to resign (because of) "failure to lead (during the financial crises)..."

I always wonder about sources who lay those claims, just what and how they'd prefer leadership and to where and why. Seems that there's reason to suggest that the City Attorney is no fine smelling daisy. It's a thought.

(^^), from your first artic... (Below threshold)

(^^), from your first article link:

City Attorney Mike Aguirre, a vocal critic of Murphy who called for the mayor's resignation over alleged lack of leadership in the city's pension crisis, said his office would advise the council on the proper procedure to follow in filling the vacancy.

I mean, hmmmmm. Worth a closer look.

From that second article/li... (Below threshold)

From that second article/link...I'm just saying, these 'things' are rarely all on the shoulders of one person, tend to exist in networks of helpers helping one another out:

While many of the problems began before Murphy's tenure, he has been criticized for voting to underfund the city's pension system and not being able to bring the city's finances back on track.

Sometimes certain groups situate themselves in local governments (city/county) and rarely does one resignation make a great deal of difference over time unless the entire groups are replaced. They tend to ruin a lot of reputations along the way, however, whenever anyone raises questions. I guess the San Diego problems emphasize just how important private investigations are and why.

I know O'Malley, he was my ... (Below threshold)

I know O'Malley, he was my lawyer, and a friend. I like him as a person, but find it very interesting the man who spoke the following words was chosen as one of America's greatest mayors, coincidence?

"Back on September 11, terrorists attacked our metropolitan cores, two of America's great cities. They did that because they knew that was where they could do the most damage and weaken us the most," O'Malley said. "Years later, we are given a budget proposal by our commander in chief, the president of the United States. And with a budget ax, he is attacking America's cities. He is attacking our metropolitan core."

And from the Democratic Convention:

"I remember after the attacks of September 11, as mayor of the city, I was very, very worried about al-Qaeda and still am. But I'm even more worried about the actions and inactions of the Bush administration." (Doug Donovan, "O'Malley Takes The Heat For Remarks About Bush," The Baltimore Sun, 7/1/04)

And he will most likely be ... (Below threshold)

And he will most likely be the next governor of Maryland.

Mike Aguirre has been calli... (Below threshold)

Mike Aguirre has been calling for Mayor Dick Murphy to resign, but that is not the reason behind the Mayor's decision to do so. Aguirre just doesn't have that kind of clout or sway.






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