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Spreading my wings

Of late, I've been worried I might start "burning out" on blogging. My main focus has been on politics, and I certainly haven't given up on that (Lord knows I owe Ted Kennedy a drink or two if I ever meet him for giving me such a good run of material this last weekend, and maybe a whole dinner to John Kerry for his campaign), but sometimes I wonder if I ought to diversify a bit and tackle a few other genres.

With that in mind, I've been considering a few new ideas. I've been tempted to experiment with posting some creative writing efforts -- poetry, short prose pieces -- or perhaps experimenting with photoblogging. I have a mediocre camera and no training, but I'm egotistical enough to to think I have an OK eye.

Before I started making these kind of changes, though, I thought I'd test it out on you folks. What say you? Would this be too much of a departure?

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Do it if you want to do it.... (Below threshold)

Do it if you want to do it. Don't depend on polls or a Wizbang focus group. That's one of the beautiful things about weblogs. You can experiment and play. If people don't like it, they'll comment or just ignore you. It's not like you're doing this for the money.

Giddyup, I say. Why not?</... (Below threshold)

Giddyup, I say. Why not?

We recently took up barbeque haikus at our blog. Yum-7-5, I say.

Hey they-ah,As a for... (Below threshold)

Hey they-ah,
As a former Cow Hampshirite, fee free to pick on those from the surrounding states: Mainers are easy targets, though mostly nice people, and just stick it to [email protected] and Vermin.

As I read this blog more, I enjoy it proportionately. Do not burn out just yet!

San Jose

Why ask? Is your house and ... (Below threshold)

Why ask? Is your house and we are guests so do as you please. You invite us into your thoughts and those who appreciate will respond in kind and those who do not likewise. Am not here for timidity.

Do you ever know what to ex... (Below threshold)

Do you ever know what to expect on Instapundit?

That's part of the charm.

I've always considered you ... (Below threshold)

I've always considered you multi-dimensional, even for the brief time I've visited. SHow us what ya got!

Let it rip! If whatever it ... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Let it rip! If whatever it is is even half as good as past efforts, I'm gonna enjoy it. But please, if you go out drinking with Teddy, don't accept his offer to drive you home.

I would thoroughly enjoy ma... (Below threshold)

I would thoroughly enjoy making fun of your attempts at photography (deservedly or not).

Hey, maybe you could have your own special caption contest based on photos you take just for the contest. Since you would be using your own pictures, you could spin it as being somewhat unique.

I seem always a day late an... (Below threshold)

I seem always a day late and dollar short. Ditto Old Coot. But DON'T STOP the written stuff. At least you haven't sunk to real scatology yet...

It all depends on how good ... (Below threshold)

It all depends on how good of a poet you are.

One other thing.If... (Below threshold)

One other thing.

If you ever title a post “Spreading My Legs”, I am NOT going to read it.

Just so you know.

Jay, after considering your... (Below threshold)

Jay, after considering your best interests and mine, I implore you to avoid poetry.

Photoblogging might be fu... (Below threshold)

Photoblogging might be fun to do - its not as if its all that hard to get into, its only a matter of picking stuff thats interesting. Go to it!

Go for it! I think it is a... (Below threshold)

Go for it! I think it is a great idea.

Do a podcast. Man on the st... (Below threshold)

Do a podcast. Man on the street interviews about the horrors of living in MA and the brilliance of living in NH. The poetry might work with a podcast. Use lots of bongos and finger snaps go for that beatnik vibe.

Now, don't be going all "Bi... (Below threshold)

Now, don't be going all "Bill Clinton takes a poll" on us. This is your house, sir. I suggest you furnish it as you see fit.

I think it would be fine - ... (Below threshold)

I think it would be fine - certainly better than telling us all the time you're working on something then producing nothing. Give it a shot.


Blog burnout? There's a lo... (Below threshold)
Mark A.:

Blog burnout? There's a lot of that going around. As a reader, I'm experiencing that, too (don't be offended, I'm talking about reading blogs in general--this is not a comment about you or Wizbang). If a change of pace would rejuvinate your interest in writing, it may also rejuvinate your audience's interest in reading.

By the way, the Ted Kennedy stuff was great--and you owe that ass nothing.


Jay,You and your p... (Below threshold)


You and your pals here are the best of the best of the blogosphere.

We are already spoiled.

Kevin created the community and you and Paul have helped create the "home".

There is no other blog that has the unregulated openeness that exists here -- mostly right, but lefties still apply.

I would love to see you take this place to another level; thanks for asking.

Writing and photography are my favorite and most likely, least talented skills.

Bring it on.

Start the poetry and photoblog; but, you are going to have to let us contribute once in a while.

Given the (semi)intelligence that gets spewed around here from day to day -- all will be well.

I would love to read your prose -- as long as you don't stop the commentary.

Do you really have this much time on your hands?

And, oh yeah, whatever happened to the oxymoron contest?

.....and,ma... (Below threshold)


may I say, you are one fart smeller.

Oops,I meant-- sma... (Below threshold)


I meant-- smart fellow.

Even if you do choose to stay among the cows.

That was one of my grandfather's favorite jokes -- during the alzheimer days, I learned to love it. Even if I did have to hear it over and over again....

Don't worry about us, I think we can keep up;-)

Its your blog, run with it!... (Below threshold)

Its your blog, run with it!






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