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Chicken Little in Beantown

Boston University has a Biology department that wants to expand. Considering the current glut of liberal-arts graduates, the notion of improving the work in the physical sciences seems like a good idea. But some local residents are objecting to part of BU's plan.

Namely, the school's plan to build a state-of-the-art lab that will handle high-level bio-terror agents, such as anthrax, ebola, and other deadly diseases. And this lab will be located in a rather densely populated area of the city.

These residents are just a bunch of whiners. After all, last year it was only three researchers at BU who contracted tularemia at work last year, and BU let everyone know about it just this last February. The chances of further accidents are minimal.

And the notion of terrorist attacks? Feh. Yes, two of the 9/11 flights did originate in Boston, but Logan Airport's clear on the other side of the city.

The residents of South Boston oughta just shut up and let BU steamroll them again. After all, they're so much SMARTER than everyone else, aren't they?

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Ok, here's the plan:... (Below threshold)

Ok, here's the plan:
First of all, warn the janitor and the farms that are just downstream [yes, I know the farmers are a very long way from Boston, that's not the POINT]. Next, make sure that no one who has direct access to the crud is a father estranged from a teenage son/daughter and who just happens to be divorced from the ONE person who has an idea how to stop the disaster that no one will listen to. Do not let ANY military types within a hundred miles of the place - they'll just want to blow up the crud, university, Boston, the father - pick one or more. Have I missed anything?

Clearly they are smarter si... (Below threshold)

Clearly they are smarter since after all, Boston is a blue state and if they can manage the affairs of the rest of us, they can certainly manage their own ;).

Now I do have to say though that tularemia is not known as a particularly infectious disease and accordingly probably caused little alarm. But your point stands.

er...in a blue state...but ... (Below threshold)

er...in a blue state...but you knew what my fast fingers really meant ;)

If they wiped out Back Bay ... (Below threshold)

If they wiped out Back Bay with Ebola, would anyone really notice?

It would free up lots of seats on the T.

You guys are just to critic... (Below threshold)

You guys are just to critical. Boston can handle this just fine. I mean look how well they've managed The Dig....oh....wait....nevermind.

I say let Darwinism take it... (Below threshold)

I say let Darwinism take its course.

Just playing devil's advica... (Below threshold)

Just playing devil's advicate here. The CDC is in downtown Atlanta which is MORE densley populated then Boston. I know the BU track record isn't great but sometimes people are more careful when this stuff is around lots of people. Look what happened at Plum Island where the scientists thought there was no chance of a break out.

OK, I don't get it - who's ... (Below threshold)

OK, I don't get it - who's the dumbass??







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