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Failed Democratic Candidate Meltdown In 3,... 2..., 1...


Former Vice President Gore to Deliver Major Policy Speech: Republican Attempt to Force Judicial Nominations a "Poison Pill for American Democracy [MoveOn.org]


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Comments (35)

algore says, "How dare Repu... (Below threshold)

algore says, "How dare Republicans think that a majority of Americans voting for President Bush gives them the right to vote to confirm The President's judicial nominees. If they insist on using the nuclear option to prevent we democrats from filibustering those nominations, I'll hold my breath until I turn blue. And I'll get howie dean to scream too."

I notice that Kevin has fil... (Below threshold)

I notice that Kevin has filed this post in the "Looney Left" category. Yet, he offers nothing to suggest that Former Vice President Gore is either "looney" or "left"— much less both at the same time.

What's going on here? Is it really just a simple matter of recognizing that anything any Democrat ever says is further argument that all Democrats are crazy and extreme leftists?

s9: Might I suggest three s... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

s9: Might I suggest three simple steps:

1) LOOK at that picture of Gore.

2) READ his book, "Earth In The Balance."

3) BORROW enough money from family, friends, or complete strangers and BUY A CLUE.

Perhaps Kevin should remember that while most Wizbang readers are intelligent and perceptive, we should be ever careful to not talk over the heads of some of the more clueless morons.


In some cases there's not e... (Below threshold)

In some cases there's not enough money on this planet to buy the clues needed to fill in the gaps of the clueless. In this case I'm guessing that might be a minor problem compared to the resulting shortage of clues if there happened to be enoguh money.

Damn, Jay. Don't be such a... (Below threshold)

Damn, Jay. Don't be such a crankster! A simple "But Al Gore is indeed loony and left" would do. Sheesh.

Gonna print a bunch of thos... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Gonna print a bunch of those pictures and put them in my garden to scare away the vermin...eco-friendly, just the way algore likes it.

Old Coot, those pictures wi... (Below threshold)

Old Coot, those pictures will be printed on paper (bad use of trees, important to providing the planet with oxygen (needed for Al to breathe)), using inks that may have chemical ingredients that poison water (needed for Al to replace his sweat), and...

...the pictures just might upset the psychological balance of your garden vermin, requiring counseling, that SOMEBODY will have to pay for (a new variant of PEST?).

So did you get your eco-permission slip from Al to go forward with your proposal?

Oh, oops...you'll also have to cover Al's rantings, and all the carbon dioxide you forced him to create while defending his policies.

/moonbat channel off

Wrong...wrong ....wrong....... (Below threshold)

Wrong...wrong ....wrong....heard he was going to visit every city that had snow this week to give his lecture on GLOBAL WARMING!

Wasn't Soros going to enter... (Below threshold)

Wasn't Soros going to enter a monestary if Bush won reelection to the Presidency?

Just wondering, since last I heard he was formulating The Pheonix Group for media onslaught, also involving, ahem, Al Gore.

It's coming...it's coming...the great big Lie is coming and it'll be plastered all over the internet and right quick.

I think also as to God's judgement, or so He says. Al Gore probably missed that part since he was too busy yelling, "he lied, he LIED, he LIIIEEED to you..."

Talk about the Pied Piper o' Doom, there he is.

What bothers me is that all... (Below threshold)

What bothers me is that all those years Gore was in the White House, all that focus was on Clinton (alright so far) but I never once looked Gore over as the looming loon he later proved to be -- that I missed the potential, entirely (not alright).

Better late than never.

Does it bother anyone else ... (Below threshold)

Does it bother anyone else that MoveOn PAC is (now, link in photo above) proposing itself as "news advisory" and such? I mean, there's the ruse, right there.

Why you couldn't save this ... (Below threshold)

Why you couldn't save this for Caption Contest....

Man oh man, the possibilities.

Somebody needs to Photoshop... (Below threshold)

Somebody needs to Photoshop some foamy goodness into that picture.

Hmmm.Is it just me... (Below threshold)


Is it just me or does anyone else hear Gore yelling:


from Star Trek III?

Ha, ed, no, rather, I see h... (Below threshold)

Ha, ed, no, rather, I see him yelling, "Kiiiirrrrkkkk, from Hell's heart I stab at theeeeeeee!"

It's as if the Dem election... (Below threshold)

It's as if the Dem election losers (Gore, Dean, Kerry, Kusinich) are have a sick melt down contest. The guy who bursts the first blood vessel wins...

<a href="http://suzyriceima... (Below threshold)

version 1.

version 2.

I agree that this photo should be a Caption Contest offering. Better yet, a photochop contest...possibilities are numerous.

Looks like Al swallowed a p... (Below threshold)

Looks like Al swallowed a poison pill himself and followed it up with an emergency dose of ipecac (which appears to have just kicked in).

Kevin...my trackback isn't ... (Below threshold)

Kevin...my trackback isn't showing up, just thought you'd want to know.

Sorry, now it is...n.e.v.e.... (Below threshold)

Sorry, now it is...n.e.v.e.r...m.i.n.d...

Well Gore Sr. sure loved a ... (Below threshold)

Well Gore Sr. sure loved a good filibuster, most notably his filibuster against the Civil Rights Act.

Today's Phrase That Pays!!<... (Below threshold)
Clive Tolson:

Today's Phrase That Pays!!

Perhaps Kevin should remember that while most Wizbang readers are intelligent and perceptive, we should be ever careful to not talk over the heads of some of the more clueless morons.

So, I'm assuming that this thread's rather uncharacteristic display of petty sniping and frustrated snarking, will be followed tomorrow by a detailed and substantive refutation of Gore's main arguments?

Can't wait.

Clive: what's bothering yo... (Below threshold)

Clive: what's bothering you?

Be nice, share what's on your mind.

Gore's verbal throwup was h... (Below threshold)

Gore's verbal throwup was hardly the thing that inspires people to believe him or in him, much moreso, perhaps less, his message, whatever it was he said.

The method overrode all content, such that all that is now memorable (and likely will be in decades to come) is that Gore freaked out and embarrassed his own legacy by his ramped up bad behavior in that depicted speech moment (this thread).

So, we can either write depressed remarks about "poor Al," and "oh, woe," or curse the Light -- "damn them all to heyallll...." or we can make fun of this foolish demeanor and wasted moment before history.

It's best to laugh because surely there's far more than enough to cry about. Perhaps you were disappointed we didn't all write, "oil/bush/war=bad".

One note sambombastic, Al Gore, today's moveon/DNC: stampeding elephants, huge crushing judicial hammers on federal buildings, a party chairman enacting sniffing cocaine before the world's media...I just don't know what can ever be more pitiful than today's liberal community.

So, we can either rail on about hate or we can try to laugh at their absurdity. Since hate is a non-productive closed loop, I don't see the point.

I thought this was a pictur... (Below threshold)

I thought this was a picture for "caption of the week"

Announcer: Al Gore is seen showing the audience his award winning hog-calling rant at this weekend's young Left Farmers of France meeting.

Forget rational discussion,... (Below threshold)

Forget rational discussion, I'm captioning:

Hey Al! Spock called. He wants his eyebrows back.

Clive, I know you're into r... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Clive, I know you're into recycling and all that crap, but Gore's book came out about a DECADE ago. It was thoroughly debunked at the time. I don't have either the time or the inclination to do your homework for you.

And I told you this before, Clive: J. Edgar says don't wear the blue chiffon any more. It makes you look fat. Besides, it clashes with that little taffeta number of his.


s9 wants to see proof that ... (Below threshold)

s9 wants to see proof that Gore is looney and/or left.

Please see Clive Tolson's attempted defense of Gore.

Incidentally, this was</... (Below threshold)

Incidentally, this was a caption contest photo back about the time it was taken. I believe I even finished in the top three.

[sigh] Those were the glory days.

You've got to be kid... (Below threshold)

You've got to be kidding me. I know looney leftists. I live in the looniest left of looney left towns in America. Al Gore is no looney leftist. All the looney leftists in my neighborhood despised him because they thought he was just as bad a George Bush.

Do any of you people remember who the looney leftists supported in 2000? My god. It's like you people have the worst sort of tunnel vision. I'm going to start calling you all Stalinists again if you don't start acting normal.

For some reason, s9, that l... (Below threshold)

For some reason, s9, that last sentence cracked me up.

s9, there are degrees of lo... (Below threshold)

s9, there are degrees of looniness, and degrees of leftness.

Just because there are people in your neighborhood loonier and further left than Algore, does not prove he is neither looney nor left.

It only proves you didn't choose your neighborhood very carefully.

Or maybe you did. To each his own.

It never ceases to amaze me... (Below threshold)

It never ceases to amaze me how Gore was never criticized for his part in the 9-11 Terrorist Attacks. Here are the facts for those moonbat supporters of this unhinged dirtbag:

Gore headed a commission investigating airline security. Along with the usual "experts" and political hacks, family members of victims of Lockerbee were invited to participate. In 1996 (just in time for the Clinton-Gore re-election campaign), Gore released a report containing airport security guidelines. But the airlines balked and Gore told them that the report only contained "suggestions" for upgrading aviation security. Two weeks later, campaign contributions began pouring in -- contributions from the airline companies for the Clinton-Gore Re-election Committee. The report was shelved and the rest is history.

File the photo under "Insig... (Below threshold)

File the photo under "Insignificant People".

s9 wants to see proof t... (Below threshold)
Clive Tolson:

s9 wants to see proof that Gore is looney and/or left. Please see Clive Tolson's attempted defense of Gore.

Is this your offering of 'intelligence and perception' McGeHee? Pretty frickin' lame, my friend!

And Jay Tea, I never said anything about Gore's book in my comment post, so who's hijackin' now?

I make a substantive challenge and what do I get in response? The same old tired insults.

Don't ever change guys.






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