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Man keeps dead mother in freezer to collect her Social Security

"Everybody thought he was nuts."
A neighbors description of Philip Schuth, the Campbell, Wisconsin man who told authorities he kept his mother's body in a freezer for more than four years to collect her Social Security checks. It turns out that's he wasn't just nuts, he was bat-shit crazy.

Man Who Put Mom in Freezer Had Odd History - [AP]


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Comments (19)

Good thing he wasn't from K... (Below threshold)

Good thing he wasn't from King County or he might have voted for her. However, maybe they do that in Wisconsin as well.

Crazy...like a fox. I'm off... (Below threshold)

Crazy...like a fox. I'm off to the appliance store.

So, what's the problem? Do... (Below threshold)

So, what's the problem? Do you have any idea how much a funeral costs these days?

Maybe he overheard her say ... (Below threshold)
Master of None:

Maybe he overheard her say that she wished to be stuffed into a freezer rather than to be kept alive artifically.

Having a freezer full of mo... (Below threshold)

Having a freezer full of momsickles certainly explains the need to buy Spam by the case. The spam buying trip wasn't a sign of insanity, it was a necessity. I think I'll stick to keeping mom in the urn on the mantle and steaks in the freezer though.

Well, at least that's a ref... (Below threshold)

Well, at least that's a refreshing change from the but-he-was-such-a-nice-boy-he-always-seemed-so-normal statements that you usually hear in these cases.

Emmmm... Mom Pops. Yummy!</... (Below threshold)

Emmmm... Mom Pops. Yummy!

It's posts and comments lik... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

It's posts and comments like this that keep me coming back here. Momsickles & Mom Pops.....ROFL! Good job folks.

I never have enough room in... (Below threshold)

I never have enough room in the fridge for mom.

He could have used the free... (Below threshold)

He could have used the freezer space for frozen dinners if Mom had been covered by a private Social Security annuity with a 30-year-certain payout option.

Dude,He was shooting... (Below threshold)
t. z.:

He was shooting at his nieghbors, that's what got him busted. Is shooting at your neighbors normal in Wisconsin.......or anywhere?
Just askin'

TZ - shooting in your backy... (Below threshold)

TZ - shooting in your backyard is normal in Wisconsin, especially since it's turkey season. Shooting your neighbors after they complain about you smacking their kid is not.

What's the market for her s... (Below threshold)

What's the market for her stems cells?

Well if that isn't motivati... (Below threshold)

Well if that isn't motivation to reform social security, I don't know what is.

Social Security: it turns normal criminals into crazed nutjobs who freeze their mothers.

I can just see the public awareness ads now.

Actually, I'd expect there ... (Below threshold)

Actually, I'd expect there are more than a few of these situations out there thanks to the Direct Deposit System. If someone had to forge mom's signature on the check over and over he would hesitate to hide her in the basement. But if you're some lazy loser still living at home and mom is paying all the bills and you're on her accounts and you realize her account will dry up if she stops getting her SS checks.
All kids should be thrown out on their own once they turn 17.

LargeBill,That's s... (Below threshold)


That's so harsh! Give 'em until the day before their 19th birthday.

First the the woman embezzl... (Below threshold)

First the the woman embezzler who has to donate her Packers season tickets to charity or go to jail, now this. Has anybody checked the water in Lake Michigan lately?

Stories like these always m... (Below threshold)

Stories like these always make me proud to be from Wisconsin!

Maybe it was all the talk a... (Below threshold)

Maybe it was all the talk about privatizing Social Security that caused him to flip. I blame Harry Reid.






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