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Pick Your Poison: Prison Or Packers?

A Judge's sentence offers a "get out of jail free card" to a Wisconsin woman convicted of theft. Of course there's a catch...

A judge ordered an Appleton, Wisconsin woman convicted of theft to decide whether to spend 90 days in jail or donate her family's Packers tickets next season to charity.

Sharon Rosenthal, 59, of Appleton, was sentenced last week in Winnebago County Circuit Court. The criminal complaint states that Rosenthal had taken money totaling more than $3,000 from labor union accounts before leaving the organization's membership. The check transactions were later discovered. She withdrew money from the union in order to help pay household bills, the complaint says.

While Rosenthal told police financial hardship was an issue, she and her husband managed to maintain the cost of four tickets to the Packers' three-game Gold season-ticket package. Rosenthal argued that the tickets were her husband's rather than hers. Judge Scott Woldt nonetheless offered her the choice to either serve the jail time or donate the 12 tickets for the upcoming season to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Stay tuned for her decision...

Update (4/27 - 7PM): Sean Hackbarth says a Milwaukee news radio station is reporting Sharon Rosenthal is giving up the Packers tickets.


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Comments (20)

How come some people can't ... (Below threshold)

How come some people can't tell the difference between luxuries and neccessities?

I know that when I was sick and we had money problems, we didn't go out spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on luxuries....

If you think that's bad, ch... (Below threshold)

If you think that's bad, check out this website of a panhander where you can go to pay off her overdue direct TV bill.

Packers eh. Should be locke... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:

Packers eh. Should be locked up just for her POOR TASTE.

How does contributing the t... (Below threshold)

How does contributing the tickets to a charity reimburse the accounts she stole from? I'm of the opinion that if a thief is convicted, part of the sentence should be restitution.

I know that leads to a paupers prison scenario, but as a card-carrying republican I firmly believe that's where paupers belong. Now excuse me while I go look up pauper in the dictionary.

Hey! Packers tickets are a ... (Below threshold)

Hey! Packers tickets are a necessity! Food, clothing and shelter are not!

What makes anyone think the... (Below threshold)

What makes anyone think the husband is going to give up his seat? None of you have family in Wisconsin do you?

He doesn't have to give up ... (Below threshold)

He doesn't have to give up his seat. He'll just have to find a way to sneak into the stadium without a ticket.

My bet: The husband will ha... (Below threshold)

My bet: The husband will have her in that jail quicker'd you can say: "Wide right, on 3. BREAK."

dodgemanThe story ... (Below threshold)


The story isn't clear, but I believe the tickets in lieu of jail time is only part of the sentence. Restitution is usually a separate term. It's similar to people doing X-hours of community service in lieu of jail and they still have their fine, probation and any restitution.

I have to give kudos to the judge, this is the sting that will drive home embezzling for "necessities" actually is gonna cost you what you hold dear.

Packers tickets are necessi... (Below threshold)

Packers tickets are necessities! If you live in Green Bay, anyway.

Prison or Packers: The form... (Below threshold)

Prison or Packers: The former leads to the latter.

Judge: "Thirty days, or thirty dollars."
Bum: "Your honor, I'll take the thirty dollars!"

Prison, definitely. I'd tak... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Prison, definitely. I'd take 30+ years to get season tickets back again. Last season they had a piece on someone that had just gotten season tickets, that had been added to the list in 1970.

I think the judge let her o... (Below threshold)

I think the judge let her off easy! She stole workers' money for crissakes! It's a serious federal offense to steal union dues money.

Is this one of the "grave instances of judicial activism" I've been hearing about?

As a former Wisconsite, I <... (Below threshold)

As a former Wisconsite, I guarantee she is going to jail.

She better make up her mind... (Below threshold)

She better make up her mind soon. Training camp isn't that far away.

She would have to pry those... (Below threshold)

She would have to pry those tickets from her husband's cold dead hands. What red-blooded American male could pass up getting away from the wife, hanging out with a buddy, drinking for hours, and cursing all game without fear of scolding? Sure, dinner would be a problem, but that's why they invented pizza. And since she can watch on TV from jail, it's a total win-win for all concerned parties.

can you imagine? all this f... (Below threshold)

can you imagine? all this fuss over Packers tickets.

now, if they were Steelers tickets...

She stole from the union...... (Below threshold)
Jim in Texas:

She stole from the union....I can't seem to get beyond that concept. She stole from the union.

Isn't that like stealing silverware from the Titanic??

Depends -- before it sank, ... (Below threshold)

Depends -- before it sank, or after?

The Titanic SANK!??!? THAT ... (Below threshold)
Jim in Texas:

The Titanic SANK!??!? THAT explains why my Grandmother's first fiancee never showed up for the wedding.

I gotta get a radio or newspaper subscription or something.






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