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Domestic Terrors

What do Martha Stewart and and Muslim Cleric Ali Al-Timimi, who was convicted of of urging his followers to go to Afghanistan and help the Taliban fight U.S. military forces, have in common?

They're both free to roam around their house wearing only a electronic monitoring ankle bracelet.



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This is the same judge who ... (Below threshold)

This is the same judge who ruled that public libraries can not ban access to porn sites and that state employees have the right to access porn sites on state computers (the second ruling was overturned on appeal).

Now she's allowing this piece of scum to walk freely and may throw out some of the charges after a jury convicted him of them? She ought to be yanked off this case AND the Zacarias Moussaoui case immediately (and off the federal bench, for that matter).

Yep ... a <a href="http://w... (Below threshold)

Yep ... a Clinton appointee

You mean to tell me she sit... (Below threshold)

You mean to tell me she sits on the Moussaoui case too?

How on earth did I miss that?

This gets more troubling by the minute....

Oh my...look at Darleen's l... (Below threshold)

Oh my...look at Darleen's link:


* Douglass College, B.A., 1966.
* University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, graduate studies in philosophy, 1966.
* NYU, graduate studies in philosophy, 1967-1969.
* Rutgers, M.L.S., 1970.
* Cornell, J.D., 1976.

We have a judge whose first passion is philosophy sitting on the bench dtermining the fate of terrorists???

For the Love of God, Senator Frist, Grow a SPINE!

No 'deals', no negotiation. Up or down vote and get it done now.

Beginning to think the Republicans in Congress do not deserve a majority...

Scary thought - either of t... (Below threshold)

Scary thought - either of these characters walking around the house wearing only an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet.

USMC Vet said:"Beg... (Below threshold)

USMC Vet said:

"Beginning to think the Republicans in Congress do not deserve a majority."

I'm beginning to think you're right.






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