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Old and busted: Jump the Shark
New hotness: More from Togo!!!!

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heh- Now that I read the po... (Below threshold)

heh- Now that I read the post, Acidman put his finger on the reason I mostly quit reading Glenn. I had not given it any conscious thought but Acidman hit the nail on the head.

Glenn used to have his finger on the pulse of the blogosphere but now he is an overgrown rss reader in many ways.

You'll never catch me saying what someone else "should" be blogging (those people annoy me) but it is worth noting that Glenn does seem to be "phoning it in" lately. On the other hand, I guess he's earned that right.

About Glen, from the ~enlig... (Below threshold)

About Glen, from the ~enlightened~ comments at More from Togo!!!!, there is this pill stuck in the throat of reason:

"Reynolds' site is polished, but like most of the tripe emanating from the government, albeit dressed up to fool the proletariat into thinking they are helping us...

He simply echoes the government's party line."

Um...Reynolds is a Democrat.

Um.... S,You're an i... (Below threshold)

Um.... S,
You're an idiot.
Perfessor Jethro is a Libertarian. He ain't no Democrat. He's a tool as well but that's another story.

T...thanks, I think you're ... (Below threshold)

T...thanks, I think you're an idiot, too.

He wrote a while ago that he was a Democrat, but that was probably before Libertarian was the dreamy new rage.

Most Libertarians in my experience are as liberal as liberal Democrats. Howard Dean seems more a Libertarian as do his ardent fans than they do and are Democrats, since most of them hate the DNC, also as do most Libertarians.

So, again, T, have a nice idiot night and knock off the nasties. Unless I mistake you lobbing 'you're an idiot' my way as some odd form of affection. Not working, in which case.






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