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I guess that's another reason it's called "dope..."

From the wonderful Gate City of Nashua (pronounced "Nausea" by those in the know), New Hampshire, comes this heart-warming tale of a young man who killed another young man over five bucks worth of marijuana.

All I can do is blame this incident on Nashua's location, right on the Massachusetts border. That state's influence is positively toxic at times...


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Comments (22)

It's not the five dollars w... (Below threshold)

It's not the five dollars worth of dope, it's the principle of getting all the dope you paid for.

What are you hoping to hear... (Below threshold)

What are you hoping to hear from President Bush this evening?

I think we need immediately... (Below threshold)

I think we need immediately legislation to prevent more $5 drug murders. Let's see, the murder weapon was a knife, thus we need to ban all knives since they are weapons expressly designed to wound and kill people. Yeah, that ought to prevent more killings.

JoserWar to recogn... (Below threshold)
mark m:


War to recognise sarcasm when you see it....sheesh!

JoserWay to recogn... (Below threshold)
mark m:


Way to recognise sarcasm when you see it....sheesh!

Oh, but I thought the Left ... (Below threshold)

Oh, but I thought the Left asserts that legalizing drugs makes for less crime!

The buyer misperceived the ... (Below threshold)

The buyer misperceived the word, "grass" for "ass" and FIRRED, man! At least, he THOUGHT he fired, can't remember, man, mighta been a Bic pen.

Joser, you gotta be shittin... (Below threshold)

Joser, you gotta be shitting me. Really.

The point, idiot-boy, is that after every murder committed with a gun, someone starts calling for a ban on firearms. You know, for the fricking children!

Here's a prime example of an impulse killing that didn't get stopped by the Brady bill, or bullet serial numbers, or any of the other stupid gun control arguments.

What's really funny is the killer's claim that he didn't actually mean to kill him, even though he stabbed the victim multiple times. That's about as funny as the old "I didn't think it was loaded" excuse after shooting your buddy, 7 times. I'm sure the knife just went off on it's own.

Damn, Joser, you posted whi... (Below threshold)

Damn, Joser, you posted while I was typing. If your apology is genuine, ignore what I wrote.

In any event, I thought my sarcasm was self-evident. I guess I'll add tags next time to separate myself from the trolls who might inadvertantly mistake me for one of their own.

FYI- The audio of the skit ... (Below threshold)

FYI- The audio of the skit is up at www.bareknucklepolitics.com

Okay, I'll reiterate the id... (Below threshold)

Okay, I'll reiterate the idiot-boy label for Joser.

Since you claim a distinct lack of knowledge, I'll educate you somewhat. It's already illegal to own fully automatic weapons, has been for many, many decades. There's no change to that, no impending legislation to further change that, and no calls to seriously repeal that, either. Thus you offering to relinquish some right to buy military grade weapons is pure bullshit propaganda, typical of a liberal. You never had that right to begin with, and neither did I.

As for gun-grabbers, they are trying to ban all weapons, regardless of caliber or military usefulness. They have been trying to ban guns since before 911, they'll continue after. They'll use any excuse.

As for terrorists, what they well and truly fear is an armed citizenry that is unafraid. Coincidentally, that's exactly what the Democrats fear most, also.

Joser I do not ow... (Below threshold)
mark m:


I do not own any automatic rifles but do own many semi-automatic rifles and shotguns. I also do not own any 50cal rifles although I would like to build one. By taking away the right to own these weapons how does it help the terrorist's cause??. Show me some data please.
Where do you draw the line?, I mean ban 50cal weapons but a .480 Taurus is leagal?. To give an inch is to lose a mile.

I'm starting to think that ... (Below threshold)

I'm starting to think that "Joser" is "minnie" and/or "me" -- if not the same user, then all from the same collective.

As in, puffery here to incite and annoy, not representational of real opinion, just to ridicule.

Otherwise, I have no idea how anyone could ever suggest that (as he opines based upon his self identity as "liberal"):

"...liberals want to make America safer by saying we don't want people to own guns. But, since you're so intent on making it easier for terrorists to get guns, why don't you go on Al-jazeera or however..."

Joser is saying -- one stream there -- that Americans with access to guns or in possession of guns are 'Al-jazeera' and/or "terrorists"...

I'm curious about that, who would ever suggest such a thing....oh, you know, could it be...

Joser,You are late... (Below threshold)


You are late for your SWP&YS party.

Make sure to get some of the 'special' kool-aid.

Joser you define ignorance.... (Below threshold)

Joser you define ignorance.

Joser, Where did y... (Below threshold)


Where did you go AGAIN.

Typical hit and run troll. Every thread has a post or two and then he bails when his arguments fall apart.

Either that or mommy makes him go back to his room.

Next time you start something Joser, at least be Man/Woman enough to stick around. Or consider yourself irrelevant.

If this story involved vide... (Below threshold)

If this story involved video games or sneakers instead of marijuana, would you blame the kid or the item?

Joe R....video games and/or... (Below threshold)

Joe R....video games and/or sneakers are not (presumed to be) mind altering substances. Marijuana/grass is.

Or, were you suggesting that someone possibly INGESTED a video game and/or sneakers or used both/either as a lethal weapon?

Because, otherwise, I'm puzzled.

I SUPPOSE someone could inflict grave bodily harm on another with a video game and/or a pair of sneakers, but I doubt that anyone could actually eat either. Although if they could, it might alter their consciousness and drive them to some murderous rage.

From reading the article, i... (Below threshold)

From reading the article, it doesn't sound like marijuana was the mind-altering substance that triggered the altercation. Mad Dog 20/20 was. This specific story to me is greater evidence that alcohol should be outlawed than one that marijuana should be outlawed.

Joe R.:I think we ... (Below threshold)

Joe R.:

I think we tried that once. Called it Prohibition. Didn't work any better than the war on drugs (or gambling or prostitution) has.

Sorry for getting snide, Jo... (Below threshold)

Sorry for getting snide, Joe R. I should checked out your blog on it before I shot off my big mouth.

Nashua is that bad? Glad I ... (Below threshold)

Nashua is that bad? Glad I didn't move there although I had looked in that area. I was in Manchester, too. Now Im out in the boondocks and hate it. Oh well.........







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