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Quote Of The Day - It Runs In The Family Edition

"The Inuit people put a human face on global warming. They are literally melting away."
Jake Gyllenhaal, actor and brother of Maggie Gyllenhaal, speaking to reporters at an Earth Day event in the Arctic where he danced with local Inuits. [E! Online]

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Those Inuits don't scare me... (Below threshold)

Those Inuits don't scare me. Everyone knows that once you get past the flying blue monkeys, all you need is a pail of water.

Does she not realize that "... (Below threshold)

Does she not realize that "The Wizard of Oz" is fiction?

Still, it might be cool to see a melting person...

=remembering Indiana Jones and the Lost Ark=

...maybe not.

This polar bear cub goes up... (Below threshold)

This polar bear cub goes up to his mother, and asks "Mom, am I 100% polar bear?"

The Mom answers "yes, dear"

The cub asks again, "are you sure, 100% pure polar bear?"

The Mom answers again, "yes, dear, 100% pure"

The cub asks one more time, "really really 100% pure?"

The Mom, a bit annoyed, "Yes, dear, I'm 100% polar bear, your Dad's 100% polar bear, all your grandparents are 100% polar bear, so you are 100% polar bear. So why are you asking?"

"Because I'm freezing my fucking ass off!"

Methinks the polar bear, plus the Inuit, might appreciate a bit of global warming. Do it for the polar bear cubs.

The E! Online article point... (Below threshold)

The E! Online article points to a yahoo news story about Maggie's comments about 9/11. It's pretty amazing because it reads like an editorial with such lines as "usual conservative critics" and "anti-Maggie minnions."

Nice to see they don't play favorites over at Yahoo.

And as far as brother Jake is concerned. Considering there are people out there who took his movie the Day After Tomorrow seriously, why should he be worrying. It won't be long before an ice age is literally chasing us all down the halls of libraries and those inuits we'll have nothing to worry about.

Why couldn't it be the Gyll... (Below threshold)

Why couldn't it be the Gyllenhaals instead? There just is no justice...

My God! The Inuit are melt... (Below threshold)

My God! The Inuit are melting? Literally melting?


How far are you supposed to let people go before you stage an intervention?


I think it's safe to say th... (Below threshold)

I think it's safe to say the Gyllenhaal clan has "jumped the shark".

Or, in light of the post above, I should say they are just "more from Togo!"






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