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Trampled Cop Dubbed "Buffalo Bill"

Baltimore County Police Detective Ed Spragg is taking some good natured ribbing from his colleagues and enjoying his 15 minutes of infamy via the cable news bonanza surrounding yesterdays coverage of an escaped bison herd in Pikesville, Maryland.

Fellow officers have given Spragg a new nickname to commemorate his unfortunate showdown with a recalcitrant bison, "Buffalo Bill."

Spragg could have the last laugh, as the herd owner told reporters he's planning on sending the animals off the slaughterhouse.

Officer tackles spotlight after bison showdown - [Baltimore Sun]
Wayward Buffalo's Owner to Slaughter Them - [AP]

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...I'm not a cop nor am I a... (Below threshold)
mark m:

...I'm not a cop nor am I a prefessional buffalo herder.....but it's a damn good thing that was a little buffalo. A biggun' probably would have killed the officer.

BTW...nor am I a PROFESSION... (Below threshold)
mark m:

BTW...nor am I a PROFESSIONAL speller ;)

Don't let the far-left brai... (Below threshold)

Don't let the far-left brainwashing fool you about the REAL history of the "noble bison". These marauding monsters hunger for only two things-- sage grass and human flesh.
Google "The Hannibal Lecter of the Prarie," and see what our brave forefathers faced down and defeated.

I won't be happy until every last one of these bloodthirsty killers is hunted down and turned into delicious buffalo burgers.

Well, I'm all for buffalo b... (Below threshold)

Well, I'm all for buffalo burgers (and buffalo steaks and buffalo wings -- though I don't understand how such huge critters have such tiny wings...), but I don't need to think buffalo are bloodthirsty killers to want to eat them.

All I need to know is that they taste great. And with less fat than beef, they're also less filling.

Ted Turner's (yes, THAT Ted... (Below threshold)

Ted Turner's (yes, THAT Ted Turner) restaurant has a pretty good bison burger. hmmm, is it lunchtime yet?

That video is so funny. It ... (Below threshold)

That video is so funny. It is hilarious to see those city boys try to deal with Buffalo. I do not know which part I like better, the part where they tried to use the orange plastic fence or when the tried to hold hands and form a human fence. Let's see who would win...Bull Buffalo 1500lbs..Cow Buffalo 1200lbs...Cow Buffalo protecting her calf, pretty damn mean! THEY ARE NOT CATTLE!

though I don't understan... (Below threshold)

though I don't understand how such huge critters have such tiny wings

Today's word: vistigial. They're evolutionary leftovers from the Jurassic, when flocks of buffalo darkened the sky.

They're evolutionary lef... (Below threshold)

They're evolutionary leftovers from the Jurassic, when flocks of buffalo darkened the sky.

Ah! Many thanks! ;-)

What amrkm wrote (^^).... (Below threshold)

What amrkm wrote (^^).

Yeah, lucky Buffalo Bill officer because an adult bison could (and does) very easily kill a puny human. That one there with Buffalo Bill looks more like he's admiring the guy's gun than anything else. An adult bison who has already charged (that means they're not going to be reasonable) would be wearing BB on his horns in a second flat.

Farm raised bison are accustomed to puny humans and probably this one just engaged in a shoving contest to prove his space, get BB out of his face. Otherwise, BB would've been a goner.

I like bison...I wish the guy wouldn't slaughter the herd, however...send them off to someone who wants them otherwise (who would THEN slaughter them, I have to add here, because Ted Turner comes to mind here what with his huge Montana land and his bison herds he 'saved' only to turn into fast food chain fare).

They taste better when they free range, I just have to add.

What markm wrote (^^) becau... (Below threshold)

What markm wrote (^^) because I can't spell, either.

If I had available grazing ... (Below threshold)

If I had available grazing acres, I'd take 'em.

(Sorry, will Preview in the... (Below threshold)

(Sorry, will Preview in the future before "Post" is selected)...because "farm raised" means flabby. If you want lean meat (bison, other cattle, chickens, turkeys) then you let them walk around and free range for their food (supplement, however if you want to sell for profit). They are healthier, more lean, more active, more sociable, just happier animals. Happier, healthier animals equals better food source.

Horses, same, but not for food...just that people need to let their horses range around and not keep them in the barn (bad for overall health longterm).

I'm a vegan that loves buff... (Below threshold)

I'm a vegan that loves buffalo meat. That might seem like a contradiction but I have recently patented a method for enjoying the meat without killing the animal.

I have created a device that looks like a cookie cutter with a saw edge. It is about ten inches in circumference.

A vegan can jab the buff-cutter into the side of the beast, turn quickly clockwise, and remove a nice steak from the animal.

You cannot remove more than a dozen of so steaks from what I refer to as the "meal animal" without giving it time to grow back.

I have tried to market this to other vegans but it has yet to catch on.

For more on this check my weblog.

Vegans murder plants! <... (Below threshold)

Vegans murder plants!

/sarcasm off.

This reminds me of the epis... (Below threshold)

This reminds me of the episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond" where the cop brother gets gored by an escaped bull, lol!!

buffalo bill, eh? <p... (Below threshold)

buffalo bill, eh?


and omni, good call w/the Everybody Loves Raymond... i was gonna make reference to it, but thought it would go unappreciated. glad you had more cojones to do the deed.

Where's Drew Bledsoe?... (Below threshold)

Where's Drew Bledsoe?

(sorry--nobody else did it and i just couldn't resist any longer.)

Most people aren't aware th... (Below threshold)

Most people aren't aware that a single herd of wild buffalo survived the 19th century slaughter in Yellowstone National Park. While as many as 30 to 50 million buffalo once inhabited North America, today's wild herd numbers just 4,000.

Unfortunately, due to the greed and intolerance of Montana's powerful livestock industry, the survival of this wild herd is in jeopardy.

To learn more, and watch video shot this week, check this amazing website put together by a group of dedicated volunteers: http://www.buffalofieldcampaign.org

Unfortunately, due to th... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately, due to the greed and intolerance of Montana's powerful livestock industry...

Yes, damn those cattlemen for not wanting their livestock infected with brucellosis!

The slaughter has nothing t... (Below threshold)

The slaughter has nothing to do with brucellosis. There has never been a single documented case of wild bison transmitting brucellosis to livestock.

The bison slaughter is a range war waged to ensure the continuation of the welfare ranching state in which public land ranchers are able to access millions of acres of public land at a fraction of their market value.

Not content with these subsidies, the livestock industry insists on the slaughter of any and all perceived competitors and predators (witness the slaughter of bison, horses, prairie dogs, wolves, coyotes, mountain lions, etc)

Please check the facts: www.buffalofieldcampaign.org






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