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L.A. Times Story Suggests Pedophiles Are Trekkies

Corante catches the Los Angeles Times playing fast and loose with the details of the Toronto Sex Crimes Unit efforts to identify child sex predators by focusing on the locations their disgusting pictures are set in. The article contains this paragraph:

On one wall is a "Star Trek" poster with investigators' faces substituted for the Starship Enterprise crew. But even that alludes to a dark fact of their work: All but one of the offenders they have arrested in the last four years was a hard-core Trekkie.
It turns out it's not "all but one" rather "a majority", and it's not "hard-core Trekkie's" but "show at least a passing interest in Star Trek."

Given that the L.A. Times has a pretty strong track record of sloppiness (See Paterico's Pontifications); recently fired reporter Eric Slater for substantial errors in a story about death of a college student; and lost all GM advertising; you'd think someone might have questioned such a pointed allegation before publication...


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Comments (19)

I'd believe the National... (Below threshold)

I'd believe the National Enquirer before I'd believe the L.A. Times

Michael Jackson was in MIB-... (Below threshold)

Michael Jackson was in MIB-2, not Star Trek II.

The LA Times is also trying... (Below threshold)

The LA Times is also trying to front the discredited story that the Sudan offered Osama to Bill Clinton..and Clinton rejected it.

I always thought trekkies w... (Below threshold)
Zsa Zsa:

I always thought trekkies were perverted... Hhmmmmm!

Live long and predator.... (Below threshold)

Live long and predator.

The LA Times is also try... (Below threshold)

The LA Times is also trying to front the discredited story...

Discredited? When, how and by whom? Links, dammit!

Zsa Zsa said:"I al... (Below threshold)

Zsa Zsa said:

"I always thought trekkies were perveted...Hhmmmmm!"

We are NOT perverted. Just... different.

Speaking of Trekkies and pe... (Below threshold)

Speaking of Trekkies and perversions, wasn't Wil Wheaton moving to Canada if President Bush won relection? He's still here.

I need a spellchecker...sig... (Below threshold)

I need a spellchecker...sigh.

I preferred "Galaxy Quest" ... (Below threshold)

I preferred "Galaxy Quest" anyway.

I don't know about the L.A.... (Below threshold)

I don't know about the L.A. Times, but I wouldn't call the NY Times cheap...or at least not inexpensive.

Hmmm.I'd be surpri... (Below threshold)


I'd be surprised if most people didn't have a fairly significant collection of Star Trek stuff. The series has only been on non-stop since the 1960's.

Kinky, yes, but short-eyes?... (Below threshold)

Kinky, yes, but short-eyes? No. Most of the sci-fi fans I know would cheerfully help pull the rope on a child molester. (Granted, sci-fi fan is not equal to Trekkie, but even so...) Of course, there's Statutory Rape & then there's Child Molestation. I'd be less than suprised if the cases involving "Trekkies" were of the "The teeny-bopper you're wanking with in the chat room is really a 35 year old male detective" sort of thing.

(And I'm not saying that boffing a teenaged girl isn't all sorts of wrong and creepy when it's not a teenaged boy who's doing the boffing. I'm just saying that it at least makes some sort of sense compared to child molesters.)

Let me preface this by sayi... (Below threshold)

Let me preface this by saying 1) i'm not a kid-toucher and 2) i abhor political correctness in all its serious, doublespeaking forms

But for the record, "Trekkie" is derogatory, whereas "Trekker" is the more appropriate term. It's a lot like "midget" versus "dwarf" (or "little person").

I'm sure you can come up w/your own inflammatory parallels.

Ha! A decisive blow to trek... (Below threshold)

Ha! A decisive blow to trekkies, the force is definitely not with them, Long Live Star- Wars!

IM:"Live long and ... (Below threshold)


"Live long and prosper."

I think that illogical stor... (Below threshold)

I think that illogical story writer better watch out from now on, you don't want to mess with angry Vulcans!

*angry Vulcans*? Illogical.... (Below threshold)

*angry Vulcans*? Illogical.

Let me elaborate.. Angry ha... (Below threshold)

Let me elaborate.. Angry half Vulcan half Human Mr Spocks expressing deeply suppressed emotions :-p






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