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Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, which means it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following picture:

US President George W Bush, pictured waiting after ordering a cheese burger at a restaurant in Columbia, South Carolina, is to welcome Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz to his Texas ranch for talks expected to focus on the Middle East peace process and soaring oil prices(AFP/File/Brendan Smialowski)

Winners will be announced Sunday.

Note: Feel free to change the message on the chalkboard in your entry. You should note your new chalkboard message at the beginning of your caption with Chalkboard:, then your chalkboard text. If any of the winning entries have a changed chalkboard message I'll Photoshop the picture with their new message for the winners announcement.

Update: Winners announced. Comments are now closed.

Comments (64)

"Uh, can I run a tab?"... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

"Uh, can I run a tab?"

Well if it ain't my ole bud... (Below threshold)

Well if it ain't my ole buddy, Johnny Kerry when did ya'll start tending bar here?

Six bucks for a beer?... (Below threshold)

Six bucks for a beer?

That's worse than a Rangers Game!!

The FEC can bite me. I ain'... (Below threshold)

The FEC can bite me. I ain't running for President again.

Thought bubble:You k... (Below threshold)

Thought bubble:
You know, we really could use one of these "Hooters" places on the ranch.


Yes, I'd like one order of Buffalo Wings with the 3 Mile Island nucular . . . nuclur. . . nucalear . . . aw, hell, you know what I mean!

Even in Crawford, GW can't ... (Below threshold)

Even in Crawford, GW can't get a break.

Now see, you give me a doll... (Below threshold)

Now see, you give me a dollar..."

"Barkeep! I would like you... (Below threshold)

"Barkeep! I would like your finest Awesome Blossom please!"

Somehow Dubya wasn't surpri... (Below threshold)

Somehow Dubya wasn't surprised to learn that there was a special line just for Republican presidents at the National Press Corps Dinner. . . journalists always make them "pay".

Chalkboard: I'm with stupid... (Below threshold)

Chalkboard: I'm with stupid

"You know.. this fillibust... (Below threshold)

"You know.. this fillibuster thing could drive a man to drink."

"I'm George Bush, and I bel... (Below threshold)

"I'm George Bush, and I believe in limited government."

The producers working on "C... (Below threshold)

The producers working on "Cheers: The Movie" auditions scramble after John Ratzenberger is arrested under the Patriot Act for industrial espionage with his series "Made In America."

If I don't get some service... (Below threshold)

If I don't get some service here I'm gonna launch a preemptive strike on the tap.

"Say ya'll serve Arabs in h... (Below threshold)

"Say ya'll serve Arabs in here?"

(Please no one take offense to this)

Chalkboard: Welcome to Rain... (Below threshold)

Chalkboard: Welcome to Rainbow Unity Night

"No, no, I can push in my own stool."

"Say ya'll serve Arabs i... (Below threshold)

"Say ya'll serve Arabs in here?"

"Nah. You ever try cleaning one o' dem t'ings?"

(That oughta take the heat off JATO)

Chalkboard: "Welcome... (Below threshold)

Chalkboard: "Welcome to Compassionate Conservatives Night! All Adult Beverages $1 Off"

Bush: "Buddy, you really know how to hurt a teetotaller!"

"Yes, I was called about my... (Below threshold)

"Yes, I was called about my daughter."

Barkeep - Whiskey for my me... (Below threshold)

Barkeep - Whiskey for my men, beer for my horses, and get Condi whatever the hell she wants, pronto!!!

President Bush rolls out hi... (Below threshold)

President Bush rolls out his new plan to save Social Security.

"I'm only collecting from t... (Below threshold)
Just John:

"I'm only collecting from the working class."

"Buddy, I have learned to p... (Below threshold)

"Buddy, I have learned to pray anywhere."

So, nobody's turned in a na... (Below threshold)

So, nobody's turned in a navy blue suit jacket, size 44, Kevlar lining?

IMAO already posted this sh... (Below threshold)

IMAO already posted this shot, from a different angle, with suitable replacement chalkboard text.


Beaten to the punch(line).

Chalkboard: Please Pray Her... (Below threshold)

Chalkboard: Please Pray Here

Ha! Just like that other G... (Below threshold)
Kaptain Krude:

Ha! Just like that other George, I'm "first in war, first in peace, first in the hearts of his countrymen", and now I'm first in line! It's good to be the king! er, President!

I'll have two of whatever t... (Below threshold)

I'll have two of whatever the Marines are drinking!

cropped off at the top of t... (Below threshold)

cropped off at the top of the chalkboard:

Kissing Booth: $5

"Hey, your gumball machine ... (Below threshold)

"Hey, your gumball machine just took my quarter."

"I bet you haven't seen so many suits in this joint since that undertaker's convention."

"The towels are out in the men's room"

"Yes! I said a sassparilla and if you have a problem with that then I guess I'm gonna have to go all Condi on your a$$!"

"OK, the old Social Securit... (Below threshold)

"OK, the old Social Security Plan works like this: you pay here and you never see your money again as the system goes bankrupt. Now let me tell you about personal savings accounts..."

I'm looking for the Piper. ... (Below threshold)

I'm looking for the Piper. Ya' seen him?

At the bar of a South Carol... (Below threshold)

At the bar of a South Carolina restaurant, President Bush lays out his new idea of replacing vehicles powered by expensive gasoline with vehicles powered by much less expensive beer.

"And if you get thirsty while driving, just pull over and syphon out a few ounces," joked the president.

"People love pay-as-... (Below threshold)

"People love pay-as-you-go. Just listen to everybody defending the current Social Security system. But I just don't think this is the right place for that kind of pay-as-you-go."

"Besides, how do you flush ... (Below threshold)

"Besides, how do you flush a spittoon?"

"CHEBURGER, CHEBURGER, CHEB... (Below threshold)


<a href="http://www.cafepre... (Below threshold)
The president takes a turn ... (Below threshold)
Mike Erwin:

The president takes a turn manning the federal government's new, high tech, IRS collection window.

My tab is what???I... (Below threshold)
Francis Meehan:

My tab is what???

I don't drink...anymore.

$460 BILLION/year seems a bit excessive to save the country from itself.

"Damn, Laura looks hot toda... (Below threshold)

"Damn, Laura looks hot today. Aww hell, now I've gotta stand here until things calm down...."

"You see, you put the lime ... (Below threshold)

"You see, you put the lime IN the coconut and then drink it all up."


Chalkboad: Stay Back 50 ft. from world leaders.

-- Say, do y'all serve Arab... (Below threshold)

-- Say, do y'all serve Arabs in here?
-- No, just buffalo wings and pretzels. (With apologies to JATO).

Bush thought bubble:<... (Below threshold)

Bush thought bubble:

Jenna is on to something! The drinks are great, and where can I get beads to hand out?

Caption - "You kno... (Below threshold)
David Eccles:

Caption -

"You know......ever since this Rove fella started tellin me what to say, I just don't know who I am anymore! I mean.....he writes every word..... he transmits...I mean he coaches me on what to do, what to say, when to smile."

"It's enough to make a man plumb crazy...(pause)....HEY........you listenin?"

"Ah hell, just give me my damn drink."

Alternative captions - ... (Below threshold)
David Eccles:

Alternative captions -

1) "Man.........this piss-hard is really uncomfortable!!!!

2) "PFFFFFFFFTTTT!!! Did you hear that frog?

"Where's Jimmy? I'm wasting... (Below threshold)

"Where's Jimmy? I'm wasting away in Margueritaville!"

Chalkboard:To... (Below threshold)

Topps Gold #43
George W. Bush
Bats Rights, Throws Right

Yeah, I quit drinkin'. Got... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I quit drinkin'. Got anything in an I. V.?

"Bartender, a round for the... (Below threshold)

"Bartender, a round for the house, and put it on my tab. My name? Joser."

Is that John Kerry bartendi... (Below threshold)
Tim McFall:

Is that John Kerry bartending? Hey John, good to see you finally got a honest job!.

"Here's a funny one: The mo... (Below threshold)

"Here's a funny one: The most powerful man in the world walks into a bar with a monkey under one arm and a bird on his head..."

(this runs a little long fo... (Below threshold)

(this runs a little long for a caption, but what the heck)

In what staffers called his "grassroots initiative to reform Social Security," Bush mans the first mandatory collection center himself for a photo op. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid responded by stealing the collection box and filling it with poo. "Let's see him reform that" said Reid.

I'll have one grape knee hi... (Below threshold)

I'll have one grape knee high sir, and did I tell ya'll bout Social Security...

"Oh My Gawd. I just found o... (Below threshold)

"Oh My Gawd. I just found out that I'll be under Social Security now instead of the 'only for the hotsy totsy government types' program like before. Now, no question, we are going to HAVE to reform Social Security. Who could live on that?"

"Did Ted Kennedy pass the b... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

"Did Ted Kennedy pass the bar? Well, looks pretty well stocked to me, so I don't think he passed."

(Ted Kennedy out of picture choking on beer nuts)
Dubya: "Hey somebody, give Teddy the Hemlock manure-ver."

(had to put that one in for Schwerv)

"I'll have the Bolton burge... (Below threshold)

"I'll have the Bolton burger with filibuster fries and a glass of Delay draft."

George W. Bush wows the cro... (Below threshold)
Sue Dohnim:

George W. Bush wows the crowd at the Crawford Applebees with the opening act, a "barking doggie," of his national "Shadow Puppets for the Defense Budget" tour.

New sign: JOHN 3:16D... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

New sign: JOHN 3:16
Dubya: "I'm on a mission from God."

Chalkboard: Bar closed, pe... (Below threshold)

Chalkboard: Bar closed, permanently.

Bush: I own a wood company. "Wanna sell this Wood?"

Jeffblogworthy gets my vote... (Below threshold)

Jeffblogworthy gets my vote. Made me spew on my keyboard!

"How much for the little gi... (Below threshold)

"How much for the little girl?"

Chalkboard: Only the Rich P... (Below threshold)

Chalkboard: Only the Rich Pay Here

re: Bush SS plan

CHALKBOARD: W... (Below threshold)

CHALKBOARD: Wilbanks Reception

GWB: "Well, I credit Bill Richardson's Tourism Department. You remember when he convinced the high-tailing Democrats in the Texas Legislature (bless their timid hearts) to abandon Oklahoma for New Mexico?"

It's their new state motto: "If you have issues facing reality, we've got a bus ticket and a coin-operated bed for you!"

Update: <... (Below threshold)

Update: Winners announced. Comments are now closed.






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