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Missing Georgia Woman Jennifer Wilbanks A Real "Runaway Bride"

Jennifer Wilbanks, the Georgia runaway bride, is escorted by police through the airport in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Saturday, April 30, 2005. Wilbanks first told police she had been kidnapped. She later confessed that she got cold feet regarding her wedding and that's why she vanished for several days.(AP Photo/JOe Cavaretta)

For days friends and family have searched for the Duluth, Georgia bride-to-be after she went for a jog Tuesday evening and never returned. Speculation turned towards the fiance John Mason as day past with no sign of Wilbanks. Today, on the day her wedding was scheduled, she was found in New Mexico.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) - Distressed, out of cash and in disguise, a missing Georgia bride-to-be turned up on a seedy stretch of Route 66 and told authorities Saturday she'd been abducted, then copped to the truth - she fled the pressure of her looming wedding.

Jennifer Wilbanks, 32, was picked up by police after a cross-country bus trip that took her through Las Vegas to a payphone outside an Albuquerque 7-Eleven where she called her fiance, John Mason, and 911 late Friday and said she had been freed by kidnappers.

As police began searching for the blue van she said her captors drove, an impromptu pre-dawn street party broke out outside the home Mason and Wilbanks shared.

But hours later, under questioning by police, Wilbanks admitted the road trip was voluntary.

She was "scared and concerned about her impending marriage and decided she needed some time alone," Albuquerque Police Chief Ray Schultz said.

Police said there would be no criminal charges, although more than 100 officers led a search that involved several hundred volunteers, including many wedding guests and members of the bridal party.

Assuming that the "time alone" has helped her decide she is ready for marriage; if you're the fiance what do you do?

Update: Rita Crosby at Fox News is reporting that Duluth and GBI investigators discovered at least two prior cases of cold feet (though both may not have been weddings) in Wilbanks past. The sudden termination of the search for Jennifer Wilbanks Friday was a sign that Georgia officials determined that Wilbanks had most likely run away of her own accord. More on that as it develops...

Update 2: Runaway Bride Could Face Legal Charges [AP]


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Comments (101)

I called off my wedding aft... (Below threshold)

I called off my wedding after everything was ordered. Gown, bridesmaid dresses, invites ect. Calling it off was probably the hardest thing I have ever had to do, so I kinda understand her feelings. But my advice is no wedding. If you are that unsure it is better to call it off.

I'd go on the honeymoon by ... (Below threshold)

I'd go on the honeymoon by myself, have lot's of fun and thank God that I didn't get married to such a flake.

She let him take the brunt of the pressure while she wandered around Vegas -- the poor guy was compared to Scott Peterson by the media.

I feel sorry for her family and everyone close to her who thought that she had been kidnapped or worse. She should definitely be charged with something. The woman in Wisconsin who staged her own kidnapping faced charges; this was worse in my mind.

If he ends up marrying her -- all bets are off, he deserves anything that he gets.

Not condoning her actions, ... (Below threshold)

Not condoning her actions, but I'd be interested in knowing whose idea the 14 attendants and 600 invitations were...

Everyone assumes it's the bride making these kinds of decisions, but it's often not. Sometimes it's the parents, of both the bride and the groom. Often the groom is shielded from the worst of the stress imposed by the two sets of parents.

Eloping is a fine idea... maybe it was groom who chickened out and didn't meet her in Vegas for the small wedding?

My advice to the groom is d... (Below threshold)

My advice to the groom is don't walk away from this woman.

Run, Forest. Run.

What would I do?Ha... (Below threshold)
Remy Logan:

What would I do?

Hasta la vista babe.

From what I have seen they ... (Below threshold)

From what I have seen they both need to spend some time in a rubber room.

Damn, I'd try and get Donna... (Below threshold)

Damn, I'd try and get Donna B's phone number. How you doin' babe? M/31. Let me know if you want to meet. ;-)

Seriously, if I were the fi... (Below threshold)

Seriously, if I were the fiance? Get a good lawyer and see if there were some way to sue this b***h for emotional distress and the humiliation of being subjected to the speculation of people like Geraldo Rivera on national television.

Lied to her fiancee. Lied ... (Below threshold)

Lied to her fiancee. Lied to her family. Lied to her friends. Lied to her church. Lied to an entire town who had loved her since she was a child. But most imposrtantly, lied to police officers. Obstruction of justice, false statements to law enforcement, false police report, fraudulent staging of a kidnapping. Those are FELONIES! If she is not charged and jailed for this, there is no justice. Need to teach stupid, flaky women that there is a price to be paid. I hope that the fiancee, who was being suspected of murder, not only dumps her, but that she is driven from her twon, disowned by her family, and made into the poor, flea-bitten whore she ought to become. Maybe that will teach her a lesson of the price of looking her "gift horse" in the eyes. Out.

From observing his demeanor... (Below threshold)
Jim Rhoads:

From observing his demeanor during the last few days, I wouldn't discount Donna B's theory.

I don't know. I can't imag... (Below threshold)
heffer red swartz:

I don't know. I can't imagine making my momma cry that way. She has to have had some kind of serious pressure building up inside her. Maybe gas. There was supposed to be a Mexian restaurant there that all the Christians attended to pray for her and Terry Schiavo's ashes or something. Maybe they prayed for ole W. Bush to come down from Washington and find her himself, or at least go rattlesnake hunting. I guess we all can learn a good lesson from this: STOP WATCHING SO MUCH CABLE NEWS.

I think she ought to be tak... (Below threshold)

I think she ought to be taken out and horse-whipped for all the trouble she caused! I can see getting cold feet and wanting to get away for awhile, but Calling and telling your parents you were KIDNAPPED, and making everyone go through HELL looking for and worrying about you?! Bull___!! Her poor mother was so upset--it's lucky she didn't have a heart attack! This is a CRIME, and this idiot had better be punished! Now, whenever someone goes missing, everyone will be less likely to look, wondering if they just "took off" like this inconsiderate brat! If I were her groom-to-be, I'd tell her to go to h---!

I too got cold feet before ... (Below threshold)

I too got cold feet before I was married.
I called my fince, we met at a quiet restraunt, we talked, we laughed, and a week later, we were married. That was 20 years ago.
It happens to the best of us.
This woman distressed her friends, and family, along with the ordeal her Husband went through with law enforcement.

She should make a public apology to everyone! Police,friends, volunteers, her fiance.
And most of all she should made to pay for the extra hours that were spent for the extra police hours worked.
Lastly, she should seek professional help.

The gov't should send a bil... (Below threshold)

The gov't should send a bill to this crazy b**** for all the manpower, all the wasted time and energy spent. And her fiance should sue for having to deal with police detectives, lawyers, media, all seeing him as the next Scott Peterson! What a selfish nut!

The Police in Atlanta were ... (Below threshold)
Nancy J:

The Police in Atlanta were looking at John Mason (her fiance) as a potential MURDERER! Is that the kind of suspicion that one should expose the one that they claim to love and want as their life partner too?

Look what happened to Laci Peterson and Lorie Hacking at the hands of there partners! John was in REAL trouble here!

Her immature behavior has proven to John Mason that she's not a dependable, trustworthy, or person. How could he trust her again?!

God knows what she'd do with their kids down the line if she got stressed again! She's gotta go.

Even if she didn't want to deal with John, she should have told SOMEONE what was up. Any family member or close friend! Anybody!!!

After the disappearances and murders of late, she should have KNOWN she would be putting a lot of people out with her lack of communication.

But, even if she didn't, why did she LIE about being kidnapped?? She probably claimed it was some big black guy who did it (as we've seen so MANY do over the years!).

I hope that the police AT LEAST CHARGE her for their services over the last several days! That would be only fair.

John has been given a "get out of jail/marriage with a horrible woman free" card. I hope he's already dumped that crazy nut broad!

Dump her. You do not want t... (Below threshold)

Dump her. You do not want to be with this woman for the rest of your life, dude.

Send her a bill for the cos... (Below threshold)

Send her a bill for the cost of all the trouble!!!

Wow it is quite interesting... (Below threshold)

Wow it is quite interesting to read everyone's reaction to this recent saga involving the "run away bride." Although I am not agreeable with the way she handled the situation by leaving everyone in shambles to worry about poor Jennifer, I also understand why she could've wanted out. I was raised as a deep rooted Southerner and know all about the good ol boys, demanding expectations and Southern politics. NO FUN!!
Her fiance's father is a former Mayor and I would guess that his mother is a bit of a community socialite. Makes me wonder about all of the pressures that went along with planning this huge shin dig and what role Jennifer was expected to play throughout the entire ordeal.

Can anyone be remotely surp... (Below threshold)
Igor Stravinsky:

Can anyone be remotely surprised that a woman acted in a cowardly fashion, lying and cheating? This is what women are biologically programmed to do. Women get ahead in the business world by having zero ethics and backstabbing the men that get in their way. The runaway bride is merely an obvious example, but men know of numerous women that behave in a similar way. Honor, forthrightness and honesty are masculine qualities totally unknown to the female sex.

He is a very lucky man. Mo... (Below threshold)

He is a very lucky man. Most don't find out until after saying "I do."

If he still marries her then he deserves all the misery that would be sure to come his way.

I have a couple of ex-wives... (Below threshold)

I have a couple of ex-wives that I wish had been capable of being decent enough to be openly insane before the wedding rather than after. I applaud her courage and hope this sets a trend!

What bullwinkle said -- but... (Below threshold)

What bullwinkle said -- but only one ex-wive.

So far.

Police departments should n... (Below threshold)

Police departments should not have "news conferences" about cases. If they want to issue a bulletin to try to help find the woman then that is ok but a conference causes accusations to be assumed and people to be wrongly shaded.

If I were a judge any official who had news conferences like in the DC case, Peterson, Bryant would have their case bombed right out of the courtroom. You do not investigate and accuse in news conferences. It is hard to believe that cases were solved with confidentiality for decades until the egotistical police chiefs, sheriffs and prosecutors found a need to stand up and pontificate.

Just watch. They are going to screw up a major case. I expect the "pre-trial publicity" defense will come up to blow a case apart and hopefully deny these assholes their fifteen minutes thereafter.

I feel sorry for the fiance'. That guy will have a stigma forever due to these idiots putting the whole thing on the tube. Public safety officials are becoming loonytoons in that they just have to run their mouths in front of cameras.

I should mention that I am a former enforcement officer and there are other ways to get information out to try to secure leads. These guys in Georgia acted like they wanted a body so they could be stars. Shame on them.

Forget help and counseling.... (Below threshold)

Forget help and counseling.... did anyone stop to think that might be what pushed her out the back door in the first place?!
Also forget forgiveness for our sins!!! Jesus Christ is really the only one who can do that.
Interesting how she left only hours after her meeting with the Pastor!

The male fiancee of the sit... (Below threshold)

The male fiancee of the situation should do what every other money hungry person in America would do, call 20/20, write a book, and appear on Nancy Grace Live. $$$.

What would I do if I were t... (Below threshold)

What would I do if I were the fiance? Haul arse. Cancel the wedding, break up with the bint, and just get the holy hell out of there. I could understand if she needed space and time. I could understand if she needed to take a little trip to clear her head. BUT LET PEOPLE KNOW. With the publicity around this case, she could not have not known, which is absolutely reprehensible...

Wait...wait for it!<p... (Below threshold)

Wait...wait for it!

A video will surface from Vegas showing this idiot arm in arm with a previously unknown boyfriend.

Also expect her to float the "I was abused" line of defense shortly.

Yet more proof that marriag... (Below threshold)

Yet more proof that marriage and maturity don't necessarily go hand in hand.

This was really bad ... (Below threshold)
Jack Rudd:

This was really bad behavior. Almost as bad as voting for Kerry/Edwards.

If she were my daughter, an... (Below threshold)

If she were my daughter, and I was paying for the wedding, I'd be beating her a$$ about now.

She obviously did not have a close relationship with anyone in her "family", including her Fiancee, Pastor and Mother. Wonder why?

Ok, aside from a faked abdu... (Below threshold)

Ok, aside from a faked abduction, grandstanding wannabee Petersen police, wasted manpower across several states, and a ruined reputation for the fiance, hmmmmm...

Regardless of the pressure the woman may or may not have been under to marry, her actions were just plain wrong, and the guy will wear the consequences for those actions for a very long time. The court of public opinion is quick to judge, unforgiving, and has a long memory.

I agree with others that she should at least be made to pay for the manpower cost, and charged with obstruction of justice. And someone should b****slap the police officials who had the guy crucified in the media.

When will people grow up, I wonder...?

I'm a bit taken aback by th... (Below threshold)

I'm a bit taken aback by the people commenting and actually sympathizing with this childish female. I'm not doubting that she was having second thoughts, I don't really care. Many people do, including me, but they don't overreact in this way.

The point is, her act was one of the most selfish I've ever come across. "I needed time, I needed space." Big deal. Postpone the wedding. But what she did to her loved ones was inexcusable. She's 32 years old, for crying out loud....has she learned NOTHING in all that time about people? Did she really think her parents would say, "Oh, well, she'll turn up" when from all accounts this act was so unlike her? Not to mention potential victims of real crimes that those police could have been helping...do they not matter?...or does everything come to a standstill in Georgia when some poor little wisp of a thing develops a pair of cold feet?

I think that this stunt wouldn't have gotten all the publicity it did if her future father-in-law hadn't been a former mayor and a judge in the community. I also doubt very much that there would have been no charges filed, either.

The woman should go to jail... (Below threshold)

The woman should go to jail.

She is not worthy of the airtime wasted on her and she certainly isn't worthy of the grief she has caused her family and that poor guy who almost got stuck with her as a wife.

well it is pretty obvious, ... (Below threshold)

well it is pretty obvious, BorgQueen, that you are one unempathetic huzzy! You have NO idea what happened between her and her fiance before she left. It also appears to me that she was a real victim to the whole Mayor, Judge thing in Duluth. And what about the Southern Baptist Pastor, standing there talking about her like she was a child by telling the press that they were going to "get her some help." All of this is probably the exact sort of thing she was running away from in the first place.
You can all post cruel things about this person but whatever happened to the proverb, "people in glass houses should not throw stones."
Borgqueen, I think she was so distraught that she was thinking correctly. Ever been in a situation that drove you off the edge? Did you think about other people, circumstances, or reality even?
Sometimes people lose it- period.

Jennifer is a long-distance... (Below threshold)

Jennifer is a long-distance runner. In the same vein, she took a bus (then another bus) to get as far from her fiance and her upcoming wedding as possible, over 1,400 miles. Why? A psychiatrist (Mount Sinai in LA) commented on Fox News that Jennifer had limited emotional resources. The upcoming wedding to a former mayor's son was too much for this emotionally fragile woman. Don't blame her. Blame her family and her fiance who should have noticed that she had been bursting at the seams before running away.

Regarding the father paying... (Below threshold)

Regarding the father paying for the wedding.When I finally did get ready to walk down the aisle, my father turned to me just as we were about to go and said, "If you have one moment of doubt about this we can walk out that front door right now, no questions asked. You will have my blessings to do that. Just say the word sweetie and we walk." (I guess I had gotten kind of a reputation for backing away by then) I knew my dad was being the wonderful person he was, but I just smiled and said , "Shutup."

That was 22 yrs ago. And no one thought I would stick with it...;-)

I have yet to hear on any n... (Below threshold)
New Yorker:

I have yet to hear on any news source what she did, and where she was in Vegas. If she left Tuesday eve, she got to Vegas Thursday eve. Where was she from the time she arrived in Vegas until the time she boarded the bus for NM???

PS-For the record...she is pretty cute.

Talbot,Sometimes p... (Below threshold)


Sometimes people do lose it -- 'for a' period. And then they come to their senses. If she ran off over night or even until the next day it would be one thing. She must have seen herself on the news a hundred times by Thursday; she didn't call anyone until last night when she had run out of money and then it was only to lie.

Whatever she had been through -- which if it were that terrible somone else would have notided --up to the time of her leaving, does not excuse the the pre-planning and cowardly way she 'lost it'.

There is more to the story. We'll find out shortly what it is, but I don't think any of it will exonerate this woman.

I think Marc might be on the right track; I hope not, but everyone has the option to avoid a situation like this before it gets out of control. This was not a pre-arranged marriage, they supposedly loved each other and she did accept his proposal.

I, like others who have commented here, had to postpone a wedding three months before the date. It was no fun and a lot of feelings were hurt, but in the end everyone realised it was the right thing to do. We were then married a year later. We did this at 24 years old, Jennifer should have been able to do it at 32.

I see your concerns, but side wholeheartedly with BorgQueen on this one. Jennifer has a reckoning coming and I hope they televise it the way they did the rest of the story.

Hey Knuckleheads, the news ... (Below threshold)

Hey Knuckleheads, the news is talking about Las Vegas NM, not Las Vegas, NV.

If this <a href="http://eli... (Below threshold)

If this narcissistic little girl had been uglier or not white, Big Media would never have sat up and taken notice.

Boy, oh boy, oh boy. We hav... (Below threshold)

Boy, oh boy, oh boy. We have all become anchorless. What we need is more of this

Grand,In this case... (Below threshold)


In this case what we need is to see this person taught a lesson. I have never seen such selfishness.

She should be ashamed but I doubt we will hear much of that, just how she "needed some alone time" or "needed to get away."


To Truebeliever:Yo... (Below threshold)

To Truebeliever:

Your logic is SO illogical, and so illustrative of the "It's your fault" generation! At some point, the children of the 70/80's have to step up to the plate and take some responsibility for their actions.

I have a Niece and a Nephew, that blame their shortcomings on their parents, and continue at age 21+ years, to refuse to accept responsibility for themselves. They are looking for the eternal "teat" from their parents, along with sympathetic doles from their aunts, if the parents don't come through.

My sympathetic dole, as an Aunt, ended when the Niece bashed the front of my Camaro, which she had no permission to drive. When I let my Nephew drive my car 2 miles to the store, the lid on the ashtray was crushed and would not close.

My sister and her husband were very poor parents. Question is, how do I support these children when I am so angry with their actions that cost me money?

She didn't claim it was a b... (Below threshold)

She didn't claim it was a black guy - Hispanic guy and white woman. Close enough. I do think it was the Mason family who wanted the huge extravaganza of a wedding - they're a wealthy family in that town and her family is not particularly. It all goes to show you that MARRIAGE is a lifetime commitment and a WEDDING is a one-day celebration. If the WEDDING becomes more important than working toward a good MARRIAGE, trouble comes.

Of course, what do I know - I'm a year older than Jennifer and I'm divorced.

I agree that Jennifer, being 32, should have understood the consequences of faking her kidnapping and faced at least some similar charges to Audrey from Wisconsin, who was only 19 when she staged her kidnapping.

Could be the two have similar disorders happening, but Audrey had to stand up and face her mistakes, Jennifer should too!

I was shocked to find out what happened. I was sure this was another Scott Peterson/Mark Hacking thing. I do feel bad for John Mason that I don't even know him and I assumed he was a killer for a while.

Here's the thing...<p... (Below threshold)

Here's the thing...

Would you want this woman to bear your children? She can't handle a wedding, how's she going to take two under-four year olds having a tantrum.

If that was going to be my future Mrs., I'd think long and hard and then run like hell. This woman is not ready to be married or to have a serious relationship.

Dear Mesablue:I resp... (Below threshold)

Dear Mesablue:
I respect your siding with Borgqueen and commend you on such diplomacy in addressing my comment and the situation; however, I truly do think that we all must wait and see what really happened before we draw concrete conclusions. My gut feeling is that is all revolves around the fiance's immediate family.
Let's talk about the part here where everyone is blasting this woman for being so inconsiderate. Firstly, it is being stressed in the press that this woman was literally on a bus practically the entire time that she was missing, which, if true, she had no knowledge of the pain that everyone was missing. And even if so, it is very possible that she really had lost her mind, even if it lasted for three or four days. Perhaps thinking of anyone or anything was beyond her mental capability simply because she was in such a tragic state. You mentioned that people only "lose it" for a short period of time. Isn't it fair to say that no individual is the same; some of us can react to something with bones of steel; others break when the wind blows.

Now the other side to this is that Jennifer purchased her ticket one week before she fled. If that is the true case, I can understand her situation still but think she should rightfully be punished for putting everyone through such hell. To plan such a thing would require logical thinking and that is the exact opposite of someone who loses their mind and can't cope with anything- life, reality, or truth. Hopefully we will find out soon!

An excellent example of the... (Below threshold)

An excellent example of the "ME" generation. It was all about HER feelings. All she has to do was inform someone she needed a couple days space and head off into the sunset. She obviously planned this if she previously bought a ticket. How could one walk around Vegas and NOT know she was being sought? She was #1 on all media coverage. She needs to be taken to the center of the town square wearing nothing but a sundress and a thong, bent over a wooden block, have her dress hicked up to her waist given a good old fashioned southern switching on her bare fanny. She richly deserves it.

Damn, is Bill O'Reilly goin... (Below threshold)

Damn, is Bill O'Reilly going to have a field day with this one. Maybe he'll post a poll on his web site. "Should this woman be spanked"?

Mesablue:Sorry abo... (Below threshold)


Sorry about the typos! Made some typing errors there; hope you can piece it together!

Alright guys, somebody plea... (Below threshold)

Alright guys, somebody please get this one straight. Just read a condescending post by the Nevadian stating that this woman was in Vegas, NM and not Las Vegas. Thought I saw a map today that specified Las Vegas as her first stop. Does anyone know?

There is a Las Vegas in New... (Below threshold)

There is a Las Vegas in New Mexico, and what I read and heard about her sudden reappearance was that she turned up in New Mexico.

As for what should happen to her, I think being famous for this adventure is justice aplenty. Any man who ould take up with her after this, would not only have to deserve her, but know he deserves her.

And that way they only make two people miserable instead of four.

According to www.foxnewscha... (Below threshold)

According to www.foxnewschannel.com, it was Las Vegas, Nevada, but she called from Albuquerque.

Interesting note: I used Internet Explorer to find FNC's website because I was guessing at the address. Google displayed the address but couldn't or wouldn't link me to it ("This page cannot be displayed" message). Yahoo couldn't find it at all. I had to go to Ask Jeeves. I wonder why.

Thanks Fatman! Okay I have ... (Below threshold)

Thanks Fatman! Okay I have it straight now. So it wasn't Las Vegas, NM afterall. I saw a map today that showed her route from Georgia to Nevada and back to New Mexico. I would be interested to know if she purchased her bus ticket for Las Vegas in hopes of visiting someone there?

On the other hand, the AP r... (Below threshold)

On the other hand, the AP report simply said Las Vegas.

I am absolutely *appalled* ... (Below threshold)

I am absolutely *appalled* at what I am reading here!! Apparently in the minds of many of you, there is absolutely *no* room for compassion, understanding, grace, and mercy in this world. And for those of you that are Christians, you should honestly be ashamed of yourself!!

To all of you who are telling the fiance to set her loose and that "he'll deserves what he gets" if he marries her, I feel sorry for you. Obviously you have no understanding of true unconditional love..the kind that the groom appears to be demonstrating according to statements made by the pastor.

Now, in *no* way do I condone Jennifer's actions of running off for days and not contacting anyone, nor of lying to the authorities...that is dead wrong. And if the Georgia DA determines that she must make some kind of recompense for it then so be it.

But civil responsibility and personal compassion should be balanced. Who among you hasn't made a mistake in your life, particularly in the area of relationships? I find it really hard to believe that those of you here who have been particularly condemning have sterling, perfect love relationships in their own lives. "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone..." Anyone here honestly willing to cast that stone...really???

I agree with a couple of women here who have posted that the pressure of the wedding and the families must have been absolutely tremendous. I had a wedding of just 30 people but I still had stresses. I can't even begin to imagine the stress felt by someone undergoing such a huge bash that involves the wedding of two socialite families who are very possibly imposing their own desires on the bride in order to meet up to their ideas of social status (again something I encountered with my family in my own small wedding).

It is interesting to note that the compassionate voices on this blog seem to be mostly women. I am also noting, just as a side comment, that this board seems to be visited largely by conservative Republican men, given the references to Fox News and Republican talking heads here. Not surprisingly, their voices seem to be the most judgemental and lacking in compassion. I have recently left the Repubican party thanks to this attitude being so widespread among Republicans and the Christian Right...particularly its spokesmen such as Rush Limbaugh (and I say this as a former ditto head!!).

I am *appalled* in particular by this statement posted above by Igor Stravinsky:

This woman acted in a cowardly fashion, lying and cheating? This is what women are biologically programmed to do. Women get ahead in the business world by having zero ethics and backstabbing the men that get in their way.

EXCUSE ME???? This was written by the worst kind of male chauvinistic pig! Women on this blog here...stand up for yourself here!! This isn't a question of politics but of personal dignity. Are you really going to let this person stereotype and degrade you like this?

In summary I will say...John Mason has it right!! He is showing Christ's compassion for Jennifer...whether he marries her eventually or not is irrelevant and really between the two of them. Right now he is treating her as a fellow human being who is hurting. Thank God I have a husband who does the same for me. And if he does chose to marry her I wish them both Godspeed (though I definitely would suggest serious counseling first!) He will be one gem of a husband...which is more than I can say for some of you!!

Talbot:Yeah, I've ... (Below threshold)


Yeah, I've been in stressful situations.....you've no idea.
An ex who slept with a .38 at his side in case I decided to leave his abusive ass in the middle of the night for starters. But when I was able to leave, I confided in people, got help. Yeah, I thought about other people and what could happen if I took action. I was well aware of what the reality was. Geez.

Enough of that. I'm not going to bother with most of what you said, since it's obvious we'll never agree.

Her actions were hardly "inconsiderate." Inconsiderate is not inviting your grandmother to your wedding. Letting your parents believe for days that you may have been murdered is a notch or two above that.

BTW...what's a "huzzy?"

If you meant "b*tch," why thank you sir. :P

She is a bonafide nutcase &... (Below threshold)

She is a bonafide nutcase & should be prosecuted to make restitution to all the people she betrayed!!!

To be fair, this woman's fa... (Below threshold)

To be fair, this woman's face was plastered all over FOXnews before she had been missing even 24 hours. I remember thinking that was quite odd.

If she had been planning a short vacation, then things must have become a bit more complicated the following day.

Instead of looking at the f... (Below threshold)

Instead of looking at the fiance or the families as being victims of this what about the next woman that really is abducted? Will the police hesitate to act thinking it's just another case of runaway bride syndrome? The people that are getting sympathy and support now don't seem to have lost much at all compared to the very real possibility that it may cost someone's life in the future. They got her back safe and sound if not sane and at least they know the truth, the family of the next real victim may never know what happened because nobody paid enough attention early on after the disappearance because one woman too many cried wolf.

At first, I was sympathetic... (Below threshold)

At first, I was sympathetic to Jennifer, but, after he continuing lies, stating she was "unaware" of the media attention, yada, yada.. I was livid. You can tell by her call to 911 that she understood how notorious she was..."uh I'm Jennifer, ...KIDNAPPED FROM GEORGIA..." She knew exactly that she was already a little sensation.

If she hadn't run out of money, she may have lingered in Alberquerque, and continued on her sojourn, leaving her friends, family, and fiancee hanging in the wind.

But, there's an even weirder dynamic to all of this. Her family also deceived the police, public, and denied she was anything but the most stable and devoted girl, when clearly anyone with those bug-eyes and freaky expressions of being wired up, clearly has been a nutjob all along, in need of serious help.

When the deception is revealed, the family eshews any responsibility, even though they brought this to the police, FBI, and media, and now they want no part of the problem. They should offer that 100,000 dollar reward to the police department, as a fraction of what it cost to conduct this investigation. Just the cost of analyzing the hair she cleverly snipped off and left behind to find must have cost thousands.

But, not a word of apology from anyone. Their odd pastor actually wanted people to celebrate Jennifer being a runaway bride as being answer to their prayers. Fine. But, what about an apology, or even walking to the plane without a blanket thrown over your head?

This isn't a 20 year old bride. She's a 32 year old woman who was living with this man for five years and demanded to have an elaborate wedding fit for Princess Di. She already had 8 bridal showers. If she couldn't face marrying the man she already was cohabiting with, and if she ran away, there's no excuse for her not to contact anyone with "I'm alive."

There's no limit to my contempt for this woman, and my disgust at her rich and privileged family, who brought her plight to the nation, then walked away, like the superior people they believe themselves to be, without uttering any real heartfelt words of regret.

To know that the only statement the fiancee has made was how he's looking forward to marrying Jennifer makes me throw up in my mouth a little. If they think the world will celebrate this unholy event, they are both nuts, and they deserve eachother. If John had a brain in his head, he'd thank GOD that he was spared a life with this narcissistic blanket-headed drama queen.

You can see that she's a whackjob in her pictures, with her eyes bugging out of her head. I don't think she panicked, at all. I think she wanted to draw all this attention to herself, and she did. But, she deserves to be charged with a crime, and kicked in the rear, not coddled with teddy bears and sympathy.

There are too many real victims, and real tragedies, with families of missing persons. Her stunt may have hurt how future cases are handled, or covered by the media. She deserves contempt, and as far as I am concerned, her whole nutty clan is despicable for arrogantly refusing say
"Thank you friends, and we're sorry. What Jennifer did was wrong."

They all suck.

I manage a motel in Albuque... (Below threshold)

I manage a motel in Albuquerque ..not too far from where she made a telephone call...they said she walked on Central..a street famous for hookers..i wonder if she was asked if she was working!!!! a woman of 33 years old!! I looked up in the english dictionary to find suitable words for her..couldnt find them...Irresponsible?cold feet? NO...she needs her head examined for sure..A questions to cops in Georgia too..when an adult goes missing...check bus stops trains and airport too..dont assume she is murdered ...I hope God forgives this stupid lady...for giving anxious moments to her family and fiance..a real despicable action for a woman her age and under the circumstances when she was getting married....fear ...tension..humiliation..waste of manpower and money...cops and media will think twice after this...when a woman goes missing....shame on her..

The $100,000 reward should ... (Below threshold)

The $100,000 reward should go to restitution to the taxpayers of Ga.

When the rain started right after everyone in her town finally knew the truth, it was like God telling these freaky people to leave him out of this. He had more important things to attend to.

Jeez. I have no sympathy fo... (Below threshold)

Jeez. I have no sympathy for the woman. And I agree that you're asking for trouble if you marry such a woman -- if she's not mature enough to be able to tell you what's up and try to figure out how to solve a problem, at best you'll be looking at divorce a few years down the line... but considering her actions, much worse is also likely.

This reminds me of other people I've known in difficulties, who I was initially sympathetic to... until they did something totally manipulative. Then the sympathy totally disappeared.

However, I don't care about her personal life at all. As a taxpayer and citizen, all I care about is restitution and punishment for this behavior. If she hadn't lied about kidnapping, there would have been no actionable offense, but thank goodness she lied so she can be charged with at least something, no matter how symbolic. At the very least, she should be fined and sent to jail for 30 days.

Man, look at that woman's e... (Below threshold)

Man, look at that woman's eyes -- she's got Moonbat eyes. She looks like she's on a mission.

I think she was stressed an... (Below threshold)

I think she was stressed and took off, and then this whole thing spun out of control past her wildest expectations. Having said that I believe she should be made accountable for her actions and pay a price.

To the Police: Probably a large fine equal to her ability to pay and a large amount of community service.She will probably never have enough money to fully compensate them for their manpower unless she signs a book deal. While on that topic the only ones that should benifit that way is the police for compensation.

To Her fiance: I say walk away, do it kindly, but walk away. It will help her more than you as she pays a price.

To her Parents: Love her, hold her, help her through this. But don't enable her. She is 32, she needs to be responsible.

As far as her (first) bus t... (Below threshold)

As far as her (first) bus ticket destination, NBC is reporting Las Vegas, NEVADA, stating: "Wilbanks was picked up late Friday by police in New Mexico after a cross-country bus trip that took her through Las Vegas, Nev., to Albuquerque, where she eventually admitted her kidnapping story was fabricated."


I'm more curious about finding out a good source for if/when she bailed out before, as Rita Cosby reported.

alright Borgqueen, sorry fo... (Below threshold)

alright Borgqueen, sorry for referring to you as a huzzy but you seem to be that type of person who bases your opinions upon your own personal experiences. You seem to be a tough individul, and I would guess that if you slept beside a man with a gun (what a nightmare) and had to deal with it mentally, you are probably one of the strongest women out there. But this woman, Jennifer, is a very fragile sheltered woman. Look at her background. She can't cope...period.
Since learning that she purchased her ticket one week before the bus trip, though, I have changed my position on the issue of having compassion for her. Initially I was under the impression that she lost her mind because of the pressure and went as far as she could go to escape it. That is understandable to me.
On the other hand, however, I can't empathize with a person who plans ahead for something like this. To pre meditate the entire thing, she had to be in more control of her actions than previously portrayed.
Who knows what she was going through with the fiance or even his family. We've all been there, either in abusive relationships or miserable ones, but we all deal with it on an individual basis. I think we should look at this situation for what it is and forget our own experiences because she is not us and we are not her. Apparently she is a weak person and just because you are a strong person doesn't mean that she is as well. She did the cowardly thing. Maybe this will teach her how to handle stress better. Too bad it had to be at the expense of everyone elses sanity though.

wow. one day most are sayin... (Below threshold)

wow. one day most are saying they hope she's a runaway bride and is fund unharmed and not kidnapped and murdered. Now most of you want to crucify her.

You are actually sounding disappointed she wasn't found raped and murdered. what a bunch of hyprocrites.

Ever think that maybe, just maybe, if the public and press hadn't been so anxious to watch the train wreck and over-blown this thing so much it wouldn't have turned into the mess it was?

Do I feel sorry for her? No. She's a nutcase. However, I am glad she was found unharmed and alive.

Send her a bill? Why? Would you send her family a bill if she had been found dead in a ditch? Let's say it costa million dollars for a search for a missing person. You telling me you wouldn't pay it if it turns out the person is found alive?

Ev, I agree with you about ... (Below threshold)
Sue Dohnim:

Ev, I agree with you about Igor being a dickhead misogynist, but he's just a drive-by troll who doesn't warrant attention.

"Standing up to him" is exactly what he wants, because he's trying to get the attention that he never got from his Mommy. He'll find a two-legged piece of Jerry Springer trailer trash to play out his abusive fantasies upon, and they'll live happily ever after behind bars and in perpetual probation.

As far as excusing this runaway bride and showing compassion and all that, that's the big problem I have with most Christians. If you think Jesus told you to be a doormat, then go for it. Just don't complain when you get muddy footprints on your back.

That's what I think about this woman's fiancee. If he gets married to this woman, he'd better be prepared to suffer. If suffering is a big part of his religion, then he can go for it and be all spiritual and everything. But if he thinks it's going to be wine and roses and moonlight after marrying this woman, then he's a fool.

If all of you have so much ... (Below threshold)

If all of you have so much time on your hands to worry about someone elses life, think about your stinky smelly feet and go wash them right now!!!!

Just cant wait to see her s... (Below threshold)
Robert L.:

Just cant wait to see her statement to the media....This should be hilarious!!!!

I canNOT believe the number... (Below threshold)
Nancy J:

I canNOT believe the number of people blaming her fiance!

Unless anyone here KNOWS HIM PERSONALLY, how can you comment on what he's "done to her?!" OR his family! She chose this dude (and his family) when she decided to live with him/become engaged!

They obviously didn't plan a 600 guests (with family and friends travelling in from out of town) wedding overnight, so she also had LOTS of time prior to last week to think about what she was getting into!

So, why blame HIM?! He's the VICTIM! Lets be clear here.

She is well into her ADULT years, free in America, and she could have easily voiced an adult need to rethink things.

Also, the media is NOT the culprit. It is HELPFUL for millions of people to see the face of a misssing person. Perhaps someone saw something, and would have a clue that could have helped a REAL VICTIM in need of assistance!

That's a great use of media in my mind.

Now, about being compassionate towards this woman -- sure I feel for her. I respect that she had doubts (who doesn't when they're getting married). As strong as her doubts and fears were, I know that she needed time to rethink the situation.

So WHAT?! That's not the point.

One does NOT put their loved ones in horrific pain, and shame their fiance because they have doubts! That's ridiculously immature and lacking in ability to reason. That's the point.

She's a whack job folks. AS for her minister "treating her as a child" as one person wrote by saying that she would get counseling...

Again, isn't this broad 32 years old??????????!!!!! HELLO people. She's a big girl! She's not being held in slavery and forced to act against her will!

She doensn't have to do anything that she doesn't wish too! In fact, she exercisesd her freedom when she chose to leave her family and friends and fiance for 5 days to wonder if she had been raped and murdered!

Charge this broad -- money for city/national services (if the FBI was involved), and some jail time to give her LOTS of time to "think!"

I liked what one person suggested -- obstruction of justice! Anything! It should be a crime to invent a crime to police/FBI!!!!!!!!!

well did anyone go and wash... (Below threshold)

well did anyone go and wash their vinegar toes yet?

Her husband-to-be is certai... (Below threshold)

Her husband-to-be is certainly not to blame.

The former mayor/judge and his/her ritzee family are to blame. 600 invitations, 14 groomsmen, 14 bridesmaids, EIGHT showers. The parents of BOTH were trying to make this the social occassion of the century for this little shiat town.

They would have been better off if he would have jumped on the bus with her... and eloped in Vegas.

This is probably a mute poi... (Below threshold)

This is probably a mute point but aside from the real issue, I would like to express how appalled I am to hear that Jennifer is from a prominent background. I have met a few people from the South who are from "well-to-do" families and they are seemingly refined, polished and articulate. When this woman contacted 911 in NM, she sounded like a barnyard hick. And when I saw her in the video (she and a friend talking on a couch), she even looked like a small town redneck trendy chic. If this woman is from a prominent background or even involved with someone prominent, it makes me wonder what the criteria in the South is to be considered prominent. Makes no sense to me.

Landlocked:... (Below threshold)


We're all waiting for you to get out of the tub :P

Rub a dub dub... (Below threshold)

Rub a dub dub
I am OUT of the tub
Ivan and Borgqueens' heels need a scrub
wash those feet
cause you aint got no love
and after this weekend
jennifer won't have a hub!!

After reading the transcrip... (Below threshold)

After reading the transcripts,
I am appalled at how seemingly easy it was for Jennifer to assert that her kidnapper was Hispanic.
Thankfully she 'fessed up to her hoax before God knows how many innocent Hispanic gentlemen were rounded up, wrongfully detained, endlessly questioned, and possibly harrassed by law authorities.
Initially, it appears she thought she was pretty safe blaming this load of BS on an ethnic minority. Oh yeah, that's right.......all Hispanic men want to kidnap nice white women, don't they?
I mean, really, it does make one wonder what would have happened if she would have stuck with the original story. She could have just picked the weakest looking guy out of the line-up (the one without an alibi)nailed him and gone back to her fancy white bread life in the suburbs a "hero" who survived a treacherous kidnapping.

She also needs to have her nursing license rescinded until she can prove that she posesses the required maturity, stability, and integrity to care for defenseless patients.

Just my opinion...........

I do feel compassion for th... (Below threshold)

I do feel compassion for the UFO abductee *sorry* escapee.

She needs serious treatment.

After reading your poem lan... (Below threshold)

After reading your poem landlocked, I think you need to change your handle to brainlocked.

Where's Jay Tea when you need him?

This just in:CBS R... (Below threshold)

This just in:

CBS Radio News, @ 7:00 P.M., is reporting that the local D.A. in Georgia is considering filing misdemeanor or felony charges against Jennifer Wilbanks. Exactly what the charges would be wasn't reported, but if it's a misdemeanor she could get a year in jail; if it's a felony, she could get five years in prison.

Sorry I couldn't get the name of the D.A. or county.

... (Below threshold)
This rich bitch (600 guest ... (Below threshold)

This rich bitch (600 guest weddings aren't cheap!)wasted the resources of the town's police force and put this cost onto the tax payers? Each resident should have the right to kick her once in her uterus....

Hey guys, I just hea... (Below threshold)

Hey guys, I just heard from a friend who knows a person who went to high school with Jennifer W. and it turns out that her family doesn't have any money. She is from a small little town in North Georgia and from what I am told, she didn't waste any time in getting around. She was supposedly a real gossip and caused all sorts of turmoil when she was in high school. Who knows if this is true but if it is actually is, then I would bet that this run away act was just a scheme for attention or even a reaction from society to see how important she is to everyone. The more I hear about this woman the less and less I like her.

Advice to the groom-to-be:<... (Below threshold)

Advice to the groom-to-be:


You know it is fun... (Below threshold)

You know it is funny that you heard that because I heard that too. I know someone from Gainesville who said that exact same thing about her. Someone said that she was sort of wild and crazy in high school, and that she drank alot at parties. Wonder if she had some type of drug problem? Reminds me of one of those girls who leaves high school and then tries to change their image by becoming a goody good soccer mom. I've seen that happen SO many times, especially with the Southern women. They try to marry a wealthy man and sometimes they even try to change their accents to that fake "well to do" country club, Martha Stewart sounding voice. Its pretty obvious that Jennifer didn't manage to change her accent but marrying into a prominent family is something she almost accomplished.

Hopefully the prospective h... (Below threshold)

Hopefully the prospective hubby got a little "try before you buy" time in. That way the whole thing isn't a total loss for him. He should be counting his blessings at this point.

Okay this is getting... (Below threshold)

Okay this is getting to be ridiculous. I just heard on the news that they are STILL waiting to sort through the infomration to see if this woman is guilty of pre meditation!!! Does anyone know what is taking them so long? Did this woman really take a bus or did she have some help? They are estimating the cost of the search at $100,000. Ironically the same amount of the reward.

Hey Borgqeen are you... (Below threshold)

Hey Borgqeen are you still on the thread? I miss corresponding with you, Still on here?

Fry The B...H!!!... (Below threshold)

Fry The B...H!!!

Both of those fruitcakes ne... (Below threshold)

Both of those fruitcakes need to see mental health professionals. The moron prospective groom says he still wants to marry her.

"Haven't we all made mistakes?"

Yeah, but -

You don't marry runaway brides, John Mason. Pull your head out of your butt and stop thinking with your other brain.

Can anyone be rem... (Below threshold)

Can anyone be remotely surprised that a woman acted in a cowardly fashion, lying and cheating? This is what women are biologically programmed to do. Women get ahead in the business world by having zero ethics and backstabbing the men that get in their way. The runaway bride is merely an obvious example, but men know of numerous women that behave in a similar way. Honor, forthrightness and honesty are masculine qualities totally unknown to the female sex.

Posted by: Igor Stravinsky at April 30, 2005 07:17 PM

Excuse me?? Did I just hear a chauvanist speaking? The last time I checked we had women serving in the military to defend your right to refer to them this way. If they were so "cowardly" then they sure as hell wouldn't be doing that. And as one of those veterans, I sorely resent the accusations you made. Just because this woman made some mistakes, does not mean that all women are like that. By the same token, I don't believe all men are like Mr. Stravinsky. This woman was under some serious emotional stress. Most men have no idea how stressful planning a wedding is. I am going through it right now and I don't have the Mayor and socialites to deal with. It is a simple wedding and still I am so stressed I can hardly see straight. Now I am not saying that she acted in the correct manner, but I am saying that we have no right to judge her until we have walked in her shoes.

Might one respectfully sugg... (Below threshold)

Might one respectfully suggest that any wedding whose planning causes one so much stress that one can hardly see straight is too large and unfocused on the reason for the event? Eloping not only involves much less stress, but oftentimes can be much more personal and meaningful since it does not contain the element of "what would Miss Manners do?"

Fry The B....... (Below threshold)

Fry The B....

BorgQueen, while eloping mi... (Below threshold)

BorgQueen, while eloping might be right for some people, it isn't right for us. My fiance' promised his grandmother that he would be married in a church. In order to keep this promise we have to plan a wedding. This includes all the stress and what not of doing so.

To Cherry's response to Igo... (Below threshold)

To Cherry's response to Igor Stravinsky.

Well, Cherry, people are individuals and there are a lot of honorable women as there are also dishonorable men, and visa versa. However, just because women join the military and defend our country does not mean that they stop being persons who use guile, lies, and deceit more regularly then persons of the male sexual persuasion. Igor's main mistake was talking in absolutes and grandiose all encompassing terms rather then trends and propensities. That however is also something that could be said of your response.

I'm a veteran. I am also a survior of spouse abuse. I am also a man. Women are as Igor has labeled them, and I bear the physical and physic scars to prove it. Just look at the vindictive statements of the Mayor of Duluth who said on national TV that she wants Retribution (btw - that is Punishment, not payment - Restitution is payment for expenses occurred and I am sure that an educated person of the mayors stature knows the difference.). So stuff that wherever you feel it would do the most good.

Both of these people are su... (Below threshold)

Both of these people are supposed to be Sunday School teachers & have been co-habitating out of wedlock for years!!!!.....To the idiots at Peachtree Church in Duluth.....HELLO!!!!

Complaints need to be filed... (Below threshold)

Complaints need to be filed with GA Board of Nursing. To maintain a license one has to have good moral character. She is not a responsible person and needs to be kept away from patients until she can demonstrate she is sane. How would you like her helping in the O.R. during your operation?

Yes, I know. You can fill ... (Below threshold)

Yes, I know. You can fill out a complaint against her online at the Georgia Board of Nursing website.

She obviously has some sign... (Below threshold)

She obviously has some significant mental problems. The State of Georgia should require that she undergo mental and medical tests first to see if she is sane or may have another medical condition. Jennifer's actions could indicate bipolar/depressive/attention deficit disorder where rationality occurs in intermittently. The lies are actually belived by the individual when she starts to become irrational, often under stressful situations. Until the individual reaches a certain "low" point phase they will gradually return to reality and begin to think more rationally. This condition can be treated with medication but the dosage adjustments and proper medication can take months to years to achieve success. It is often hard to get this type of individual to admit or see the problem when they are in the rational phase of their condition because they are back to "mormal." I hope she gets the help she needs, because these individuals generally have social problems and are not likely to develop long-term relationships.

If I was the father of this... (Below threshold)

If I was the father of this Wilbanks brat, and paying for this wedding, I would take her out to the woodshed for a good 20 minute session with her placed across my lap, and I would warm the seat of her fancy "bride-to be" panties until she couldn't sit for a week. She would then be marched into the house and be informed that her childish behavior will also include having to be in bed by 6 p.m. each night, for the rest of the summer. If the parents had done this 20 years ago, maybe this 32 year-old "girl" would behave like a woman today.






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