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Adventures in Photoblogging, Part 1: An American Hero

Last week, I threatened to branch out a bit into other fields, away from news and politics. I posted some poetry, to mixed reviews. Now, I'm going to dabble in photoblogging.

I set up a free account with PBase, and have started building some galleries. I'm going to write introductory essays for them, linking to them in turn.

The first one is dedicated to Rene Gagnon of Manchester, New Hampshire. I wrote about him and a couple of his buddies last May 31, and last summer I visited his memorial with my camera. I finally got around to working on the photos and posting them on line. So, if you're interested, please go read my old piece, then click over to here and see how the city of Manchester honors one of its most distinguished sons.

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My hat is off to you for yo... (Below threshold)
Tom Kubiak:

My hat is off to you for your tastefully done "Adventures in Photoblogging." Your tribute to Hayes, Gagnon and Bradley, as a civilian speaks as loudly as a crisp salute by any military man or woman. Thank you.

Very Respectfully, tom kubiak, Colonel, USAF (Retired)






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