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A Dysfunctional Match Made In Heaven

The runaway bride, Jennifer Wilbanks, and her low-watt husband-to-be John Mason...

I noticed this fanboy tidbit in an Atlanta Journal-Constitution article (registration required) the other evening and forgot to link to it...

At the Fox News tent, Mason turned into a groupie. "When's [Sean] Hannity going to come down to see me?" he asked before gushing when a producer told him soon. "Oh man, that'd be awesome."
So it should hardly be a surprise that Fox News' Hannity & Colmes show snagged the first interview with Mason,
"The first thing I gave to her when I saw here was give her diamond back ... She put it right on her finger," Mason told FOX News' Sean Hannity in an exclusive interview to be broadcast Monday at 9 p.m. EDT.

Mason, a 32-year-old office manager who authorities questioned as a possible suspect in Wilbanks' disappearance, said her case of cold feet did nothing to change how he feels about her.

"'Cause we haven't walked down the aisles, just because we haven't stood in front of 500 people and said our I dos, my commitment before God to her was the day I bought that ring and put it on her finger and I'm not backing down from that now," Mason told Hannity.

...Mason also offered a broad message of forgiveness. "Ain't we all messed up? Ain't we all made mistakes?" he said.

Of course if it doesn't work out there will be several hundred million, "I told you so's."

Hannity & Colmes - May 2, 2005 [Fox News]


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Comments (23)

"Ain't we all messed up... (Below threshold)

"Ain't we all messed up? Ain't we all made mistakes?"

Looks like he's about to make a big one.

This explains why Hannity i... (Below threshold)

This explains why Hannity is so sympathetic to that moonbat broad and her nitwit fiance. An exclusive interview makes even the toughest conservative melt or so it seems.

Apparently her recent atroc... (Below threshold)

Apparently her recent atrocious behavior is so little out of the norm for her that the meathead barely notices. Good luck to them. Marriage requires trust and commitment. He trusts her and he may have to commit her.

just more proof that... (Below threshold)

just more proof that love IS blind. And I can guarantee that almost every guest at their wedding will secretly be wondering about this woman's mental stability when she is saying her I Dos.

She either has a big inheri... (Below threshold)

She either has a big inheritance in her future or already owns a chain of liquor stores. If a "10" is a 4 with a six pack she'd need a large chain of liquor stores to make it to a six in my book, and that's only counting looks, throw in the insanity and her last name would have to be Seagrams.

Fool me once, shame on you.... (Below threshold)

Fool me once, shame on you.

Fool me twice...

I just hope John's ready to complete the axiom.

Just got word that t... (Below threshold)

Just got word that this woman DOES NOT come from alot of money. Spoke with a friend from Atlanta who is a reporter and he tells me that Jennifer's father lives in a lower middle class neighborhood and doesn't have alot of money. Also heard that she didn't grow up in a prominent family. Heard the reward was going to be paid by the fiance's family.
Now if this is all true, how is Jennifer going to pay the cost of the search if the Mayor decides to sue?

They were both volunteers f... (Below threshold)

They were both volunteers for the Bush/Cheney '04 Campaign in Atlanta.

If they had been Kerry supp... (Below threshold)

If they had been Kerry supporters her body would have been found and he'd be in jail by now. Criminals vote liberal 99% of the time, that's why the democrats work so hard to stop disenfranchisement of felons. Gotta do everything you can to keep your voter base going to the polls. Go avenge that one.

"Now if this is all true... (Below threshold)

"Now if this is all true, how is Jennifer going to pay the cost of the search if the Mayor decides to sue?"

Come on, the obvious answer: Community property after this idiot says his "I do's."

And BTW you are all mis-spelling Jennifer.

It should be Jenni-fraud.

bullwinkle, you're a 10 in ... (Below threshold)

bullwinkle, you're a 10 in my book. LOL.

wait... the first thing he ... (Below threshold)

wait... the first thing he did was give her the diamond BACK? Why did he have it? If she left it behind, wouldn't that be an indication that she was not going to show up for the wedding?

These are the times we aver... (Below threshold)

These are the times we avert our eyes and go onto something else...

the first thing he did w... (Below threshold)

the first thing he did was give her the diamond BACK? Why did he have it? If she left it behind, wouldn't that be an indication that she was not going to show up for the wedding?

I am not standing up for her but.....

Some people take their valuables (jewelery) off when they go out to jog.

Frankly, I think her future... (Below threshold)

Frankly, I think her future in-laws drove her into the asylum. Who the hell wants eight bridal showers and a total of 28 bridesmaids and groomsmen with 600 guests? Her, or his well-to-do, kiss-up-and-invite-everyone-with-connections-in-our-high-society-circle family?

I think any sane person would have run screaming for the hills with these monsters-in-law.

She was wrong to file a false report, but I think I can understand why that much pressure could make just about anyone freak after she's been under it so long. Eight freaking showers...


ordi - I didn't think of th... (Below threshold)

ordi - I didn't think of that... not being a jogger.

I am not excusing her bad b... (Below threshold)

I am not excusing her bad behavior, but isn't it sad that we would all have more sympathy for her if she had turned up DEAD...rather than just turning out to be mentally disturbed? Why is mental illness never put on the same level as other serious diseases? I think she should be made to pay restitution for the expenses incurred, required to undergo therapy, and to issue a formal apology to the community at large. Whether or not they get married should be between the two of them...we don't know them personally, and it isn't fair to say he is an idiot for standing by her.

bullwinkle, you are awesome... (Below threshold)
Sue Dohnim:

bullwinkle, you are awesome. I'll fight penny for you if I have to.

tongancat, I was with you u... (Below threshold)

tongancat, I was with you until you said "it isn't fair to say he is an idiot for standing by her". IMHO he IS an idiot for wanting to marry a woman who isn't ready for marriage (at least not to him).

Or maybe he's just a glutton for punishment.

Smart people learn from the... (Below threshold)

Smart people learn from their mistakes.
Really intelligent people learn from other people's mistakes.
Fools go swiftly where angels fear to tread.

Can someone please explain to this guy that the best way he can help this lady is not to marry her? It is entirely possible that the State is going to sue her to recover the costs of the search and rescue effort on her behalf. That sum is going to wipe her out for years to come. If he marries her, they can go after his wallet, too.

It's great that he wants to help the woman he loves. I've done that, and I'm still paying for the mistakes I made along the way.

Think they are both in deni... (Below threshold)

Think they are both in denial. They lived together for five years and yet she couldn't tell him that she wasn't preprared for the big step. Makes him look like a murderer and he lays down and "forgives" her for her moment of insanity. They deserve each other - they both lack common sense.

Oh Confederate Yankee, lots... (Below threshold)

Oh Confederate Yankee, lots of people have many showers and parties. I had that many. It's a southern thing. I't a small town thing too.

I don't see why people are caring how big her wedding was going to be.

- Once it was determined th... (Below threshold)

- Once it was determined that the whole thing was faked, this story deserved a two paragraph page 16 mention and a few 20 second sound bytes. the fact that Fox and Hannity Hannity Hannity Hannity Hannity Ann Coulters legs Hannity Hannity Hannity Hannity did an aggragate of some hours of torured mind numbing micro-coverage is just one more sign of the enevitable crash of quality that comes with success. The story itself can be focused on one thing. Its all about Jennifer and the word "spoiled".






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