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Caption Contest Update

Things have been quite hectic around here, with funeral plans and such. Weekend Caption Contest™ winners will be announced Monday evening.

In the meantime you can go read why I suck.

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Kevin...reading that (link)... (Below threshold)

Kevin...reading that (link) (you don't suck but sometimes Jay Tea goes a little loud)...I am convinced, CONVINCED, that people with obsessions about cats (I describe this as anyone who perceives domesticated [even feral, now that I think about it] cats as having human characteristics is more than a little unreliable.

I watched a show (Animal Planet, but I don't watch it because of cats) wherein this appearingly well composed adult woman was filmed "speaking cat" to her, um, cats. Then she spoke to the camera (realm of the human, not cats) and went on quite seriously that she was practiced and learned in the cat language of Siamese but that she was eager to learn (and actively trying to learn) 'other cat languages.'

Then, not missing nearly a beat (perhaps, swat), this woman again lapsed into her cat language and even her actual cats around her began audibly responding, but responding with noticable alarm and confusion! As in, the woman was speaking something but it was moreso alarming and annoying to the (actual) cats than to us humans!

I love nearly all animals (well, not love but certainly respect and regard highly) but I don't think a buffalo is a dog, or a dog is an alligator, or a cat is a human or vice versa. The 'inter species' confusion by some humans about cats is confounding, but moreso about those humans than the cats.

It's a problem.

Jay: ~;-D... (Below threshold)

Jay: ~;-D

THIS BLOG IS FULL OF CRAP</... (Below threshold)


And so is its opinion!
"nuff said.

uh oh....I guess I should h... (Below threshold)

uh oh....I guess I should have mentioned that I was being sarcastic about the OTHER blog you referred to huh? It's too early and I should not assume that everyone will know my intent...then again, I may not be giving your regular readers enough credit.
You know what I mean here...I come to Wizbang for truth, enlightenment and entertainment. I can count of facts over opinion and know that once the facts have been presented the opinions that may or may not follow are ones that can be respected reagardless of who posts them.

Debra...mine was a tad on t... (Below threshold)

Debra...mine was a tad on the attitudinal, too. So, um, "go, cat people, go!"

Maybe that'll compensate.

I took your comments to be comical, so no worries.

I think the "Full O'Crap" c... (Below threshold)

I think the "Full O'Crap" cat man comments about Kevin were probably comical, also. And vice-versa.

It's a complex world, isn't it?

yeah....but you guys have n... (Below threshold)

yeah....but you guys have no idea how apologetic I can be before the caffeine kicks in. Once it does viper mode is the attitude of the day. Most of the people I deal with in my industry are ..shall we say...less than intelligent.. so patience become non existent after around 10:00
I rank this guys comments right up there with how much I love to scoop the litter box

Kevin, chill. There are mor... (Below threshold)

Kevin, chill. There are more important things in the world than what someone on another weblog said about your weblogging in passing. Sometimes you should make an issue out of what someone said, and sometimes it's better to just ignore it. This is an example of a good time to ignore it.

NF Johnson is right!... (Below threshold)

NF Johnson is right!

Yeah, Kevin, there's... (Below threshold)

Yeah, Kevin, there's a war on, you know.

Actually, don't think about that right now. And ignore the crappers and attend to your family instead.

I used to have sign on my c... (Below threshold)

I used to have sign on my car:

Can't find your cat? Look under my wheels.






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