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Gannongate: More Mainstream, Still Irrelevant

Howard Kurtz details an upcoming profile of the obsession dejur of the lefty blogosphere, Jeff Gannon.

Jeff Gannon's seamy past leaked out months before he asked President Bush a loaded question during a news conference.

As a correspondent for the now-defunct Web site Talon News, says the forthcoming issue of Vanity Fair, Gannon was hammering Tom Daschle during the South Dakotan's campaign to hold onto his Senate seat. Daschle aides traced an e-mail -- ostensibly from a constituent who wanted reaction to one of Gannon's stories -- to an Internet profile of Gannon, wearing only dog tags and boxer shorts. "The Daschle campaign spread the word, but no reporters bit," the magazine says.

Gannon doesn't deny advertising online as a $200-an-hour gay escort, but describes himself as the victim of "a full-scale jihad" by liberals. Vanity Fair says he falsely told friends he had been a Marine -- Gannon says he displayed military paraphernalia and "didn't disabuse anyone of that notion" -- and owes nearly $21,000 in back taxes. Gannon believes God bestowed a White House assignment on him so that he could atone for past transgressions, Vanity Fair says.

In defending his name change, the man born as James Guckert says Jeff Gannon has a "nice ring to it -- like Wolf Blitzer, which isn't his real name either."

Kurtz notes that Blitzer's name is real, unlike Gannon's. The "seamy past" Kurtz refers to is a single, non-explicit picture, hardly enough to trace back to his past. That leap required examination of expired domain records, research in the Internet Archive, and (most importantly) files from a web designer employed by Gannon. Perhaps is does explain why Media Matters For America pushed the issue so hard, while letting bloggers dig into the seamy details of the story.

Update: What I meant about the "seamy past" was that all the Daschle campaign had was a single, slightly odd picture in an AOL profile, which (at best) would arouse suspicion that Gannon was gay. Led by Media Matters non-stop campaign to dig up dirt on Gannon, bloggers spent more than a month digging though his life, finally arriving at the hidden gay prostitution past. The new details indicate the possibility that it was always about Gannon's sexuality, since the interpretation of that single picture is all they had to start with - courtesy of the Daschle campaign.


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Comments (35)

The Left's obsession with G... (Below threshold)

The Left's obsession with Gannon and their pursuit of him is simple to understand. I own some chickens. When they hatch a chick that doesn't look right or act right they peck it to death.

Gannon was acting as a member of the press who was different in not towing the line of the liberal agenda. Therefore he must be pecked to death.

Like brainless chickens...

Had Gannon been a liberal w... (Below threshold)

Had Gannon been a liberal who was throwing softballs to democrats like 99% of the mainstream press does and his past was found out and reported by all 6 or so conservatives working in MSM today they'd be branded homophobes and the claims would be that Gannon was a well qualified journalist, just like they claim all the lefties working media jobs today. Dishonesty root of liberalism, always has been, always will be. Hypocrisy is nothing more than another form of dishonesty. Anyone wishing to dispute that should begin by telling us all what kind of tree they would be if they actually were a tree.

That should say that dishon... (Below threshold)

That should say that dishonesty is the root of liberalism, but since it's been cloudy for several days the solar panels aren't producing enough for me to use my big monitor, so in the spirit of making up for all the Marlboro pollution by not using fossil fuels my typing suffers. I promise to go smoke free the rest of the day if I have to run the generator later.

Conservative bloggers have ... (Below threshold)

Conservative bloggers have outed MSM people who lie, cheat, falsity documents, commit fraud, suppress news and make up news.

The left have outed MSM people who are gay.

Hey! Viacom hasn't fired a... (Below threshold)

Hey! Viacom hasn't fired anyone! Rather got to retire, fully funded! Yeah, like the liberal media even understands what words mean.

It's true but forged! I'm Dan Rather, damnit! Hold the mortgage and sell the trailer, I'm Dan Rather!

Well, not me, but yo... (Below threshold)

Well, not me, but you get the idea (I hope).

On a more reasonable note, I STILL think that the Guckert Expose was founded on fluff.

As in, he registered domain names (oh, the horror!). Doesn't mean, necessarily, that he used the domain names. Registration can and often is limited to parking the names and a lot of people do it all the time.

So far, what I've gotten from the Expose from most of the loudest talking heads about it was that Guckert's past was deemed offensive to the talking heads. Offensive because he reformed, from the looks of things.

Everyone, type with exclamation points and yell "outrage, oh, outrageous hypocrisy!"!!

But, since former Senator D... (Below threshold)

But, since former Senator Daschle was involved in the intelligence efforts, it's no surprise that he seems to have used his experience to lob onto a detractor. Guckert/Gannon...seems like a person with a big imagination more than anything and not nearly enough, if any, protectors in a very dirty business.

Not like most liberals have a minty fresh background...including a heck of lot of hypocrisy.

It's tough to seek change because, like crabs in a barrel, there will be a dozen others trying to pull the seeking crab back down and with every inch it climbs, is pulled back five. Liberals are the crabs.

P.S.: about earlier comments, I realize that Mapes and another moved on, as in, but not Dan Rather, damnit!

Hmmm.As a software... (Below threshold)


As a software developer of more than 27+ years experience the one thing that bothers me the most is the action by the web designer. It's not technically illegal for the guy to give out copies of purchase orders from Guckert. It is however professionally unethical.

I doubt this guy helped his career any by this move. He may think he has, or perhaps doesn't care. But the one single biggest asset any developer has is his reputation.

If I were looking for a professional to do some work I think I'd pass over this guy just because he went out of his way to damage a former client. On the other hand this is also a prime example why all purchase orders should also include an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).

Who cares about his past? H... (Below threshold)

Who cares about his past? He obtained a legal day pass to be in the press room (like everyone else), and he did report for some news services.

probably 50% of all the "reporters" in the room during press conferences have credentials.

you got what you wanted, he doesn't have that job of lobbing softballs anymore...leave the dead horse....dead.

That's right Henry, I wish ... (Below threshold)

That's right Henry, I wish rightys would just stop bringing this up all of the time and then blame it on liberals for beating a dead horse. I hear more references to this dude from here than I do on Air America, or Kos, or anything for that matter now a days.
But, since I have decided to use my valuable time to comment on this post, let me add one thing. I'm sure you've all heard about Bushie's well scripted "town hall" events. You know those ones where if you have a democratic bumper sticker, or a traitorous free speech shirt, or don't sign your soul to the republican party, than you're not invited. Which one of you morons doesn't think that the secret service doesn't do that kind of background checks to ALL people with white house creds daily or not? My only gripe, because I can not hate on a fag when I'm bisexual myself, is that repugnantcans are looking for minorities, fags, and any other person who can become an instant hypocrite for a couple of Benjamins to spout their bullshit in a very disgusting Jerry Springer fashion. I must say that if you don't believe that repugnantcans are looking for the slimiest yes men on the planet to further their agenda, then my tin foil hat is much cooler than your dunce cap.

Like Faith+1 said. They pe... (Below threshold)

Like Faith+1 said. They pecked him to death becasue he wasn't living up to their image as a journalist or a homosexual. Just image how bad it would be if he were black and/or jewish to boot?

Thanks Joser, for proving m... (Below threshold)

Thanks Joser, for proving my original point.

The Gannon story is much mo... (Below threshold)

The Gannon story is much more popular on left-wing blogs than on right-wing blogs, as a simple technorati search will reveal. Of the last 10 posts on Gannon, 6 were from liberal blogs, 3 were from non-political blogs, and 1 (this post) was from a blog that could be considered somewhere right of center.

I have always seen this as ... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

I have always seen this as a non story. All politicians enjoy the occassional softballs, and many a reporter has been known to toss them at times, and especially to politicians of the same ideology.

And honestly, even if the prostitution part is 100% true, just what danger exactly is a prostitute to the president?

He owes taxes?That's... (Below threshold)
Just John:

He owes taxes?
That's unpatriotic!

You left out the best part.... (Below threshold)

You left out the best part. The last line of the article was, "Actually, Mr. Guckert, it [Wolf Blitzer] is his real name."

Nice research there, James. I can see why you're no longer a reporter.

You said "The "seamy past" ... (Below threshold)

You said "The "seamy past" Kurtz refers to is a single, non-explicit picture, hardly enough to trace back to his past."

I would be happy to send you the pics, many explicit, one even depicting "Jeff" pissing. Why is it so hard for you to concede he was a whore in the employ of a right wing shill? Soon enough we will know whom he was fuckling in the White House and more republicunt hypocrisy will be on display.

The fact you have such an e... (Below threshold)

The fact you have such an extensive collection of ... that kind of thing ... tells us all more about you, Musclefunk, than we ever wanted to know.

Thank you ever so much (not) for sharing.

See, it's that 'righteous i... (Below threshold)

See, it's that 'righteous indignation' and the ongoing name-blasting by the left about Gannon ("he's a whore!"

It's that crusade about Gannon/Guckert, that displacement and erratic logging of "outrage" by the left that is foolish, even more offensive, to us conservatives. The Left can express all manner of language and ideas from hell but, hey, outrage, "Gannon's a WHORE! but, um, do you want to meet the rest of us in the park after ten for treats! OMG, but Gannon's a whore!"

The outrage by liberals is falling flat. Tragic that that's the extent of their outrage, that they can't apply indignity to things like mortal sins of many sorts that are all daily routines for many of them.

Previous ommitted a few dir... (Below threshold)

Previous ommitted a few directioal arrows so as to make comments more clear...the first sentence above, and parenthetical specifically, are in reference to earlier noticably liberal commentators here as example of the point I made.

If you agree with his polit... (Below threshold)

If you agree with his politics (which are indistinguishable from those in the White House press releases he regurgitated) you can be unconcerned that a homosexual hooker who had his "8 inches +, cut" penis up on his marketing website until late 2004 and who had no journalistic qualifications or background was installed into the White House press gallery since early 2002 by way of revolving door day passes to avoid a security-checked permanent pass application.

It won't bother you that Secret Service records show that he managed to often get in or out of the White House without signing in or out. You won't wonder whether he was being briefed on his propaganda duties or simply being de-briefed by the only kind of White House insider that would give a gay hooker a press pass.

It won't bother you that he asked T-ball questions at press conferences, or was used to source propaganda for Hannity etc to quote as news reports.

It won't bother you that his "press organisation" was GOPUSA - a non-press propaganda outfit - which called itself Talon News after Fleischer thought a misleading moniker might be advisable.

It won't bother you that GOPUSA's Christmas message included this: I'd also like to send a special thank you to all those who personally provided me with their assistance, guidance, and friendship, including Kathleen Eberle, Bruce Eberle, Mike Hiban, Don Stewart, Paul Teller, Tim Goeglein, Stuart Richens, Matt Smith, Jen Ohman, Bob Johnson, Liz Sheld, Julie Cram, Phillip Stutts, Chuck Muth, Grover Norquist, Karl Rove, and G. Gordon Liddy

It won't bother you that he indulged in the following bit of nowadays de rigeur GOP blasphemy I'm a Christian. Not only by birth, but by rebirth through the blood of Jesus Christ.

IOKIYAR - because nothing is as evil as a liberal, right?

With all room out there in ... (Below threshold)
Clive Tolson:

With all room out there in a thriving Conservative radio industry, why hasn't Gannon gotten his own show? With Conservative opinion syndicates like Townhall.com, why isn't he writing a column yet? Armstrong Williams has been charged several times with sexual assault, and he still has a gig!

All of Gannon's salacious skeletons are out there, but it's you guys talking like it's a bottomless pit! The Lefty blogs are writing about why he apparently was given free reign in the White House.

The more he goes on TV and looks stupid and evasive, he does more damage than the Lefty blogs could ever do. The more Right bloggers defend a gay escort, the more hypocritical you look.

Wow, Captain Normal, the Sh... (Below threshold)

Wow, Captain Normal, the Short John Silver of the butt pirates steps up to fire a broadside at Jeff Gannon for his "salacious skeletons" then has the unmitigated idiocy to call anyone hypocritical in the same comment. Note that he uses his Clive T. name, his salute to J. Edgar's knob-polishing assistant. Does anyone remember hor many gay porns Captain Normal admits to appearing in?

God gave him a White House ... (Below threshold)

God gave him a White House press pass? God? Or, perhaps it was one of the "instruments of God" at the White House? Gannon isn't just a homosexual prostitute, but a pschotic as well. If gays are all bad, as many conservatives seem to hold, then Gannon is likewise bad. Or perhaps we see here a gratuitous application of compassionate conservatism? I am anxious to see where the trail leads, perhaps to gay sex in the White House? Did money pass hands or could it have been a quid pro quo arrangement? It doesn't matter, really, what matters is how he got past the press screening procedures as a "correspondent." I'll wager none of us could do that once, not to mention on a daily basis. If a crazy like Gannon can do it, what other kinds of crazies - other than those holding important positions in the current administration - will be able to do it? At what price? Also, for the life of me, why aren't the bible beaters of the so-called religious right just up in arms about this? Certainly, (or would you not agree?) Gannon does not reflect family Christian values. Now he has found, God, in this case the last refuge of a scoundrel. This doesn't mean he's not capable of redemption, but all his sins have not been washed away. It seems it is another scandal this administration has managed to put a lid and escape scrutiny. Where's the independent investigator when you need one?

Left bloggers vs Right blog... (Below threshold)

Left bloggers vs Right bloggers. What's the point?
Everybody is so into the fight that they dismiss their own sides transgressions.
What about an evenhanded look at it?
Read this from Philadelphia.

No hyperlink from the above... (Below threshold)

No hyperlink from the above letter.

Read this from Philadelphia.


Whom did Gannon spend 12 ni... (Below threshold)
Carl Wilis:

Whom did Gannon spend 12 nights with at the White House?

Gee, the leftys here really... (Below threshold)

Gee, the leftys here really seem to have a hang-up about sex. You guys really need to lighten up a bit.

The left can devote what ap... (Below threshold)

The left can devote what appears to be a lifwetime of ghastly energy to discussing Gannon/Guckert's anatomy (in specifics, no less), seeing outrage after outrage about what they call as him being "a whore," and yet they can then devote even more time (seems a dedication) to online explicity as to varioius acts involving specifically described parts of human anatomy engaged with other lifeforms of one kind or another and...well...

the idea that the left has any genuine point about Gannon/Guckert is lost entirely by the otherwise decrepit behaviors they promote and seem all to lively in describing, encouraging even, certainly defending.

Someone alleged that we conservatives "agree with his politics," and I can't read anywhere that anyone specifically as a conservativ wrote that he/she did. So, again, it's just ongoing hyperbole by liberals to use the Gannon/Guckert thing as faux pretense for another case of leftist outrage.

So, a guy who WAS a male escort is outrageous to liberals? That's news.

Look into the pasts of many people in the public eye and you'll find a past that someone, somewhere will perceive as being sordid. The point is whether or not they've changed and improved their morality and are living according to that.

For Heaven's sake, look at ... (Below threshold)

For Heaven's sake, look at David Geffin.

HE is now touted as being a great guy for all that AIDS funding (particuarly because of that) and because he's a billionaire (which I think has more to do with his lauds than anything) and then look into his personal life.

Why isn't the left outraged about him? All those legislators he's managed to find assisting him with all those plans, where's the outrage?

Seems to me that people such as that are far more outrageous than some lone guy (Gannon, for instance) who got a press pass and asked some tough questions. And then was forced into privacy afterward to maintain.

You think Geffin and people like him have never engaged in behviors that exceed those by Gannon? Where's the outrage?

Interesting that it's alway... (Below threshold)

Interesting that it's always homosexuals destroying homosexuals and then crying about it being "conservatives" afterward. The left has more a problem of values and credibility about them than anything else.

I take no protective stance about Gannon/Guckert, perceiving his story as questionable and not representational of someone --I'd-- have ever associated with. But the amount of upset Gannon inspired among (mostly) homosexuals in the left is disturbing, moreso about them than anyone, least of all Gannon.

Kevin I have come to the co... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Kevin I have come to the conclusion that if you want lots and lots of traffic just make a post, any post about Gannon and you have it made.

As Bill Maher asked on his ... (Below threshold)

As Bill Maher asked on his show --

So this guy was working two jobs - one of them really seedy and the other as a gay hooker?

Nothing like Guckert to bring out a shining - albeit lonely - example of compassionate conservatism.

You know fellas...saying Ga... (Below threshold)

You know fellas...saying Gannon is nothing will not make it go away.

You keep making the same mistake by saying it's about the gay thing. It's not. It's a sex thing.


If these questions were easy to answer....perhaps Mr. Gannon would agree to more than an email interview with the gay and progressive media.

CONSIDERING THE AMOUNT OF T... (Below threshold)







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