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News flashes: Bears crap in woods, Pope Catholic, Boston Globe still PC

Yesterday, there was a rally in Boston in support of expanded state sanction for illegal aliens, and the Boston Glob (which is owned by the New York Times) was on the scene. Let's take a look at the numbers:

Citations of illegal aliens as "undocumented": 2
Citations of illegal aliens as "illegal:" 1
Citations of illegal aliens as "illegal" outside of a quote from a rally opponent: 0
Deliberate blurring of the distinction between legal and illegal immigrants: 2
Number of sympathetic supporters quoted: 3
Number of hostile critics quoted: 2
Side that gets the last word in: Supporters

Now, let's look at some of the "rights" these people want to give to illegal aliens:

1) Drivers' licenses. I think there's been enough discussion of just how undeniably BAD an idea this is elsewhere, so I'll not repeat those arguments.
2) In-state tuition to state colleges and universities. I have three objections that spring to mind (I can probably come up with more, but it's early):
A) every illegal alien that receives a spot in a college is taking a spot away from an American or legal alien;
B) every person who gets the in-state rate is taking a slot away from a student that might pay the full tuition rate, depriving the system of income;
C) presuming they get the degree, what are they going to do with it? The presumption behind tuition breaks is that the student will stay in the state and work, repaying the state through taxes. The illegal alien CAN NOT LEGALLY WORK IN THE STATE, or anywhere else in the state.

Now, let's leave reality and deal with a hypothetical case. I am a legal resident of the United States. (In fact, I'm a natural citizen.) I live and work in New Hampshire, but let's presume I happened to find a new job in Massachusetts (shudder). I would be legally obligated to pay Massachusetts taxes, but I would not be entitled to a Massachusetts driver's license, breaks on in-state tuition, or any other benefits of being a LEGAL resident of Massachusetts. But these people at the rally want to give greater rights to people who are here ILLEGALLY than I would be entitled to, as an AMERICAN.

Sometimes, I wonder if we New Hampshirites ought to set up our own "Minuteman Project" to protect OUR southern border from the rampant Political Correctness (read: insanity) from continuing to creep north.

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Actually, your objection C ... (Below threshold)

Actually, your objection C on the college admissions issue was covered in the Wall Street Journal last week, where they looked at states that allow illegal immigrants to enroll in college and even get state aid to.

And yes, it was entirely about how these students cannot get internships or jobs.

I think there was one quote in there from someone who noted that said students shouldn't even be there. But on the whole, it was sympathetic to the students.

And, I can see the kids' problem -- many were brought to the U.S. by relatives when they were too young to do anything about it - many were brought over so young, that they never remember being in any other country. However, if one gives these kids legal immigrant status, many more parents will be dragging their kids to the U.S. Just as Reagan's amnesty attracted more illegal immigrants, any legalization would also likely attract more illegal immigrants.

Let's face it - the U.S. is far more attractive than Mexico or any Central American country. I know illegal immigrants come from all sorts of countries, but it's mainly the Mexican border that is the entrypoint for the vast majority of illegals. In Massachussetts, I'm sure the source is different (here in NYC, we've got all sorts of immigrants of questionable legality, and many probably flew here.)

Like it's not bad enough th... (Below threshold)

Like it's not bad enough they're draining our resources by attending our public schools. They sould take their diplomas and go home, thankful for what they received.


And, PLEASE, wait until I get the wife and kids over the border before we start any Granite State Minuteman Project. I'll be the first to sign up (and arm up).

“Sometimes, I wonder if we ... (Below threshold)
John Mc:

“Sometimes, I wonder if we New Hampshirites ought to set up our own "Minuteman Project" to protect OUR southern border from the rampant Political Correctness (read: insanity) from continuing to creep north.”

We tried that down here about 144 years ago.

While it sounds good in theory, I don’t recommend it as the side effects can leave a bad taste in your mouth.

John Mc.
-Charlotte, North Carolina

Our immigration policy is j... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Our immigration policy is just plain insane, and given the post 9/11 world it is also dangerous. We should be figuring out ways to secure our borders and controll illegal immigration (including those illegals who come in legally, but then don't leave when they should), but it seems like all anyone wants to do is create programs that give illegals more incentive to keep on coming.

Perhaps the Boston Globe sh... (Below threshold)

Perhaps the Boston Globe should be investigated to see how many illegals they have reporting for them?

In fact, why not replace some of the staff with illegals? That sure would change the tune of a beat reporter or two facing termination because Pablo the Illegal will write banal copy for pennies on the dollar compared to the reporter they replaced.

The whole in-state tuition ... (Below threshold)
Carlos Rodriguez:

The whole in-state tuition malarkey is the open-borders version of mission creep. In fortyyears, we'll be talking of giving these "immigrants" who got brought over by their parents, Medicare and Social Security benefits. Ooops, They're doing that already...

The only option os through scorn (when you meet a suspected illegala alien at a place of work, ask his/her employer if the person is there legally. Then advise them that you've already notified BICE that there may be illegals working there. It will be up to them wether BICE finds anything or not.

The solution is simple. You get into an accident wiht an illegal alien, sue the city where he works and/or lives for their role in placing that perosn in your path. Sue under RICO Act and you should be able to demonstrate that their aiding and abetting makes the city/county into a racketeering organization.

Same RICO Act could be applied to anyand all immigrant-advocacy organizations said illegal alien may have received services from. The law is like a dance parlor girl. She'll dance for anyone.

I thought it was amusing-to... (Below threshold)

I thought it was amusing-toward-disgust when I read the other week or so ago how this female who had immigrated illegally was interviewed just after completing and graduating from a nursing program in Texas (having just received her degree) and she says, in angish (I'll paraphrse):

(being unable to find an AMERICAN employer, despite her degree, because she was an illegal alien):
"...we have no options, no choices...it's terrible after all this work..."

I mean, she's been in the country illegally for all these years (almost certainly with a lot of American taxpayer helps), received a great education (almost certainly with a lot of American taxpayer helps), and now has that valuable degree (also with a lot of helps from Americans) and she's complaining?

Go home and use the degree. And then apply for citizenship or otherwise legal immigration.

And try saying, "thanks" for the education, all the helps along the way and for the chance to help others who really need it.






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