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Thief scores three-fer

Over the weekend in Wareham, Massachusetts, this 17-year-old punk allegedly smashed in the door of a convenience store and took off with a bunch of lottery tickets.

Now, apparently he didn't know that the stores keep track of all the tickets they have, and the Lottery can cancel any stolen tickets before they're redeemed.

It turns out that one of the tickets he boosted was worth $25,000. Another was worth $4,000,000.

Let's add up the cost of this robbery. Honest players are deprived of the chance to win those prizes, enriching the state's coffers. The store is out the repair costs of the door. And worst of all, the store is also out the $15,000 bonus it would have received for selling that winning ticket.

The punk is under arrest, and authorities say he's also a suspect in several other similar robberies.

I hope the store owner sues him and his family hard enough to make their ears bleed.

(Update: more current details here)


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Comments (9)

The update says the store m... (Below threshold)

The update says the store missed out on $50k. Ouch. You gotta wonder what - if anything - goes through these people's minds when they commit crimes like this. Do they think that their idea is so brilliant that it hasn't been thought of by those behind the games?

Gee Jay, ya think the guy's... (Below threshold)

Gee Jay, ya think the guy's worth suing?

What makes you think his fa... (Below threshold)

What makes you think his family is liable for his actions? The only way the store owner can get anything from them is if they knew he was pulling these robberies, doesn't actually matter that he's a minor.

OH that is rich! Well not ... (Below threshold)

OH that is rich! Well not rich money-wise but rich in like... never mind.

That's just terrible. :/

Let's see... yup. He;ll be ... (Below threshold)

Let's see... yup. He;ll be back on the streets by the time Kerry makes his 2006 re-election bid.

He'll make a fine door-to-door campaign volunteer.

What makes you think his... (Below threshold)

What makes you think his family is liable for his actions?

The fact he's underage. Parents are often held liable for damages committed by their children.

I'm with Laurence. This idi... (Below threshold)

I'm with Laurence. This idiot will make a fine (dim)ocratic campaign worker.

With one caveat: Won't he steal the cigarettes he attempts to bribe the Wisconsin homeless with?

That is sooooooo stupid! Du... (Below threshold)
Zsa Zsa:

That is sooooooo stupid! Duhhh! What a dumb dumb...HA HA! How old was the kid? That really is so dumb it is funny! That story really makes my day! I shouldn't laugh but I can't help myself! Thanks...

Man, how do you think the k... (Below threshold)

Man, how do you think the kid felt when he scratched off that ticket and found a $4 million winner? Now instead of being rich, he's going to jail.

But since he's almost a millionaire. maybe he can try for one of those country-club prisons...






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