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Sign Of The Times - Runaway Bride Edition


Bride Billboard Changes Tune - [WXIA]
Bride Broke Off Engagement Before - [WXIA]

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I know there's been talk of... (Below threshold)

I know there's been talk of prosecution for falsely reporting a crime (kidnapping), but think a sec: Jennifer Wilbanks is going to have to live out her life with that "deer in the headlights" almost (?) hyperthyroid stare of hers as a part of her image... for the rest of her life...

Assume this marriage (or some other) does finally go through and kids result. Heckled on school playgrounds with her picture, her little Johnnie grows up warped beyond repair, joins the IRA (cos Al Qaeda'll be history by then, and drunk Irishmen don't know when to quit) and becomes a hero to the IRA when he accidentally becomes a splodydope.


not another idiot....... (Below threshold)

not another idiot....

do u think i give a F*** if the bride gets away without any charges??
u better think again. that girl needs a big ole smack on the butt, a hefty fine, and some time alone.

The Ballad of the RunAway B... (Below threshold)

The Ballad of the RunAway Bride

She left for Vegas without making fuss
She cut off her hair and then ran for the bus
She left behind the ring and the love of her life..
She had no intention of being his wife.
600 guest and a lifetime of hell
She had no desire to hear wedding bells
In the bright lights of Vegas her sorrows she drowned
With a smile and bug eyes she started painting the town
4 days and 3 nights was not near enough fun
So she headed for Alberquerke and a life on the run.
They carried her story on the late news at ten
then she started worry when she watched CNN..
She ran out of reasons and money to fly
She dialed 911 and started to lie..
Now this is the story of the Run Away Bride
The Police brought her home and want to know why?
I saw her boyfriend and all I can say..
at least now I know why the girl ran away
All rights Reserved
2005 (c)Stan Bernard

Charge the bitch. Prosecut... (Below threshold)

Charge the bitch. Prosecute her, make her pay for her crimes, if she was guilty (which it sounds like she was). I don't care what frame of mind she was in, she deserves punishment.

I also hope she is scorned in her community for a number of years to come as well.

"drunk Irishman don't know ... (Below threshold)

"drunk Irishman don't know when to quit"???

We do too. It's just hard to run up the white flag when you're too drunk to stand up.






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