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Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners

Here are the slightly delayed winning entries for this weeks Weekend Caption Contest™:

US President George W Bush, pictured waiting after ordering a cheese burger at a restaurant in Columbia, South Carolina, is to welcome Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz to his Texas ranch for talks expected to focus on the Middle East peace process and soaring oil prices(AFP/File/Brendan Smialowski)

1) (BoDiddly) - "Yes, I'd like one order of Buffalo Wings with the 3 Mile Island nucular . . . nuclur. . . nucalear . . . aw, hell, you know what I mean!"

2) (Mark) - "Yes, I was called about my daughter."

3) (Joser) - "Now, Sunny, that is why that the Republican party is fiscally responsible. Mind if I put this on your tab?"

Honorable Mention

4) (Jeff Blogworthy) - "I'll have the Bolton burger with filibuster fries and a glass of Delay draft."

5) (Sean Gleeson) - "So, nobody's turned in a navy blue suit jacket, size 44, Kevlar lining?"

6) (John Burgess) -


Until next Friday...


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Comments (5)

Thanks, Kevin! It's gonna b... (Below threshold)

Thanks, Kevin! It's gonna be a great day!!!

LAME!!!... (Below threshold)


I wholeheartedly agree with... (Below threshold)

I wholeheartedly agree with Deccles' self-description.

Seriously, you think George... (Below threshold)

Seriously, you think George Bush would ask to put something on someone else's tab?

His point in his Presidency and earlier service has been to avoid doing just that.

It's JOHN KERRY who is notorious for jumping out of the cash register line and/or having someone else pay for his mustards and shrimps and such. He has a proven, verifiable history of a life lived expecting someone else to pay for, well, everything.

Beat by Joser? Geez. Now I'... (Below threshold)

Beat by Joser? Geez. Now I've got a complex.






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