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Woman Loses 170 Pounds On "Backwards Diet"

News stations across the country are running the story of Trisca Cunningham, who went from a size 22 (292 lbs) to a size 1 (125 lbs) in nine months. What was her weight-loss secret? Eat what you would normally eat for dinner for breakfast, and vice versa. WPBF (West Palm Beach, Florida) reports on Cunningham's 'Backwards Diet'

Tricia Cunningham used to be fat. She has lost nearly half her weight in one pretty bizarre diet she calls "the backwards diet."

You can eat, enjoy life, and lose weight without Atkins or South Beach diets, and counting points or enrolling in expensive programs.

Cunningham has lost a whopping 172 pounds with her diet. She now weighs 125 and just came in second in a bikini contest.

"If I can do it, anyone can do it," said Cunningham.

Cunningham claims to have done this Backwards diet five years ago, and kept the weight off since. She sure looks good, but as to the report that you can lose weight without one of the programs, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is - which is the case here.

Pittsburgh's WTAE did a story on Cunningham (w/ video) and includes what the other stations don't - her meal plan, and eating tips. The main rule is eat your dinner for breakfast. If you normally eat a big dinner and nothing for breakfast, then flip-flop your day. Here's a helpful list of foods you want to avoid and main ingredients you can eat, no matter what the quantity.

Don't Eat:

Salt, sugar, alcohol, caffeine and carbonated beverages
Do Eat (any quantity):
All vegetables, fresh and frozen, including potatoes
Extra virgin olive oil (the darker, the better)
All seafood, chicken and turkey
All berries, peaches, pineapple, apples, grapes and plums
White cheese
Fat-free sour cream, salad dressing and skim milk
Low-sodium margarine
All spices, excluding salt, read your labels!
Post Shredded Wheat and Bran
Uncooked Old Fashion Oatmeal
Orange juice
Red meat and pasta, in moderation and small portions
Based on the meal plan and tips it appears that the "backwards diet" is basically the South Beach diet (high protein, low carb) eaten backwards. While Cunningham is to be commended for her weight loss, the health reporters covering her story failed to note the similarity of Cunningham's regimen to other popular diets. Plenty of people have had success with South Beach (including former junk-foodaholic President Bill Clinton) - to which you can now add Trisca Cunningham, From the information available it's almost certain that the food content of her diet was responsible for her weight loss, not the time that food was eaten.


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Comments (55)

I don't see how you can cal... (Below threshold)

I don't see how you can call it similar to a South Beach diet when it includes berries, shredded wheat and oatmeal.

And a size 22 at 292 pounds? Most women would be pretty close to a 28 at that weight.

And I seriously doubt that she is a size 1 at 125.

Unless, in both cases, if she is about 6'2".

Really. I wondered about th... (Below threshold)

Really. I wondered about that size 1 thing. Please.

It's so stupid. She just started eating well. Do it backwards or forwards, if you leave out the doritos and donuts....guess what? You lose weight!

Does this mean I should eat... (Below threshold)

Does this mean I should eat pizza and hot dogs for dinner instead of breakfast?

Actually part of it does ma... (Below threshold)

Actually part of it does make sense. Mainly instead of eating your big meal at night. Eat it in the monring and eat light at night.

Actually, we DO sabetoge ou... (Below threshold)

Actually, we DO sabetoge ourselves by eatting the heaviest at night when we are apt to then plop on the couch and not expend all those calories we wolfed down.

Fueling ourselves first thing in the morning gives us the energy to be more active.

For dinner -- you guesse... (Below threshold)

For dinner -- you guessed it -- she eats breakfast. Usually she eats oatmeal with shredded wheat in orange juice, not milk.

There's one diet I'm not going to try. Orange juice on oatmeal? Ew.

Almost any and every nutrit... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Almost any and every nutritionist will tell you to not skip breakfast, which is one of the big mistakes most people make. Her move to eating a large meal at breakfast time was probably a good thing. Having her lighter meal before bedtime was also probably healthy.

But generally cutting out or at least way back refined sugars from any diet is one of the smartest moves people can make as well.

I've been 20 lbs overweight... (Below threshold)

I've been 20 lbs overweight for about 5 years. It has a lot to do with my age and other factors I won't bore you with. I hate diets. They make me miserable. I'll just stay 20 lbs over and be happy.

My wife was a size 1 in col... (Below threshold)

My wife was a size 1 in college at 5'3" and 100 lbs. Since the baby, she's a size 4-6 at about 120lbs (she's the same height). Journalism at it's best, full of errors but I don't expect much different by now.

Florida, eat what you want,... (Below threshold)

Florida, eat what you want, just walk everyday. You will lose weight and feel better too.

If she's a size 1 (125 lbs... (Below threshold)

If she's a size 1 (125 lbs), I must be a 00 size at 115 lbs. Who is she kidding? Unless she is extremely tall there is no way that she would be a size 1. More like she is an 8/10 size.

There is no way this story ... (Below threshold)

There is no way this story is true. It totally goes against everything that is just beginning to make sense to me. That carbohydrates add weight. I believe that you should try to eat carbohydrates EARLY in the day - the earlier the better. I really cannot see eating oatmeal and drinking orange juice as my last meal of the day. But hey, anything will work if you stick to it. I am not impressed with this chick.

I think everyone is missing... (Below threshold)

I think everyone is missing the point. The way I read it, when she reverses the meals she simply has less of an appetite for what she is eating, and therefore loses weight. If I had to eat mashed potatoes at 6am and scrambled eggs at 6pm, I'm pretty sure I'd lose weight too.

Pretty common sense really,... (Below threshold)

Pretty common sense really, that eating more in the morning and less at night will help you lose weight. The food you eat in the morning will be used during the day. The food you eat later in the day will perhaps not be used while you are still awake, thus it will be stored as fat while you are sleeping or due to most people not doing a whole lot in the evening.

But it is pretty evident that the types of food she limited herself is a typical high-protein/low-carb diet.

I knew someone in universit... (Below threshold)

I knew someone in university who was doing this 20 years ago.

She would eat pasta for breakfast, cereal for supper. I couldn't face a hot meal that early in the day though I am sure shift workers have to do it all the time.

Thing is, this woman didn't appear overweight to me but she was an obsessive compulsive type.

However, in Holland, even still, you always have a light breakfast, big lunch and small supper - now that was in the days when you worked on the farm 12 hours a day so a big lunch makes sense, you need the energy to keep going another 6 or 7 hours but for most of us sedentary 21st century types, I think the breaking up your food intake into 5 - 6 small meals makes more sense......as in including snacks as meals and the theory that you should eat every 3 hours to keep your body and metabolism fuelled.....

Why not skip the shredded w... (Below threshold)

Why not skip the shredded wheat and eat a wicker chair, same texture, same flavor, stays crispy longer in milk. When you finish since you have no place left to sit down you have to walk around, it's the South Beach Furniture Diet.

My niece is 5'3 and weighs ... (Below threshold)
mandi's aunt:

My niece is 5'3 and weighs 127 lbs and she wears a size 1...and they are a bit baggy on her around the waistline... so it is very possible for this size and weight to be true

mandi's aunt...have you che... (Below threshold)
bella's mom:

mandi's aunt...have you checked the tags on her pants? I bet if you take a look, they aren't size 1. And if they are, all her weight must be in her breasts?

Teri, You are wrong about b... (Below threshold)

Teri, You are wrong about being size 28 at 292. I am 287 and wear 22/24.

It is completely possible t... (Below threshold)

It is completely possible to be 125 and a size one. Muscle mass weighs a lot more than fat, and so someone with a lot of muscle can be fairly lean and thin but still weigh more than someone who looks bigger bc that person has more fat, which weighs less.

Since when are womens sizes... (Below threshold)

Since when are womens sizes standard? Mens are easy - shirts either come in s, m, l, xl, xxl,xxxl. Pants have inseam and waist in inches. Womens theres a size number thats different for almost every maker and add to that even different countries. After spending 4 hours trying to find one pair of jeans for my daughter and not finding anything uniform on sizes - I have never and will never buy another female clothing item.

It is a common misconceptio... (Below threshold)

It is a common misconception that the body doesn't burn calories at night, but it does. The body continues burning calories even while you are asleep it doesn't just stop and then turn back on in the morning.

Tricia is truly a genius!</... (Below threshold)

Tricia is truly a genius!

I've always known that a heavy meal at night will eventually do more harm than good if i'm just lazy, sitting on the couch & watching Yao MIng's Rockets on TNT/ESPN. Since finding out about Tricia's success, i'm now more convinced that the "reverse diet" theory may indeed make sense.

Tips: Eat chinese food in early morning.
Eat cereal & orange juice at night.

[email protected] chair diet com... (Below threshold)

[email protected] chair diet comment! Very nice! :D

I've no idea about sizes but what reeked of BS to me was she lost gads of weight in a short amount of time and then placed 2nd in bikini contest? Loose skin? Stretch marks? Unless of course it merely wasn't mentioned she had some type of cosmetic/body modification surgery post-weight loss, I don't see how she could rate in any bikini contest.

Me: was 289 in 03/2002 am currently 160. Goal 137-143. I know all about loose skin and stretch marks. :( My consolation is at least now I look alright with well-fitting clothes on! ;) :D

Haven't followed any diet to the T but have leaned towards higher protein, low to moderate glycemic index carbs and lower fat. I pay attention to Vitamin and overall nutritional content, too. Oh and high fiber + water, water, water = good. :)
I also typically eat only half a recommended portion then wait a couple hours before eating the rest so I end up eating closer to 7 or 8 meals/snacks per day. My weight loss has been slow - on average about 4 pounds/month. :) There've been a few setbacks and a few plateaus, but generally I'm making pretty steady progress. :)

To everyone who is happy as they are - more power to you! To those who are trying to lose/gain - good luck! To those who are already making progress - continued success!
Life is good. Enjoy it! :)

~FM :)

Nicki is correct.It ... (Below threshold)

Nicki is correct.
It is possible for her to be a size 1 at 125.
Muscle people.....I saw her before and after.
Muscle weighs more than fat. If she's lean...then it is possible.
My mom weighs 195 and she's a size 10/12. When my sister in law is a size 24 and weighs 210. Now...who has more fat than muscle?
Every "Body" is different.

"And a size 22 at 292 pound... (Below threshold)
C K:

"And a size 22 at 292 pounds? Most women would be pretty close to a 28 at that weight."

It is possible to be a size 22 at 292 - it depends on how you carry your weight. I wear a 16/18 and weigh 265. I was a size 22 at my highest weight of 280. At my lowest, adult weight of 155 lbs I wore a size 9...and no, I'm not extremely tall - 5 ft 7 1/2 inches. Some people weigh more than they look - most people would never guess me at 265. I also have a daughter who is 5 ft 4, weighs 135-140 lbs and is a juniors size 5 (pants). She wears a women's medium top but only because she is quite chesty.

About this diet basically b... (Below threshold)

About this diet basically being the SB diet; I really don't see how people can link the two. Yes, there are some similarities, but, the addiction of milk, sour cream, shredded wheat and oatmeal certainly are not part of it.

I watched this story today ... (Below threshold)

I watched this story today 5/18/05 on Good Morning America. The story is true, she did loose 172 lbs in 9 months.

I've followed the Reverse D... (Below threshold)

I've followed the Reverse Diet for 8 days now and have lost 7 lbs. Plus I'm breastfeeding (3 mos old) and no drop in milk supply! This is great! It's been easy for me and I can't diet. Stuff yourself silly at breakfast (fish in OJ, garlic & ginger; 2 c froz veggies, olive oil, parm chs, 2 eggs; and shred wheats, dry oatmeal, cinnamon in OJ or milk), fruit snack, moderate lunch (like chix, med potato w/ her olive oil/garlic/parm chs dressing), and med. salad w/ her dressing), snack on her oatmeal mixture again, and a light dinner of salad with a protein (tuna, cottage chs, etc). And IF I'm still hungry I'll snack on plain yogurt with fruit, or a fruit, a small amount of nuts (no-salt peanuts or almonds) or water. Usually, I'm a little hungry in the evening (but not ravenous) but I ignore it (or small snack) because I'm getting great results and I"m just tired of being overweight. (I also motivate myself with rewards with each 5 lbs lost). Getting stuffed in the morning usually carries me through most of the day.

Good luck to anyone wanting to try this diet. It has my endorsement. I see myself easily sticking to it. It's basically the reverse thing but also lean protein, fruits, veggies, good carbs, no processed foods, no salt. (I don't usually drink coffee or pop so that was easy for me).

No, it's not the south beac... (Below threshold)

No, it's not the south beach diet because she states that she has baked potatoes with chicken and broccoli, and that dreaded egg/green bean mixture.

I don't think it's a stupid diet. Yes, our bodies continue to burn energy while we sleep . . .but our basal metabolic rates drop during sleep. lets face it, the only activity we do during sleep is REM. during the daytime, hey, that's when the energy we burn really counts.

If you're not up to the 3 square meals a day plan (dinner, lunch, b-fast) then do your 7-8 meals a day, and just stop eating at like 5pm or 6pm, and have nothing but water/low-cal liquids until bedtime. that's basically the same concept of dieting. believe me, if you stop eating that early at night (5pm is about 6 hours prior to my bedtime) you will find yourself quite ravenous in the AM.

Just to point out...at 154 ... (Below threshold)

Just to point out...at 154 lbs, I'm a size 10. So saying that someone who weighs 125 is a size 8/10 is very innacurate. Just a thought.

Thank you for your recent r... (Below threshold)

Thank you for your recent response to my plan. I am so excited to finally get this out to everyone so they may feel as good as I do. I have received thousands of emails and phone calls. I would love to respond to everyone in person, however, as you may know that would be extremely hard for one person. I have read all of your comments and I would like to make a few points clear:I am 5'8" tall and I weigh between 120 & 125 at any given time and yes I do wear a size 1 and on off weeks a three. I have maintained my weightloss for over 5 years. I may have needed a size bigger then a 22 at my heaviest, however, I refused to except that. I was always a yo yo in the weight department. You may have seen my most recent news piece on my secret ingredient-Tofu. It helped with the loose skin. I do have stretch marks, having two children weighing 9.5 and 9.12 at birth. I still think I did an awesome job in taking the weight off, keeping it off, and continuing to be healthy. I feel great and you will too. I was recently featured on GMA and Have national backing from world known Doctors and Nutritionists as to why this works. I want to include that I did not excersise, however, I should have. I have started to walk and will be toning for a healthier me.

I do want you to know that my book, Your Body is Talking, Are You Listening?, will hit the shelves soon. It will include a little information about me and my own life long struggle with a weight problem. You will also find all of my tips, recipes, and answers to all of the questions I have received. My web site is in the works as we speak.

I wish you all the luck in the world. Give yourself a big hug from me and remember, “If I can do it, anybody can do it!”

Have a splendid day,

Tricia Cunningham

The Reverse Diet Solution™

Copyright©2005 by Tricia Cunningham. All rights reserved

I guess a size one is possi... (Below threshold)

I guess a size one is possible. Not all hips, regardless of weight, are created equal. I weigh only slightly more than I did before having children, but the distribution is different. Couple that with the fact that 'any woman knows' all size 1's (or all size anythings) aren't the same. I wear a 4 in some brands and up to 8's in others. Ridiculous. But if I had to tell people, well yeah...I'm saying mine is the smallest size I can lay down to put on....

Thank you for your kind wor... (Below threshold)

Thank you for your kind words. I have a ton going on, book, magazines, TV, radio, you name it. You may visit my website: www.reversedietsolution.com and go to a wonderful forum I started at http://groups.yahoo.group/reversedietsolution please visit and join the group. All of your questions will be answered there. I have tips, menus, and recipes on the forum. It is a great support team. Good luck to you and enjoy.

Best wishes,
Tricia Cunningham

Join us to discuss the pros... (Below threshold)
Lasting Effect:

Join us to discuss the pros and cons of fad diets. This is just another Fad Diet!


The correct address for the... (Below threshold)

The correct address for the group is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/reversedietsolution

Tricia Cunningham

Hello Everyone,We ... (Below threshold)
Lasting Effect:

Hello Everyone,

We have people in our group that this diet failed for them. Many of them will be happy to share their experience on the diet with you.

If you are interested in losing weight, learn from others. Great bunch of people with lively spirits!

Lasting Effect

Oops Forgot to find us at y... (Below threshold)

Oops Forgot to find us at yahoo. Just look for

You know what.... anyone on... (Below threshold)

You know what.... anyone on any diet can fail. I've been on tons of them. It's amazing to me how everyone has an opinion about everything, even when they aren't informed and don't really know what they're talking about, they still have their own opinions, however stupid they may sound. Guy and Gals, this is a diet, one of millions that are out there. It worked for one person, who is to say it can't work for others. We are all different. If you don't like it, fine, then don't do it! But, if it works for you, then best of luck to you! Why do so many feel the need to spew their negativity all over the place? The woman that created this diet is 5 foot 8 inches tall, how do any of you know she doesn't wear a size 1? I'm only 5 foot 2 inches tall and right at 200 pounds. I'm right at a size 22 and I weigh less than she did at her heaviest, but she's a bigger woman (in height) than I am and I'm shorter, but we're also built differently. I have big hips and I'm bigger around the middle. I also have a big chest, so I wear a different size of clothing than she did. When I weighed 156 pounds I was in a size 10, but I had been working out and I was leaner. Muscle weighs more than fat - all women are built different. So, for the love of everything holy, just shup up and stop spouting off about stuff you all know nothing about and read and learn. God gave us two ears and only one mouth - and when you're typing, your still speaking, so calm down those fingers and read more - hear what you're reading and why not ask questions rather than running off at the keyboard :0).

Sorry Kim, but we were info... (Below threshold)

Sorry Kim, but we were informed, I did the diet as well, it is a fad diet. And before anyone can mouth off about any diet, they need to have tried it. Right? This diet failed me as well. How many diets did you say you tried? For me, this was the first, I done it for 2 months, trust me, noone ate the way she says to eat lost 172 lbs in 9 months without exercising. And do you really believe that Tofu will tighten loose skin? That is another one of this womans statements. So perhaps you should go on this reverse diet, then give us your comments.


I did this Backwards Revers... (Below threshold)
Lasting Effect:

I did this Backwards Reverse Diet. It is a fad diet. Kim, I have opinion just as you do. I am entitled to let others know the diet failed me. I found a group of people who are wanting to lose weight and discuss the pros and cons of diets. Many at the site had the same results I did, not one member at the site will tell you the diet worked for them. Come join us if you want to lose weight without dieting on a "Fad" program.

yahoo groups ReverseFadDiets!

Thanks but no... I've done ... (Below threshold)

Thanks but no... I've done many diets, and as I said earlier, any diet can fail you - it depends on your body type, if you follow it correctly, if the diet is right for you, and many other factors come into play. And, just because I'm overweight now, doesn't mean that all of the diets I've been on were a failure.

I am doing this diet - see, there you go spouting off about something you don't know about... yes, we all have opinions, but instead of always being so negative, as many people are, you can voice your opinion by saying it was a good choice for you, others may have success with it. Sheesh.

BTW, have you done research on plant protiens and the benefits it has on the body. Uh, yeah, it can help w/the tightening of your skin. Read up Al, be better informed. While you were on the diet did you speak with Tricia? Did you ask her questions? Are you sitting here today telling me that you didn't lose ANY weight at all and you followed this diet to a T? Well, if you honestly didn't cheat, then perhaps this isn't the diet for you. However, there are plenty of people on the RDS group forum that have lost plenty of weight. One has lost 27 pounds in a month, another has lost 20 pounds and 17 pounds in a month and there are others.... too numerous to go into at this point. I'll let you all know how much I lose. I'll be back.

It is a Fad Diet! Far from ... (Below threshold)

It is a Fad Diet! Far from a National movement. One woman making many claims and no physical proof but old photos before having a baby. This same woman claims to have lost 40lbs in 40 days, the only people I know that have done this are those on the TV Show Survivor. I believe they did it by starvation, maybe she did the same thing simple starvation. 40+ people can't be all wrong, now can they?

Best wishes are headed your... (Below threshold)

Best wishes are headed your way Kim!!
I read on a group that she said her diet is not set in stone, so how does one follow it to a T? I think you need more help here than a diet, for your post appear so hostile.

It's simple, if you have be... (Below threshold)

It's simple, if you have been on the reverse diet plan, after a few months you will tire of the same mondain food selection. Dieting is suppose to be a means of keeping one's interest.
Not only is this woman is a fraud, she acts as an imposter and liar............here she joined our group, revversefaddiets.
And I saved her lies as an imposter!! You want to follow such a deceitful woman such as this....go ahead.

This a copy and paste format, no editing, so the grammar errors will remain.

My name is Angela and a friend of mine suggested that I come to this
group, he's a lawyer and a very good friend of Ms. Cunningham's. I have
to say I am a little taken back by some of the comments, almost scared.
I think this woman is amazing to come forward with her story. I live in
Pittsburgh, Pa. she has been on the news several times around here. She
really has done alot of great things for people in the area. I have
been on her plan that I got from her for three weeks now and have lost
12 pounds. I never used to eat breakfast, only one meal a day. I
babysit my grandkids and I was always on the go. Any help with getting
over chocolate cravings?

1. I only stated that you have to be committed and nothing in life is
easy, you have to work for it, be committed, and want the best for
your self, as TC said, "Nobody wakes up in the morning, looks in the
mirror, and says, I want to gain 150 pounds and I am going to start

2. I have been in this site from the begining and I have lost wieght, I
along with so many others, have lost weight, I followed the plan and I
am quit happy with the results

3. Now you are messing with my mind. I was here under anothe rID and I
read her post, saw her posts and plese do not insult my intelligence.
Tricia Cunningham was here

4. My husband snd I both called her tonight and she is very receptive
and professional. I have been reading these post and I think, as a
mother and grandmother

5. It is here in Pittsburgh, Pa. are you near us? i would love to go
with someone else for support. Tricia Cunningham's friend has lost
alot of weight and loves the support she gives. Where is she?????????
(This was the post Elaine responded to, you deceived her as well)


6. Hello Al, I am new here too, my name is Angela. I have been onthe
plan and losing alot. Were you doing it correctly. My husband lost 25
pounds in one month. We are from pittsburgh. Tricia has a support
group locally if you need extra help

7. I am so glad Tricia's diet isn't a fad. Pitsburgh's been doing this
for years. We have a great community here and she has two groups that
she talks too weekly. I just found out when her next meeting is and I
ca not wait to meet her. I am really loving all the food and the
weight loss.


8. I emailed and was told that if I could not do it with the water to heat
up the whole lemon for 16 seconds and it would activate the diuretic

9. Wow, I thought I was the only one who had alot of weight to lose. I
have been on the diet and lost weight but I don't use salt. I never saw
anything where it was allowed. I thought it was not ok.


10. Those items are not on the diet that I have. My uncle is a doctor

11. actually, Angela is my aunt, she was posting (Please refer to the very top, her introduction, yet another attempt of deceit)

I would go on, if this does not wise you up, you have my sympathies, I only hope you do not hurt anyone with more deceict.

This depicts a woman who craves attention and praise

Hello everyone. The new web... (Below threshold)

Hello everyone. The new website is up as well as the new forum. 6 years later and still at 125 lbs!

I have an excellent and professional staff working together to launch our Triple H program for kids- Happy-Healthy- Habits! It will include a national program for the entire family to be involved. It is The Reverse Diet for Kids.

The new site offers a page to sign up for a special alert for the release date of the book. My co-author, Heidi Skolnik, is the nutritionist who appeared on Good Morning America with me. She is a contributing editor and Weightloss Coach for Men's Health Magazine, the nutritionist for the New York Giants, and has many other sport related clients. The Reverse Diet Solution Book will be filled with the complete plan- all three phases, recipes, menus, tips, motivation, and everything you will need to be successful in obtaining your goals.

First Magazine for Women will feature the plan and a few women who are having great success on the plan-due out in the November issue set to hit the stands in late October. Woman's World Magazine has done a front page feature on the plan as well, along with others who are enjoying their sucess. That issue will be released for Christmas. Prevention Magazine will release the plan and success stories in their March issue. Congrats to all of you who are enjoying the benefits of The Reverse Diet. The book will be a huge tool in your total success. Enjoy.

Tricia Cunningham

P.O. Box 1780
Myrtle Beach, SC. 29578
[email protected]

I have been on this diet fo... (Below threshold)

I have been on this diet for 5 days, and I have lost 5 lbs. I find it easy to stay on because it isn't a crazy diet. I am not even strict and it is working for me. I eat full-fat salad dressings and such. It does make sense because it involves sensible foods, but it also makes sense because you do have time throughout the day to burn the calories that you ingest. I have not even been hungry! For dinner I have been eating Great Grains cereal with 1% milk, and sometimes I am not hungry for it. I am a horrible dieter with yoyoing weight. I have had 3 children, and i have a thyroid problem. This is the first time I have seen the scales move in a while. I am 5'7, 155 lbs and wear size 10. I wear a size 6 at 130 lbs. I think this diet will get me there.

some idiot last year wrote ... (Below threshold)

some idiot last year wrote that you cant be 292 pounds and a size 22, you would be around a size 28. well i am about 290 and i wear a size 22!! i was a size 24 when i was 308lbs. i have been trying the diet and have been losing weight. so if you can stick to it, it can really work for you. i have had so much trouble wiith diets that i am so happy i found one that works for me. it may not work for every one so dont knock it if u havent tried it. congratulations tricia, keep it up!

Trisha with your cutting an... (Below threshold)

Trisha with your cutting and pasting---get a life. I have seen you on at least 3 forums posting that same mesage. Do you have anything better to do with your time than spew your negativity around the place? First, you have no proof that the poster was really Tricia Cunningham. Second, even if it was---get over it. If you came across a group devoted to bashing you, don't you think you would have something to say? I mean, even you are posting here and this forum was positive before you arrived. Why make it your life's mission to make people believe "this diet a fad". So it didn't work for you--or you didn't work for it (has to be one of them). Move on. Generally, people listen to more level-headed, less dramatic people.

The Dictionary's definition... (Below threshold)

The Dictionary's definition of the word FAD is:
"short lived fashion or whim"........

so in that case - it's not any diet that's the FAD; rather the person who can't maintain the fashion or the whim....

Common sense is about paying attention to YOURSELF. If in doubt, check with your Doctor.

Happy New Year!!

I posted a comment yesterda... (Below threshold)

I posted a comment yesterday Jan 03, 2007- but I see that it didn't warrant being placed on the site - let's see if this comment gets posted.

FAD: a short-lived fashion or whim.

So I interpret a "fad" as being the responsibility of the user; whether they make a fad or not.

ie: short-lived or not.

Any heavy person who has success in losing weight...Congratulations & more power to you!!


Just my 2 cents but I did t... (Below threshold)

Just my 2 cents but I did the diet last year and lost 18 pounds within 3 weeks. I wanted to try something before embarking on a vacation. The plan is pretty easy...any veggies you want, limit fats, only complex carbs, plenty of water, limit simple sugars, and lean proteins. It's not rocket science but it does take time just like gaining weight does. I think it's similar to any other plan that you get out what you put in. If your mind isn't wrapped around being in a new body then any diet will fail because it's not a permanent change. I think combining this plan with some walking and resistance is fairly easy. It's creating a new change in your lifestyle and habits that's hard. No "plan" will do that for you.

She's 5'8" and 125 which ca... (Below threshold)

She's 5'8" and 125 which can totally put her at a size 1. I'm 5'10" and before my weight loss, I was at 160 which put me at a 6. Now I'm 130 and wear a size 0. At the end, it just depends on your balance of fat, muscle, and bone density so it's totally possible.

Hello all,Just wante... (Below threshold)

Hello all,
Just wanted to give you a heads up and let you know that the book has been released!


The Reverse Diet

Reversing 4 Life,

Tricia Cunningham

How come we've never seen B... (Below threshold)

How come we've never seen BEFORE photos of Tricia? Hmmmmm?






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