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Dole's still got it

Last night, I got a chance to hear former Senator Bob Dole being interviewed to plug his new book. It was a refreshing reminder that Dole has a wicked sense of humor, which was tragically suppressed during his run for President in 1996.

I've often wanted an excuse to steal Dole's line after he lost the 1976 election as Gerald Ford's vice-presidential candidate. When asked how he handled the night after the election, he said "I slept like a baby. Every two hours I woke up and cried."

Anyway, Dole used the opportunity to trot out a couple of stock lines he's prepared to discuss his book. When he's asked why his book is so much shorter than Bill Clinton's, despite being so much older, he says "I didn't have as much to explain." And when he's asked to compare his book to Hillary Clinton's, he replies "you can't compare them. Mine's non-fiction."

Bob Dole, for all his other flaws, is a genuine American hero and genuinely funny man. I regret not voting for him in 1996.

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I remember when he showed u... (Below threshold)

I remember when he showed up on SNL after he lost in 1996 and thought to myself, "Where was THIS guy during the election, I'd have voted for him."

I remember him on David Let... (Below threshold)

I remember him on David Letterman shortly after the inauguration. Dave thanked him for doing the show and he replied, "Well, originally I had other plans but they got cancelled a couple of months back and really opened up my calendar."

Bob Dole, for all his ot... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Bob Dole, for all his other flaws, is a genuine American hero.....

The only "flaw" I'm aware of is his agreement to advertise Viagra, and even that may be in keeping with his wry sense of humor.

The man suffered grievous injuries during WWII. His recovery and subsequent service to our country stands in marked contrast to most of the Kennedys and both of the Clintons. I can only guess as to what kind of a president he would have been, but he never would have shamed our country.

Well, Dole as a candidate h... (Below threshold)

Well, Dole as a candidate had other flaws - he wasn't the most consistent guy in the world as far as political principles (as is the case with most Senate leaders). He wasn't much on "the vision thing."

Those are strictly political vices though, not reflections on the man's character.

Why is advertising Viagra a... (Below threshold)
Master of None:

Why is advertising Viagra a flaw?

Dole would have made a much... (Below threshold)

Dole would have made a much better president than Clinton, I realize that's not saying much but at least I wouldn't have been embarrrassed for my country every time I was asked what the hell was going on every time I was in a foreign country. The press led everyone to believe that Clinton had massive approval overseas, during most of Clinton's two terms the only signs of approval I saw overseas were the people having a laugh at our expense. Unlike the obsolete media I don't want a president that stinking French leftists approve of, I want one they loathe.

I forget which show it was,... (Below threshold)

I forget which show it was, might have been the Letterman appearance Faith+1 mentions, but the host asked Dole, "So Bob, what've you been doing lately?"

Dole replied, "Not enough, apparently."

I believe that the reason w... (Below threshold)

I believe that the reason we didn't see Mr. Dole's wicked sense of humor in 1996 was because the MSM, in full court "let's get Clinton re-elected" mode, chose to protray him instead as an ill-humored grouch. Which is totally opposite from the way he really is.

However, having said that, I think the main reason Dole lost was because his entire rationale for running seemed to be "it's my turn now." Which obviously isn't good enough. Plus, he had a reputation for being a "deal maker" in the Senate, which in his case meant giving all sorts of concessions to the Democrats and getting little or nothing in return. I kept asking my GOP friends to tell me just what belief or policy Dole had that he would never under any circumstances give up or deal away, and I never did get an answer. So I said the hell with it and went third party that year. Not Perot, but rather the Constitution Party.

Dole is a fine American and would have made a good president. As an earlier poster pointed out, he suffered a bad war injury which robbed him of the use of his left arm. And he never talked about it, either, nor the rest of his military service, unlike that classless braggart John f'n Kerry who could never shut up about his.

His strengths were also his... (Below threshold)

His strengths were also his weaknesses.
He got the nomination based on decades in the Senate. His decades in the senate undermined his campaign.

1992 a good man without charisma lost to a lout with lots of charisma

1996 same thing happened.

Only 10% of voters are actually knowledgable about the candidates and issues.

Jay, I should hope you reg... (Below threshold)

Jay, I should hope you regret your vote.

Glad to know that some of you base your voting on how funny someone is. If that is the way it is let's put up Dennis Miller against Hillary. He will win in a landslide!!!

RWS,I dunno... can w... (Below threshold)

I dunno... can we get Dennis to keep himself to small words, so the mob over at DU can understand him?
Maybe Jeff Foxworthy can run as veep...

At least I don't have to re... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

At least I don't have to regret not voting for him. He wasn't my favorite candidate in 1996, but her at least was better than Clinton.

I met Bob Dole when I lived... (Below threshold)

I met Bob Dole when I lived in Russell, KS in 1960/1962. My business was across the street from his dad's granary and we'd walk down to Dawson Drug for coffee before Kiwanis. He was a state senator with emence political grasp and a droll sense of humor -- a real man.
He was on "Fresh Air" with Terry Gross and deftly put her in her place. Listen at http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=4587202






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