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Don't mess with small town cops -- the update

A little while ago, I brought up a New Hampshire police chief who had a novel approach to dealing with illegal aliens: he arrested one under the "criminal trespass" statute.

Yesterday, Jorge Mora Ramirez, 21, of Mexico, pleaded guilty. He was fined $120 for driving without a license. A further fine of $1,000 for the criminal trespass charge was suspended -- presuming he reports for deportation by Friday.

It's not much, but it's a start. And I, for one, am glad to see local law enforcement stepping up when federal authorities are falling down on the job.

In fact, the only people I can see who are upset about this are -- surprise, surprise -- the New Hampshire chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union.

Here's hoping that the word spreads: if you're in the country illegally, stay the hell away from New Ipswich, New Hampshire. And with luck, that will spread beyond New Ipswich.


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Comments (8)

It shouldn't have to spread... (Below threshold)

It shouldn't have to spread beyond New Ipswich considering that anyone in the country illegally is a criminal and is breaking the law!!!

It's really that simple. They are not supposed to be here, they are breaking the law by being here, so arrest them and send them back where they belong. Pretty much an open and shut case, no complaints necessary.

Thank God for the Minutemen... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

Thank God for the Minutemen and thank God for Arnold! There are still some conservatives in the GOP.
Little did I know when I voted for Bush in 04 that he was a closet liberal? I thought he wanted to win the War on Terror. Not join up with the ACLU (vigilantes indeed) and surrender to Al Queda.

This story underscores the ... (Below threshold)

This story underscores the whole futility of this mess. Ramirez has a SUV, a "home" in Walton and a job here.....all revealing how entrenched his life had been until, only by happenstance, his car got disabled. And then to add more irony, he had a "Mexican friend" - most likely another illegal - come to court for comfort and support.

My guess is that he won't show up for his deportation. He's packing up his SUV as I type. He and his friend will hit the road finding another American city to nest in. No mention if his car was impounded. I wonder if anyone at court thought to check his friend's legal status.

As much as I admire Bush, he has dropped the ball on this problem.

He and his friend will h... (Below threshold)

He and his friend will hit the road finding another American city to nest in.

Forget where I read it, but Canada is really rolling out the red carpet for illegals from Mexico and points south. Judging from the quotes I read, the U.S. has a much less welcoming image.

Guess we're making headway after all. And if Ramirez has a passport he'll be allowed into Canada to do the jobs Canadians really don't want to be bothered with doing.

Go north, señores, and don't stop 'til you see the Maple Leaf flag.

Another thought: <... (Below threshold)

Another thought:

Immigration law is a federal matter that doesn’t come under the jurisdiction of local police departments.

And why not? That's the fatal flaw in this travesty.

Penny.Fatal flaw? ... (Below threshold)


Fatal flaw? Do you really want 50 states each setting their own immigration policy?

We've been hearing a lot of rhetoric lately about "activist judges" making law from the bench. This sounds to me like an "activist cop" coming up with novel interpretations of the law.

RanceIf you observ... (Below threshold)


If you observe a crime in process, do you act or do you say "oh well, not my jurisdiction" and walk away?

A federal crime observed is certainly within the perview of law enforcement. They arrest then transfer the defendant to the proper jurisdiction. The reason why many local PD's pass on immigration matters (remember kidnapping across state lines is a fed matter, but you don't see local cops refusing to handle THAT matter) is that many PD's have orders NOT to even inquire about immigration status... ie the infamous Special Order 40 out of Los Angeles.

Rance, it's not "50 states ... (Below threshold)

Rance, it's not "50 states each setting their own immigration policy." It's 50 states enforcing the FEDERAL immigration policy that the FEDERAL government refuses to enforce. They're not setting their own policies, they're just using the tools they have to enforce the existing ones.

The Chief is a very, very clever man. The letter of the law he used describes someone being somewhere they do not have the right or permission to be. He simply interpreted it to mean that an illegal alien is criminally trespassing wherever they are in the United States, and since the violation was in his jurisdiction, he enforced the law on the books.

If you don't like the existing immigration laws and policies, Rance, feel free to try to change them. Just stop your whining when actual laws on the books are ENFORCED.







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