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O'Brien And Idol Exposés On Tap Tonight

Just in time for ratings sweeps, it's a night of tell-all tabloid news specials sure to titillate.

First, fresh out of rehab Pat O'Brien sits down for a prime-time mea culpa with Dr. Phil. Speaking of the voicemail messages which made the rounds in the internet prior to his rehab sting, such as: "I want to f***kin' go crazy with you. I want to talk dirty to you...get another woman up...Let's get crazy, get some coke."

O'Brien says that is not him - it's the booze talking, but he admits it is his voice on the recordings. Clearly the booze has a way with words.

Later Dr. Phil asks, "What was going through your mind that said this is OK, I'm going to do this not once, not twice, but 7 or 8 times?" Of course the answer is that the thought of booze, drugs, and menage a trois' were what what was going through his mind, though he instead gives some mumbo-jumbo 12-step inspired answer.

Even though he's only days removed from rehab, O'Brien is slipstreaming right back into the celebrity lifestyle, though presumably doing so now without the monkey of a 40-year alcohol habit on his back. According to Defamer, O'Brien managed to make to the Coachella Music Festival. A Defamer reader reports,

"Pat O'Brien was at Coachella, seemingly a day out of rehab. He came over and talked to me and my friends about how 'fucking pissed' he was that he missed the Stereophonics. He even posed for a pic with me."
Over on ABC, the other tabloid special features former American Idol contestant Corey Clark alleging that he had an affair with Idol judge Paula Abdul. Here's how Clark says it got started"
Clark alleges his first private phone call with Abdul came after an associate of hers slipped Clark a piece of paper with her number.

"So she was like, 'You got to have better song choices, and I want to help you do that. I want to look out after you like, like, I'm your mom,'" Clark told "PrimeTime Live," according to an excerpt released by ABC News.

"And then she was like, "Well, more like your sister." And I was like, 'OK, cool, cool' ... And then she was like, "Well, maybe more like your special friend,'" Clark told the news show.

As Pat O'Brien would say, "That's so f***in' hot!"


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Comments (5)

I don't see anything wrong ... (Below threshold)

I don't see anything wrong with what Paula did. THey were both single. The people vote on the American Idol, right? so she really couldn't affect that.

His telling about it should earn him a few centuries in hell though.

O'Brien just seems like a freaky scuzzbag to me.

And then there's <a href="h... (Below threshold)

And then there's this, courtesy of Allah and the Ace of Spades!

IMO, Pat O'brien is just ... (Below threshold)
mark m:

IMO, Pat O'brien is just a plain creep, drunk or sober.

On the other hand....I can't sing a lick but i'd consider a position (or two) as Paula's special friend.

Sparkle, her help would be ... (Below threshold)

Sparkle, her help would be sort of like the judge recommending trial strategy to a lawyer during a jury trial --- the jury makes the decisions on fact and law, the judge on procedural matters.

Personally, Paula Abdul has... (Below threshold)
Kelly Otatum:

Personally, Paula Abdul has become gross. She use to be so pretty and now she seems just as zoned out as Marylin Monroe was when she sand "Happy Birthday" to the president. I disagree that it's ok for her and Corey to fool around. Yes I admit he's a hottie, but a broke one at that. Which proves if she did do it, she'll screw anything with looks and that she is obviously depserate to screw contestants. She is trying to clear her name that she is not on drugs, come one lady Stevie wonder can even see you're fool of crap. Also if Corey wanted to air his laundry like a school boy, he should of done it along time ago, now he just looks like a bum trying to make a buck and now Paula has to suffer from her gross mistakes, if it is true. Man, if this is true, she needs to be booted and put in a rehab. "Paula, grrr you look a hot mess"






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