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Signs of life from the Kerry for President campaign

There's lots of speculation that John Kerry might run for president again in 2008. Kerry himself feeds the speculation every now and then, while remaining noncomittal.

But his campaign is still around, and still spending some of those millions he neglected to spend before last November 2.

This morning's Boston Herald reports that the campaign pulled out the checkbook recently and forked over almost $300 for "travel expenses." More specifically, for unpaid parking tickets owed the city of Boston -- a novel interpretation of "travel expenses," I think.

The Kerry campaign also spent over $3,000 on Red Sox tickets for the game just before last summer's Democratic National Convention, when Kerry girly-threw out the first pitch. But at least that one was before the election.

Personally, I hope Kerry does run again in 2008. Not only will it put a virtual lock on yet another Democratic defeat, it's virtually guaranteed to give me a nearly-bottomless pool of material.

And in the end, all politics are personal.


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Comments (23)

SF-180heh... (Below threshold)



Another (this time, serious? no, really, serious) run by Jean Fraud sKerry would just about bury the dems. Or sKerry, if Teh-Ray-Za gets her back up.

But oh, my, what fun...

Kerry will have to de-frenc... (Below threshold)

Kerry will have to de-frenchify himself first. If he's able to grow enough of a spine to hold up the pair of testicles it'll take to sign that pesky form 180 he might stand a slim chance of getting a little party support. If he doesn't sign it soon and get it out of the way, (liberals have short memories when liberals are involved) he might as well give up now. I say a "little" party support because he didn't turn over the millions in left over campaign money to the DNC when he lost the election, that means he'll have to build on hell of a following before the party lifts a finger to help him. Soros doesn't like him now and Dean never did, so it'll be loads of fun watching him get stomped early on in the primaries. I hope he can cause enough infighting in the party to burn up lots of that liberal campaign donation money. I love to see liberals throwing their own money away nearly as much as I hate seeing them throw mine away. This next election looks like a good time to see lots of that. I'm looking forward to it.

Can I have a few of those d... (Below threshold)
Mark Flacy:

Can I have a few of those drugs that you are partaking in to speak so loony.

You seem to be doing quite well without any additional input.

People like Joser with thei... (Below threshold)

People like Joser with their tin-foil dunce hats are the best players on out team. Keep talking Joser, not only is it mildly entertaining it scares reasonable people away from the democrats nearly as fast as the liberal poilicies bought and paid for by socialists like Soros do.

That's right Joser, the Dem... (Below threshold)

That's right Joser, the Democratic Party doesn't have to do anything different next time --- just make sure to guard all the ballot boxes. Focus only only ballot box security. Just count... all...the...votes....

If the GOP keeps on with tr... (Below threshold)

If the GOP keeps on with trying to eliminate the filibuster, mess with the judiciary, subvert investigations into their bad guys (like DeLay) and allowing the American Taliban wing of their party to run things...Kerry won't have to do very much to win.

Joser,You cute lit... (Below threshold)


You cute little deluded truth twister, you.

Let's talk about voter fraud for just a minute shall we.

Milwaukee -- more votes reported in Democratic precincts than there were Democratic voters.

East St. Loius -- murder for hire plots in voter fraud cases, oh, and E. Stl. is super, duper Democrat.

Washington State -- enough prisoners voted to tip the THIRD vote count to the Dem's side. That election is NOT over and it will be the Dem's dirty work that gets exposed.

Joser, I grew up in Chicago where every dead person was gauranteed the right to vote -- Democratic.

When there is real voter fraud, all you have to do is look around and you are usually standing in a heavily Democratic precint. Look it up, check your facts before spouting off. Or stop drinking the special Kool Ade, you'll live longer.

So, quit crying about Florida, you lost and the voter irregularities were in a heavily Democratic County and you couldn't have had more bias in trying to find Gore more votes.

If Kerry runs again it will be the best thing that could happen to us except for Dean and he going at it again.

Run, Kerry, Run!

Folks,There is no ... (Below threshold)


There is no chance that Senator Kerry will get the Democratic nomination in 2008. None. Zero. Zip. Nada.

The MSM destroyed Governor Dean by digging up every peice of dirt they could get on him and unleashing it all at once. Yes, his primal scream was a disaster, but let's not forget why he was trying to get his troops fired up: he got killed in Iowa, and the MSM made his campaign look as though it was coming apart.

The MSM offered us Kerry as the "electable" alternative. They won't make that mistake again. Kerry is not a good candidate, as a person or as a political leader. The MSM will want Senator Clinton to get the nomination, and they will gloss over all of her ethical problems while they investigate the competition into oblivion.

For example, 94 days ago Kerry promised to release his military records, something he's successfully avoided over the years. The instant that he becomes a threat to Hillary, the MSM will go after his military records with the same zeal that they have investigated President Bush's records.

Forget the Swift Boat Veterans; those guys are amateurs. The professional political assassins are going to take his life apart down to the smallest detail, and what they don't find, they'll make up.

Kerry's all done.

Gore is much more likely th... (Below threshold)
Just John:

Gore is much more likely than Kerry.

Jay Tea,I like the w... (Below threshold)
Zsa Zsa:

Jay Tea,
I like the way you think!

Joser, you're making the sa... (Below threshold)

Joser, you're making the same mistake we made in 1996. We nominated a weak candidate in Bob Dole, figuring that the ABC (Anybody But Clinton) principal would carry us to victory. Bob Dole was a good minority leader, limiting the amount of damage the liberals could do. But President? No. (Interesting that Clinton couldn't get a majority of the popular vote, even against Dole.)

By the way, does "Joser" rhyme with "Loser"?

<a href="http://suzyrice.co... (Below threshold)
carla---YOU GO GIRL!!! ... (Below threshold)

carla---YOU GO GIRL!!!

Just join Joser in the Ballot Box Protection Project, and we'll SEE YOU IN WASHINGTON!!!

You're a lock, no problem!!!

Now, I'm a republitarian, v... (Below threshold)

Now, I'm a republitarian, voted for Bush, and thought he had by far the best plan for the war on terror and homeland security. In addition, he's at the very least a slower-growth statist than Kerry.

But I think us on the right aren't entirely truthful. Had the Democrats fielded a candidate with twice the charisma as Kerry (which still would have only been 1/3 Clinton), they would have taken this election. Bush is a polarizing figure. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, because nothing irks me more than when the Republicans decide to be "bipartisan" and increase the size of government. But that left him very vulnerable, and the Dems picked someone who had no chance to even capitalize on it.

Kerry has absolutely zero chance of getting the '08 nomination. The heir apparent is Hillary, and I gotta be honest here, although she scares the living hell out of me, she's a freaking smart, ambitious woman. We really need to start grooming a couple of people now, getting the media attention and the mindshare required to beat her. Because again, as much as I hate to say it, I don't think it's going to be easy. Let's just hope she gets eaten alive in the primaries (not likely).

Yo, Joser....care to recall... (Below threshold)

Yo, Joser....care to recall the 1960 Presidential Election? Sure you probably approve of voter fraud and manipulation....when it serves democratic benefits. Or care to comment on the situation in Washington state, if you want to focus on current voter fraud that is ongoing? Come on...coward!

Carla, what do the followin... (Below threshold)

Carla, what do the following liberal Democrat Senators all have common: Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Tom Harkin, Joe Lieberman, Barbara Boxer, Frank Lautenberg, Paul Sarbanes, Jeff Bingaman and Russ Feingold? Answer: they all voted to end ALL filibusters, even legislative ones, in the early nineties. Kennedy voted three times in the mid-seventies to reduce the number of votes needed to invoke cloture from two-thirds to three-fifths. And while he was Senate majority leader in the late seventies and again in the late eighties, Robert "The Klansmen" Byrd rammed through four major rules changes, including one to stop a filibuster by elements of his own party.

If Tom Delay did something wrong, legally or ethically, it'll catch up to him.

If the Democrats don't stop messing with the judiciary, then whoever the Republicans nominate won't have to do much to win.

And the only American political party that I know of with a wing as intolerant and closed-minded as the Taliban is the Democratic (George Soros, Howard Dean, Moveon.org, et.al.) Party.

Jay, what category would yo... (Below threshold)

Jay, what category would you file parking tickets under if not "travel expenses"?

And as far as Kerry as nominee in '08, let me just say please God noooooooo! I hereby switch from anyone but Bush to anyone but Kerry.

Worst candidate ever.

Jay, what category would... (Below threshold)

Jay, what category would you file parking tickets under if not "travel expenses"?



Just for the record JohnKer... (Below threshold)
Allan Yackey:

Just for the record JohnKerry.com continues to churn out campaign type email. I have a Democrat friend who supplies me with copies.

He certainly seems to be running for or against something that he thinks has nationwide interest.
I live in a solid red state. These emails are directed to his supporters in the last election.

Typical liberal fare, Joser... (Below threshold)

Typical liberal fare, Joser. You can't win the argument with facts, so you haul out the lies, half-truths, insults and obscenities.

I was right before; "Joser" really DOES rhyme with loser.

Jay Tea,...It is amazing ho... (Below threshold)
Zsa Zsa:

Jay Tea,...It is amazing how full of it Joser is! If he keeps talking it will only help the GOP! I believe the joser's in the world can be an ass-et sometimes. It only makes sense that the Democrats have a jackass as their symbol...Let him speak out with all the assholiness he can manage...It only makes us look better...Bye now!

That form 180 is the Bronto... (Below threshold)

That form 180 is the Brontosaurus in the LurchKerry camp tent. There is simply no way around it, and that "less than honorable" discharge would be the equivalent of a rape conviction in political terms, if and when it was ever publically exposed. The MSM protected him during the election by essentially refusing to deal with it, and trying in vain to make his equivacating nonsense and evasions sound plausible. Even the brain dead liberals are not quite stupid enough to run Him again with his PR problems, and spineless, spin based, pravaricating. Since probably 1/3 of the voting public think the presidential election is just a National extention of American idol, and get their political opinions from their favorite movie stars or the Enquirer, anyone getting in the way of Hillery will be ruthlessly mowed down. The dwindling Dem's voter base desperately needs that "Pretty face" vote, since by 2008 many more black Americans will be asking why they are in a party that thinks its ok to field the most blatent bigotry since the civil rights disasters of the early 60's. Besides, 3+ more years of listening to the Ketchup Slut screech about what a loser he is, and sKerry will be too aged for eliligibilty anyway. The real prob for the Dems will probably be a possible split between the Dean and Clinton camps, which could really crimp their chances. The other problem that the Dems face is this headlong rush of obstructionism at all costs that some political mental midget like Pollosi or Reid have decided is wise politics. Bill Clinton already threw the first javalin across the Dean tower of Babel with His comments today concerning Social Security. He realizes if the Dems lose anymore seats in the House and the Senate it may not matter who gets the presidency in 2008.....

How ironic that the only De... (Below threshold)

How ironic that the only Democratic candidate out there who seems--for now anyway--to have a chance to make Joser's (rhymes with Loser's) dream of a candidate with b**** in 2008 is the one candidate who doesn't have any.

Or does Joser (rhymes with Loser) know something we don't?






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