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Al Gore To Get Lifetime Award For "Creating The Internet"

Hoping to rehabilitate the image of robotic Al Gore, who failed to capitalizes on the long coattails of the most popular Democratic President since John Kennedy, the Webby's plan to honor "Mr. Information Superhighway", for giving a few speeches and voting on a bill or two...

Al Gore may have been lampooned for taking credit in the Internet's development, but organizers of the Webby Awards for online achievements don't find it funny at all.

In part to "set the record straight," they will give Gore a lifetime achievement award for three decades of contributions to the Internet, said Tiffany Shlain, the awards' founder and chairwoman.

"It's just one of those instances someone did amazing work for three decades as congressman, senator and vice president and it got spun around into this political mess," Shlain said.

Vint Cerf, undisputedly one of the Internet's key inventors, will give Gore the award at a June 6 ceremony in New York.

Cerf and Shlain have been trying to dig Gore out of this gaffe - "During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet." - for over half a decade, with little success. Contradicting the partisan claims of the Webby's is Snopes' debunking of Gore's claims creating (more commonly retold as 'inventing') the Internet.

Tom Elia, at The New Editor, wonders if this is the first act of the Al Gore Rehabilitation Project, in preparation for a 2008 Presidential run.

Just imagine the punditry fun if we're lucky enough to get a Clinton, Gore, Kerry primary season...


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Comments (43)

This is nothing more than a... (Below threshold)

This is nothing more than a bunch of liberals standing around in a circle-jerk slapping each other on the back telling themselves how great they are. They can try and rehabilitate Algore all they want but they can never remove the fact that he would just outright lie and exaggerate at the drop of a hat.

Snopes is one of, if not the, best resources for debunking urban legends. However, it has proven to show a bias in several politically based topics.

What really chaps my ass ab... (Below threshold)

What really chaps my ass about this subject is the fact that most of the research that led to the internet(s) was carried out under the US Defense Department’s budget.

There might be a few Democrats who can legitimately claim that they supported large defense budgets back when this was going on. But Al Gore ain’t one of them.

Vint Cerf should certainly ... (Below threshold)

Vint Cerf should certainly know better. Fencepost Al voted to fund DARPA. So did most congresscritters. BFD.

Just imagine the punditr... (Below threshold)

Just imagine the punditry fun if we're lucky enough to get a Clinton, Gore, Kerry primary season...

And Dean; please, please, pretty please.

Mesablue-Yeah, I was... (Below threshold)
Governor Breck:

Yeah, I was just gonna say that! You know, when he was governor, I always thought he was a little crazy. He always got just a little too pissed off when he was the guest on public radio call-in shows and one of the callers dared to disagree with His Holiness. When he started his run for president I said, "Howard's crazy and high strung to boot. There's no way he can take the pressure of a presidential campaign. He'll snap." But his barbaric yawp was way beyond anything I had ever predicted. And he's just gotten more and more looney. If I was praying for a Dean run in 2000 I'm begging for one in 2008. I'm hooked!

In all fairness, Senator Al... (Below threshold)

In all fairness, Senator Al Gore (jr.) authored the High Performance Computing Act of 1991. It was an appropriation of education funds to upgrade hardware and bandwidth on the Internet. The following is speculative, but I'm assuming that as Congress was slowing the growth of national defense budgets, Al Gore, who was definitely engaged in information technology research legislation and funding, figured out a work around through the Education Department.

This is why John Kerry was just such a dud of a candidate. Where Al Gore authored a number of meaningful pieces of legislation and later served as Vice-President, Kerry's 20 year career in the Senate lacked any evidence of initiative or leadership. Oh, except for wanting to intern first-time drug offenders on closed military bases.

USA Today: As relations improved between the United States and the Soviet Union under Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, Kerry advocated deep cuts in military programs. He called for cutting $500 million from the "Star Wars" missile defense system and directing the funds to the war on drugs. He also proposed using military bases slated for closing as detention centers for first-time drug offenders.

Hmm... Yes. Al Gore never... (Below threshold)

Hmm... Yes. Al Gore never said he invented the internet. He said he took the initiative in creating it. Big difference there. Don't you see it? Just like Edison never invented the light bulb. He just took the initiative in creating it. And Bell didn't invent the phone. He just took the initiative in creating it.

<a href="http://suzyriceima... (Below threshold)

Al's acceptance speech...(again)...

I thought Algore invented P... (Below threshold)

I thought Algore invented Post-its.

Of course Gore never said h... (Below threshold)

Of course Gore never said he "invented the Internet," but that didn't stop a conservative smear campaign in 1999. To read the blow-by-blow, you can go to http://jabbs.blogspot.com/2005/04/washington-not-new-york-post-shows.html

The problem with a smear campaign, of course, is that it puts every other statement a person says into question. So the smear of Gore on the Internet led to open questioning of other truthful statements. Was Gore the model for the lead character in Erich Segal's Love Story. Segal says yes, but conservative mythmakers say no, and the mainstream media more often than not echoes those myths. Did Gore learn farm chores on his father's Tennessee farm? History says yes, but conservative mythmakers say Gore grew up in Washington (true, but he spent his summers in Tennessee ...), and the mainstream media more often than not has questioned Gore on this one, too. And on and on it goes.

Of course, Gore never said ... (Below threshold)

Of course, Gore never said he "invented the Internet," but the conservatives conducted a smear campaign after his 1999 interview with Wolf Blitzer, and too often, the mainstream media has remembered the smear instead of the truth. For a blow-by-blow as to how Gore got smeared, check out http://jabbs.blogspot.com/2005/04/washington-not-new-york-post-shows.html

The internet smear led to other smear campaigns, and the mainstream media as a result began questioning every trivial Gore statement, in a way it never has done for Bush. Was Gore the model for the lead in Erich Segal's Love Story? Segal has said yes, but the conservative mythmakers have said no, and the mainstream media, confused and apparently unable to do a simple Lexis/Nexis search to find the original article in the Nashville Tennessean, remembers the smear. Did Gore learn chores on the family farm? History says yes, but the conservative mythmakers say no (they say he grew up in DC, which is true, but he spent summers in Tennessee). The result is a mainstream media that remains clouded on this piece of trivia, and Gore becomes the butt of jokes in conservative columns and blogs nationwide.

I did not invent the PC, bu... (Below threshold)
Bill Gates:

I did not invent the PC, but I did take the initiative in creating it.

I did not invent electricit... (Below threshold)
Benjamin Franklin:

I did not invent electricity, but I did take the initiative in creating it.

I did not invent basketball... (Below threshold)
James Naismith:

I did not invent basketball, but I did take the initiative in creating it.

I did not invent baseball, ... (Below threshold)
Abner Doubleday:

I did not invent baseball, but I did take the initiative in creating it.

Al Gore for President in 20... (Below threshold)
D. Carter:

Al Gore for President in 2008? Hot damn! If he'll do it, I pledge to brave McCain's speech police and set up a PAC. Since his new speaking style looks like a re-creation of Jimmy Cagney's prison cafeteria scene in "White Heat", a Gore candidacy could reduce Democrat America to a few blue pimples in the northeast corner of the U.S.

I did not invent penicillin... (Below threshold)
Alexander Fleming:

I did not invent penicillin, but I did take the initiative in creating it.

I did not invent the automo... (Below threshold)
Henry Ford:

I did not invent the automobile, but I did take the initiative in creating it.

I did not invent post-it no... (Below threshold)
Art Fry:

I did not invent post-it notes, but I did take the initiative in creating them.

I did not invent the pacema... (Below threshold)
John Hopps:

I did not invent the pacemaker, but I did take the initiative in creating them.

I did not invent the parach... (Below threshold)
Louis Sebastien Lenormand:

I did not invent the parachute, but I did take the initiative in creating it.

Speaking of the French, and... (Below threshold)

Speaking of the French, and parachutes ...

I know the Mexicans were celebrating Cinco de Mayo, which I believes commemorates a famous battle where their military defeated ... drumroll please ... France ! Is that really something to be proud of? Last I heard, France still had their hands full with the Ivory Coast.

Finally, am I the only one that thinks that if a Frenchman invented the parachute, that he was trying to figure out a way to surrender in a dogfight ?

I did not invent Al Gore, b... (Below threshold)
Al Gore's Dad:

I did not invent Al Gore, but I did take the initiative in creathing him.

"I did not invent the Twink... (Below threshold)
Oliver Willis:

"I did not invent the Twinkie, but damn, I sure do eat a lot of them!"

I did not invent fascism. ... (Below threshold)

I did not invent fascism. But I sure am letting my political backers take the initiative to prop me up as a messianic savior to rule the world, under the guise of buzzwards like "freedom" and "democracy". Ain't that right, Dick?

I did not invent the PC. I... (Below threshold)
Bill Gates:

I did not invent the PC. I never said I did. Nor did I invent the Windows GUI. I took the initiative to have my people steal ideas off Apple, who had legitimately paid Xerox the rights to use their technology.

I never invented our curren... (Below threshold)
George W. Bush:

I never invented our current budget deficit. But I certainly took the initiative to get us there.

)(#*Y_#*([email protected] (Below threshold)

)(#*Y_#*([email protected]!U*($_(!^[email protected][email protected]*()&)[email protected]$_*()[email protected]+_()[email protected]_

I lurk far too often, and only rarely come out from underneath my rock to post a comment, but that last one calling President Bush a fascist drives me freaking crazy! Chimpy McHitler is not a fascist, you freaking rectal ram rod. He is a Republican, a conservative, and decidely more honorable than yourself. A fascist he is not. So, while I proceed to crawl back underneath my rock, you can undergo a cranial rectal inversion, ie. remove your useless head from your ass, and head right on back to San Fransisco or whatever liberal playground you came from, places where calling people fascist is smiled upon. However, please refrain from infecting the rest of the "reality based communities" with such assinine garbage. I feel dumber for having read your post.


Ok, I don't see how the sno... (Below threshold)
John Sununu:

Ok, I don't see how the snopes article contradicts with the Webby's "partisan" stance. Explain that one.

"We did not invent stupid, ... (Below threshold)
Paris Hilton and Britney Spears:

"We did not invent stupid, but damn, we are hot!"

"I did not invent felatio, ... (Below threshold)
Monica Lewinsky:

"I did not invent felatio, but I did take the initiative in creating it"

I did not, repeat, did NOT ... (Below threshold)

I did not, repeat, did NOT create (nor invent) Al Gore. Don't pin that embarrassment on me please.

Of course, we're forgetting... (Below threshold)

Of course, we're forgetting that Gore's remark is nothing but a transparently lame attempt to puff up his resume'. The point is, Gore wanted the unsuspecting electorate to think that his vote to fund DARPA in 1973 was because he is a far-sighted prophetic genius who knew, before anyone else did, how big and important the internet was going to be and all the multiple uses to which it could be put. And that rather being the domain of educational institutions, government agencies, and the occasional research think tank, the internet would come to be used by millions of the general public. Al Gore wanted to leave the impression that he saw all this decades ago, and voted accordingly.

This is why we're all laughing at him.

Al Gore was an information ... (Below threshold)

Al Gore was an information superhighway booster. But the net evolved different from how he thought it would or advocated it would. And the laws that he pushed were very little of the story behind the internet. So, he is stretching it a bit in his remark. A better remark would be that he had been an internet booster from the old days.

And I will pay money to wat... (Below threshold)

And I will pay money to watch the primary if all 3 prima donnas get in it. Only thing is that it will actually energize the demos to have 3 real contendas in there.

So the fact that all the ke... (Below threshold)

So the fact that all the key players in inventing the modern-day Internet give great credit to Gore for his role in Congress is meaningless?

As for the Love Story smear, go read the original story. If you can't find it, go to dailyhowler.com and read the way that the original story got twisted and turned into a smear.

The problem is that conservatives want so badly to believe that Gore is a liar, that when presented with the facts, they reject them. But facts are facts. Look past the conservative smear, and you actually find out that Gore didn't lie, and he didn't exaggerate.

So the fact that all the... (Below threshold)

So the fact that all the key players in inventing the modern-day Internet give great credit to Gore for his role in Congress is meaningless?

That's exactly right. From the Snopes account:

Despite a spirited defense of Gore's claim by Vint Cerf (often referred to as the "father of the Internet") in which he stated "that as a Senator and now as Vice President, Gore has made it a point to be as well-informed as possible on technology and issues that surround it," many of the components of today's Internet came into being well before Gore's first term in Congress began in 1977.

If you want to believe that Gore is the prophetic genius he was obviously trying to pass himself off as in order to puff himself up at the expense of Bill Bradley, you're free to do so. I, however, remain sceptical.

I never claimed Gore was a ... (Below threshold)

I never claimed Gore was a prophetic genius.

I am claiming the truth -- that Gore, in his role in Congress, was instrumental in helping make it possible for the Arpanet to become the Internet.

The creators of the Internet have given Gore that much credit. Conservatives like Newt Gingrich have agreed with this assessment.

Gore never claimed to "invent the Internet," no matter how many times conservatives say he did.

You have a choice. You can believe the truth or believe the smear. I choose to believe the truth.

Let me say this also: ... (Below threshold)

Let me say this also:

Don't you think that it's sad that the conservatives had to take Gore's words out of context, substitute other words in -- throwing the word "invented" in -- in order to make their point?

That's why, immediately after the interview with Blitzer, the Washington Times -- as conservative a publication as there is, and no fan of Clinton/Gore -- covered the interview, but failed to note the "Internet" line.

It was only after two press releases went out, from two conservative Congressmen, in which Gore's comments were bastardized, did anyone take notice of the interview. It was only at that point that the conservative noise machine went into action, twisting Gore's words and meaning in order to smear him and make him look like a liar, an exaggerator. Is this what you want in our modern discourse? People who have to twist words and purposely take them out of context in order to prove something?

How would you like it if something you said, which oh by the way was accurate, was twisted and turned by your opponent, so that you were made to look like a liar. And worse, how would you feel if the smear replaced the truth among your co-workers?

Gore told the truth. Conservatives lied about that truth. It's sad that six years later, the lie has replaced the truth.

"I took the initiative in c... (Below threshold)

"I took the initiative in creating the internet".

Let us all act like adults. algore attempted to make his role far greater than what it in fact was. The contemporaneous statements do not reflect that algore was the mastermind behind this. He sponsored a piece of legislation that helped give additional funding, well after it had already been "created". He could have chosen to have stated the facts himself, rather than overstating them. If we were to accept your standards, than every single member of Congress that voted for the increased funding could rightfully claim to have taken the initiative in creating the internet. In short, a bunch of hooey.

Outisde of that, it looks like Mr. Cerf says that algore was well educated and well versed on issues surrouding technology. I am well versed on golf, and the issues surrounding it. If I claimed that I took the initiative in creating golf, would I not be rightfully mocked?

Amazing. You take half a se... (Below threshold)

Amazing. You take half a sentence and treat that as a complete thought.

Let's see. Didn't you just say: "I took the initiative in creating golf."

Wow, what a liar you are. Golf was created hundreds of years ago. You are an amazing liar. Wow. Everybody, get a look at JD! He just lied about creating golf!

Hey, you know what? I'll put out a press release about how JD said he invented golf. I'll send it to all the golf pros and all the golf magazines. JD claimed he invented golf!!! What a travesty!


JD, he never claimed to invent the Internet. He never claimed to create the Internet. No matter how many times you try to play with his sentence, take it out of context, etc., you can't change the truth. He told the truth, and the conservatives took his words out of context, and changed his words, in order to smear him.

If Gore so obviously lied, then why didn't the Washington Times say as much in covering the interview? If Gore so obviously lied, why did Reps. Armey and Sensenbrenner have to twist his words in order to embarrass him?

The reason why, of course, is because Gore didn't lie. The conservatives who smeared him had to lie to embarrass him, and to try to derail his pending presidential campaign.

JD -- you don't want to admit it, because you have been told hundreds of times, by every conservative pundit and blog, that Gore is a liar and exaggerator. Truth be damned.

You will note that I never ... (Below threshold)

You will note that I never stated that algore claimed to have invented the internet. I simply posted his exact freaking words, and yet that somehow that is me distorting what he said? Exactly what part of the coding did he write? Exactly what experience did he have in computer science? What was his role in ARPNET? He did not do one thing other than sponsor legislation (good) to help increase funding for something that was already well into the process. You are in incorrigible moonbat unwilling to make even a minor concession that algore overstated his role and effect on the process. I am more than willing to admit that there was no need for anybody to distort his actual words, since his actual words were equally untrue, and unreflective of the reality.

You took half of his senten... (Below threshold)

You took half of his sentence, JD. You know you did. You know that as a result of that, you took his statement out of context.

If you can live with that, fine. But that's dirty pool.

His statement was that within his role in Congress, he took the initiative. It's a common way of saying -- I was a leader in Congress. People say it all the time. That's why no one noticed the statement -- even among those covering the Wolf Blitzer interview. That's why people like Newt Gingrich give Gore credit for being early and active on helping pave the way for the modern-day Internet.

It was only after the conservatives twisted and changed Gore's words that anyone paid attention.

Definition of a smear campaign, JD. And what you are doing is no better.






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