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Funny numbers

This posting is going up at 5:05:05 on 05/05/05.

I should play the numbers today.


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Comments (14)

Reading you 5 x 5.... (Below threshold)

Reading you 5 x 5.

Way to go -- high five.... (Below threshold)

Way to go -- high five.

I plead the fifth... (Below threshold)

I plead the fifth

Celebrate with a fifth!... (Below threshold)

Celebrate with a fifth!

And this comment is the fif... (Below threshold)

And this comment is the fifth

(BTW you ripped me off. Of course we did not have future posting last year.)

And I still don’t understan... (Below threshold)

And I still don’t understand why the Mexicans get so excited about a bottle of mayonnaise.

Johnny Five is alive!... (Below threshold)

Johnny Five is alive!

That's nothing. My birthday... (Below threshold)

That's nothing. My birthday last year was on 04/04/04. I turned 40.

(I suppose you could call that four-play.)

I’d bet good money that Pau... (Below threshold)

I’d bet good money that Paul already has his post for 6/6/6 in the can. And its too bad that they just discovered that the mark of the beast is actually 616.

Well, I got married on 03/0... (Below threshold)

Well, I got married on 03/03/2003

I was born on Friday the thirteenth August @ 1:13 PM

My thirteenth birthday was on a Friday

The first house I bought at age 22 was 142 Sawyer Drive, A month later the Post Office changed the addressing system and changed my address to #13 Sawyer Drive, I was notified of this on a Friday, the thirteenth of course.

Wow, I could go on and on, but i would probably be pressing my luck.

Lets not forget this was al... (Below threshold)

Lets not forget this was also done on the fifth day of the week!

on my freshman training cru... (Below threshold)

on my freshman training cruise, I actually skipped cinco de mayo. that was the very day we traversed across the international date line, and we literally skipped over May 5th, 2001. However, on that same Cruise, we had 2 June 11ths. It's amazing how it works.


Hope you had better luck wi... (Below threshold)

Hope you had better luck with the numbers than I did, Jay.

I wear Chanel #5...and I am... (Below threshold)
Zsa Zsa:

I wear Chanel #5...and I am the fifth child in my family!






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