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Corporal pun-ishment

I've often said I never served in the military (too many medical issues to be admitted), but I've always been a supporter of the armed services. And I know that a good chunk of the Wizbang readership have served, both past and present. As a "thank you" for doing the job I never did, I'd like to point out this page of military humor. Some of the links and images are broken, several of the jokes are repetitive, and some more are simply recycled old non-military jokes, but it's definitely worth several good laughs.

For example, this one. Or this one. Or this one. Or... oh, never mind. Just go look for yourselves.

(Updated to include a link to the actual main page)

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Thanks, Jay.... (Below threshold)

Thanks, Jay.

This one is hysterical:... (Below threshold)

This one is hysterical:

Outhouse attacked by friendlies

Well, I have a funny story.... (Below threshold)

Well, I have a funny story...although it's childhood humor so probably mostly parents and/or someone under the age of ten will find it amusing (which, anyway, still MAY cover most among Wizbang's readers, can't be sure)...

Anyway, I was in kindergarten.

I was also almost one full year younger than most who were in kindergarten, having started school at my bright young age of four years old (not five, not six, but four).

So, although I already knew how to read and write, i didn't yet know through my four-year old reasoning ~skills~ that I had to remain in school for a certain length of time. I thought I could go there and then leave there any time I wanted to, ~just because~.

So, I wanted to see my mother after cookies and not take nap time there. And walked from the hallway bathroom to home for that mission.

I was halfway home (~with my blanket~) when I got stopped by two MPs in their patrol jeep.

They asked me what I was doing ("walking home") and why ("I wanted to see my mommy") and why I wasn't in school ("I wanted to see my mommy") and so picked me and the blanket up and put us in the back of the jeep UNDER a canvas cover, explaining that they weren't REALLY supposed to be doing this but thought they should...big world, tiny child, long walk...

They delivered me home and explained that they'd been "working under cover" by bringing me home to mom.

Don't forget the Merchant M... (Below threshold)

Don't forget the Merchant Marines. The merchant marines, though not a military service, participate in service to our nation in a very difficult position. It is through the Merchant Marines that our troops and families receive goods from all over the world.

If you are American in the ... (Below threshold)
Zsa Zsa:

If you are American in the living room, what are you in the bathroom?...Do you give up?...European...
Sorry about that, I just heard it the other day! sometimes I just don't know when to just keep quiet!
Bye now!

Jay, I'm glad you're "a sup... (Below threshold)

Jay, I'm glad you're "a supporter of the armed services" rather than, say, a supporter of athletes.

In other words, you're not a jock (strap).






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