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UK Election Watch

Labor is the projected winner in the UK elections, though their majority looks to be much thinner.

Sortapundit is live blogging the results, and Joe Gandelman notes that the spin will be that Tony Blair is being punished for supporting the war in Iraq.

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It will be a pleasure to wa... (Below threshold)

It will be a pleasure to watch George Galloway pack up his office and head back home.

For all of the anti-America... (Below threshold)

For all of the anti-American sentiment overseas, it has been fairly entertaining to see two of President Bush's biggest and most honorable supporters, Tony Blair and John Howard, get easily re-elected.

It's really too bad Blair g... (Below threshold)

It's really too bad Blair got re-elected. He didn't deserve it. Why?

The following text is my copy of the front page of the London Times from Sunday May 01, 2005. This text gives explicit details of a REAL MI-6 memo in which President Bush had decided to go to war nearly a year before we actually did.

In this memo, there is a line which states the Bush Administration plans to FIX the intelligence to accomodate the policy.

In other words folks, Bush and crew have lied from the beginning, there was NEVER any intelligence failure, and there was NO plan for the aftermath.

This man deserves to go to prison. Here's the exact text of this memo, leaked by an MI-6 agent, and verified as authentic by the London Times and verified by Ray McGovern; a 27 year CIA veteran.


[Ed - I don't know how many times I have to tell people - YOU MAY NOT POST ENTIRE ARTICLES IN THE COMMENTS HERE!!!! Copyrighted material may be linked to or have a short excerpt.

Since I've never posted an ... (Below threshold)
David Eccles:

Since I've never posted an article here, how could I know? Anyway, apologies. Perhaps you should post the rule on the home page and make it obvious.

Anyway, here's the link.

C:\WINDOWS\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\75CG1NZT\ThesecretDowningStreetmemo-SundayTimes-TimesOnline[1].htm

Since I've never posted ... (Below threshold)

Since I've never posted an article here, how could I know?

Common sense?

Oh wait -- never mind.

McGehee,It was an ... (Below threshold)
David Eccles:


It was an honest mistake. Perhaps you could try using a little understanding sometime.

"Treat others as you would like to be treated."

Or maybe you don't believe in that. If not, it's too bad.

On a more positive note, here's the updated link to my previous post.


The labor party was going t... (Below threshold)

The labor party was going to win even if Kermit the Frog was in Blair's place. The punishment for Blair will be when they kick his sorry ass out of office for being a co-collaborator on an illegal money making scheme that has caused coulntless human life. Too bad that won't happen to Bush, but that's because the right (the side of life) show their true colors when the big cheese is under fire. I can't wait to hear all of the rationaliztion that will commence from your brains to legitimaize this illegal war.

I understand that the media... (Below threshold)

I understand that the media has been trying to spin Prime Minister Blair's victory, but loss os seats, to be some form of repudiation of President Bush's policies. Please correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't the party that picked up seats the party that more closely agreed with the Bush administration on the war? To me, the message sent by the elections seems to be quite contrary to the one our media is attempting to feed us.

I will not address the aforementioned moonbats by name, but suffice it to say that I think I have them figured out - something a tad more complex than "Bush Bad". My theory is that their hatred and anger expressed towards Chimpy McHitler is due to the fact that they consider him to be a complete rube, an idiot, an imbecile, and just flat out stupid. Therefore, it absolutely infuriates them that this moron continues to kick their liberal booty at every opportunity. Their anger is a projection of their self loathing resulting from their inability to best this cowboy.

To Joser (rhymes with Loser... (Below threshold)

To Joser (rhymes with Loser):

In the roughly thirteen hundred years since the founding of Islam, no one man has been responsible for the deaths of more Muslims than Saddam Hussein. Through his two wars, his use of chemical weapons against the Kurds and Iranians, his repression and slaughter of the Shia, his embezzling of billions of dollars in oil revenues (with French, German and Russian help) both before and during the oil-for-food program, the secret police and torture chambers run by the two pyschopathic hellspawn he called sons and the current "insurgency" perpetrated by his henchman, supporters, and thugs-for-hire, Saddam Hussein has killed at least one million people. Almost all of them Muslims.

Now all of Saddam's crimes are well documented, including his possession and use of WMDs. Don't believe me? Go ask any Iranian or Kurdish child born with serious deformities because one or both of its parents were exposed to chemical weapons. Those WMDs were the basis for the U.N. resolutions demanding that he turn them over to the weapons inspectors so that they could be destroyed. He NEVER complied with them. And not unreasonably, the U.S., Britain, France, Russia, probably China and even the U.N. thought he still had stockpiles of them. And those resolutions authorized the use of military force if necessary to enforce compliance.

So that's what we and the coalition of the willing--mostly Britain--did. We went into Iraq and deposed the most murderous regime this planet has seen since Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. We rectified the mistake made by George Bush the Elder in 1991. And we're slowly but surely helpng the Iraqi people build a democracy; people who previously had no hope of ever being free.

And that just frosts your b****, doesn't it?






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