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Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, which means it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following picture:

A half dozen Magellanic penguin chicks waddle through the San Francisco Zoo while making their way to Penguin Island where they joined 40 adult penguins in San Francisco, Friday, Aug. 23, 2002. An outbreak of chlamydia at the San Francisco Zoo has left a dozen penguins dead, according to a spokesman. The bacteria, which was most likely transmitted to the birds by an infected seagull, is spread through airborne saliva or other bodily fluids, said Bob Jenkins, the zoo's director of animal care and conservation. A similar disease is sexually transmitted in humans. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg, File)

Winners will be announced Sunday.

Update: Winners announced. Comments are now closed.


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Comments (89)

OK guys, they don't suspect... (Below threshold)

OK guys, they don't suspect a thing. Just act normal and keep walking.

Did you know they taste lik... (Below threshold)

Did you know they taste like chicken?

Hey look at the girl follow... (Below threshold)

Hey look at the girl following us trying to act like a penguin. What an asshat.

"Ugh. Freakin' tourists..."... (Below threshold)

"Ugh. Freakin' tourists..."

Who told us it was formal? ... (Below threshold)

Who told us it was formal? Had I known this was the dress code, I'd have worn my Tommy Hilfiger jogging suit.

He: I'm not lost, I don't n... (Below threshold)

He: I'm not lost, I don't need to ask directions. Quit harping at me, woman!

Further proof that just abo... (Below threshold)

Further proof that just about anyone and anything can come across the US/Mexico border

"You know, the last guy I k... (Below threshold)

"You know, the last guy I knew who had Chlamydia was wearing a tuxedo, too."

"Microsoft released a photo... (Below threshold)
Chilly Willy:

"Microsoft released a photo today which it claimed supported it's belief that prolonged exposure to Linux stunted human growth and worse."

"Eyes right and fall in! Yo... (Below threshold)

"Eyes right and fall in! You on the left, you're out of formation!!"

[sigh] It brings back memor... (Below threshold)

[sigh] It brings back memories of the olden days when rough-and-ready Americans would drive their penguin herds to market, braving storms, rustlers and marauding Indians.

An anti-TSA march draws sup... (Below threshold)

An anti-TSA march draws support from a number of people, and species, who've suffered inconvenience at the hands of the airport screeners.

"That was close at the airp... (Below threshold)

"That was close at the airport metal detector, now where is the British consolate?"

Islamic Penguins...the fema... (Below threshold)

Islamic Penguins...the females have to walk 3 paces behind the male.

When the Chicken High class... (Below threshold)

When the Chicken High class of '95 met for their 10th reunion they all had to laugh when they realized they all had chosen the Penguin tribal tattoo in their pathetic attempts to seem unique.

The newest additions to the... (Below threshold)

The newest additions to the aclu legal team are seen here looking for anyone and/or anything which could be deemed as offensive, then the screeching will ensue.

The penguins were excited a... (Below threshold)

The penguins were excited about starting the first Gay Penguin Pride parade.

Ramblers often take a suppl... (Below threshold)

Ramblers often take a supply of penguins with them in case they start feeling peckish.

After achieving internation... (Below threshold)

After achieving international acclaim on the Web, (http://www.niehs.nih.gov/kids/lyrics/hokey.htm), the Hokey Pokey Penguins kick off their first world tour with a free public performance in San Francisco

"No war for ice! No war f... (Below threshold)
jeremy in NYC:

"No war for ice! No war for ice! No war for.......waitaminute - what are we SAYING? Yes war for ice!"

The 39th Street Penguin Cri... (Below threshold)

The 39th Street Penguin Cribs dared anyone to make eye contact during their zoo tour...

"Please stop jumping out an... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

"Please stop jumping out and yelling BOO at us, we're flightless you morons."

Penguins:I told yo... (Below threshold)


I told you San Francisco had the most animal rights wacko's look at them surrounding us to protect, now all we have to do is lure them back to those polar bears we made a deal with so the bears can eat these suckers.... ha ha ha..

San Francisco gay activists... (Below threshold)
D. Carter:

San Francisco gay activists "out" penguins at local zoo.

"Sheesh, look at the compan... (Below threshold)

"Sheesh, look at the company they force us to keep. And they wonder why we have Chlamydia?"

In an odd coincidence, the ... (Below threshold)

In an odd coincidence, the term "moonbat" equals "penguin" in their language. The penguins thus thought they were invited to the moveon.org rally.

"Where's the Dang raw fish ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

"Where's the Dang raw fish kiosk?"

Howard Dean and other DNC l... (Below threshold)

Howard Dean and other DNC leaders disguise themselves as flightless waterfowl for a covert look at Jesusland.

(lady in green sweater) "co... (Below threshold)

(lady in green sweater) "come everybody, we have to get these penguins away from Paris Hilton"


The Emperors have no clothe... (Below threshold)

The Emperors have no clothes!

Demonstrating her over-arch... (Below threshold)
Jack in TX:

Demonstrating her over-arching care for all things in Nature, the Eco-Moonbat herds the terrified penguins towards 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to show the Bush Administration's insensitivity to global wildlife issues.

You know what you can do wi... (Below threshold)

You know what you can do with your pies!!!

As they marched, the moonba... (Below threshold)

As they marched, the moonbat penguins chanted and sang:

"We're here, we're Spheniscidae, get used to it!"

"What do we want?" "Krill!" "When do we want it?" "Now!"

"Boycott Batman!"

"Cloacal sex is a right!"

"Keep your rosaries off my uropygial gland!"

Since Bill Clinton rarely s... (Below threshold)
Jack in TX:

Since Bill Clinton rarely swims, the plan to stop the outbreak of chlamydia was centered on moving the penguins to an island...

Tourists and penguins flock... (Below threshold)

Tourists and penguins flock together near the beaches of Antarctica for the 2008 global warming conference.

"In other news today, the 2... (Below threshold)

"In other news today, the 2008 Democratic candidates for President paraded through the park."

Formation walking discovere... (Below threshold)

Formation walking discovered in rare merging of moonbat and penguin flocks. Global warming suspected as cause.

"Next time, let's get a Bor... (Below threshold)

"Next time, let's get a Border Collie. This woman is loud and takes herself too seriously."

Unknown to the Wonkette, An... (Below threshold)

Unknown to the Wonkette, Ann Marie walks through the “PENGUIN_RAY,” a hideous device created by Kevin to turn unsuspecting tinhats into docile, flightless creatures with little or no brainpower.

Karl Rove's newest mind con... (Below threshold)
Sue Dohnim:

Karl Rove's newest mind control scheme, Operation Tenessee Tuxedo, met with great success today as hundreds of liberals mysteriously drowned in the reflecting pool at the National Mall.

As the angry mob of penguin... (Below threshold)

As the angry mob of penguins rush forward, the lead penguin yells: “Let’s go men, I see that damn AFLAC duck just ahead. Let’s beat the crap out of him!”

Protesters arrive to disrup... (Below threshold)

Protesters arrive to disrupt Al Gore's speech on global warming.

1. Hmmm, guys, I think we ... (Below threshold)

1. Hmmm, guys, I think we took a wrong turn at Argentina, this ain't Antartica!

2. Lead Penquin in Central Park: These humans are giving me the creeps and we aren't even near the 80's yet.

3. NYPD unveils its new division, the Penquin Park Patrol, as part of its cost costing measures.

Thwarted in their attempt t... (Below threshold)

Thwarted in their attempt to have felons vote, Democrats reveal the next voter bloc they will target...

And here's a story we're wa... (Below threshold)

And here's a story we're watching for the 6 o'clock news: Protests against oil exploration in the Antarctic highlight the common ground among an expanding number of groups of otherwise divergent interests.

"Hey, Where'd the Big One g... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

"Hey, Where'd the Big One go?"

Outraged by new regulations... (Below threshold)

Outraged by new regulations announced by the FDA, Gay penguins march in protest. The shout heard throughout the zoo:
"Yes, we're gay, when will you learn
that even gay penguins have safe sperm"

McMurdo Station Antarctica ... (Below threshold)

McMurdo Station Antarctica 20 years after the decrease in atmospheric pollutants decreased global dimming, thereby speeding up global warming. Dang the catalytic convertor.

Take us to your leader! Ta... (Below threshold)

Take us to your leader! Take us to your leader! Take us to... ah, forget it. No signs of intelligence here.

Being reintroduced into the... (Below threshold)

Being reintroduced into the wild was more distressing than expected. The only ice they saw was Ice-T, Ice Cube and Vanilla Ice. When they asked to see the water, a woman turned on a water fountain.

The Kos kids wander the cam... (Below threshold)

The Kos kids wander the campus, looking for the Ann Coulter speech at the student union. Hopefully, their new disguises will let them get close enough to Ann ask about ass-f*cking republicans again.

Tennessee Tuxedo, long reti... (Below threshold)

Tennessee Tuxedo, long retired after the sudden death of his partner Chumley, walks with his family to the annual Phineas J. Whoopee charity concert in New York’s Central Park. Commander McBragg was to host.

Joining the weekly San Fran... (Below threshold)

Joining the weekly San Francisco anti-war march and Vegan Recipe Exchange, the newest inter-species members get a warm welcome from the marchers as their new chant gains popularity "Bush Lied, Penguins Died"

Tired of drunken onlookers ... (Below threshold)

Tired of drunken onlookers constantly yelling "Do I smell fish?", the promoters of the Central Park Lesbian Pride Parade this year had an answer.

"Last St. Patrick's day... ... (Below threshold)

"Last St. Patrick's day... just how drunk was I?"

"I agree, Roger. Despite s... (Below threshold)

"I agree, Roger. Despite some interesting interpretations, Night of the Living Dead XVIII was too low-budget, and far too surreal."

One more for tonight:... (Below threshold)

One more for tonight:

With the exception of Eminem, efforts to introduce more diversity into the ranks of rap and hip hop performers have so far proven unsuccessful.

As Algore was trying to ma... (Below threshold)

As Algore was trying to make a speech bragging about how he invented the internet, the crowd was suddenly distracted by the raucaus noise of the penguin cowbys driving a small herd of penguins down the sidewalk. :)

As Algore was railing about... (Below threshold)

As Algore was railing about how the Bush Administration was responsible for global warming, a flock of penguins wandered down the sidewalk. The loud chorus of boos and catcalls were loudly heard drowning out what Algore was saying.

That's the last time we use... (Below threshold)

That's the last time we use NeverLost!

My feet are Killing me!...Y... (Below threshold)
Zsa Zsa:

My feet are Killing me!...Ya, well I think I heard something smelly from over there!..

Little boys no longer arriv... (Below threshold)
Jack in TX:

Little boys no longer arriving like clockwork, the Neverland staff escorts a new selection of "Special Little Guests" towards Michael's chambers...

UN too little too late for ... (Below threshold)
Democrats in Washington Sta... (Below threshold)

Democrats in Washington State find more voters who voted for Gregoire.

While dangerous and some sa... (Below threshold)

While dangerous and some say fool-hardy, residents of San Francisco participate in the annual running of the penguins.

The terrified crowd parts a... (Below threshold)

The terrified crowd parts as a gang of penguins goes on a wilding rampage in Golden Gate Park.

Overheard Penguin Talk:... (Below threshold)

Overheard Penguin Talk:

"Hey, Penguin, I can't remember, is it that WE'RE for global warming and THEY'RE for the next ice age?"

"No, Penguin, it's that THEY'RE for the next ice age and WE'RE for global warming."

"Hey, Penguin, I thought that's what I said, that WE'RE for global warming and THEY'RE for the next ice age!"

"Oh, right, Penguin, yes, you did say that. But I think, upon closer review, that our position is that we're FOR the next ice age and THEY'RE for the global warming, because, otherwise, we'll have to figure out where to get their clothes in Minus8 sizes. Maybe Patagonia has 'em. I heard they take haddock for payment if we can deliver it fresh."

From the crowd: "Candygram... (Below threshold)

From the crowd: "Candygram!"

Penguins: "Hey. Anyone see... (Below threshold)

Penguins: "Hey. Anyone seen Danny Devito around here?"

Both contributed by Eric:</... (Below threshold)

Both contributed by Eric:

"Democrats in Washington State find more voters who voted for Gregoire."

"While dangerous and some say fool-hardy, residents of San Francisco participate in the annual running of the penguins."


Escaping the zoo sure would... (Below threshold)

Escaping the zoo sure would be alot easier if we could fly.

What's Black and White and ... (Below threshold)

What's Black and White and Red all over?

A penguin with a sunburn?

No a group of penguins walking around with a bunch San Francisco liberals.

Hey which way to the White ... (Below threshold)

Hey which way to the White House Correspondent's Dinner, I hear its really funny?

Penguin One to Penguin Two,... (Below threshold)

Penguin One to Penguin Two, Three, Four, Five and Six:

"Just keep walking. Pretend you don't notice them. Just keep walking and don't make eye contact. And step up the pace, the ocean is only meters away. And, most important here, do.not.feed.them. And, whatever you do, don't look like food."

"Well boys, we've all got p... (Below threshold)

"Well boys, we've all got penguin chlamydia, and it's probably fatal. I say screw it! I'm gonna mooch a smoke off that chimp three pens down. Who's with me?!"

Speculation increased today... (Below threshold)

Speculation increased today, after the DU rally, that the group has pledged support to Oswald Cobblepot for his Presidential run in 2008.

"I told you Al Gore was an ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

"I told you Al Gore was an Idiot, Global Warming hasn't brought us anything at the Antarctic except fame and free fish.'
"Yea, but these tourists sure are noisy and messy."
"...But at least they haven't found out about our vast reserves of oil... oops..."
"Shut up you, Moron."
"Here more of them come, stop talking and walk funny."

The source of penguin chlam... (Below threshold)

The source of penguin chlamydia is discovered when Pimp Emperor-P is seen in the zoo trying to shop his hos to the monkeys.

When questioned he was heard to say, "Yeah, gonna trade a little penguin-tang for some righteous blow from them howler monkies. Their shit is kicking."

Tonya Harding is a good zoo... (Below threshold)

Tonya Harding is a good zookeeper. She boxes with people who vex the animals. And when folks really get out of hand, Tonya clubs them.

....then the lead penguin m... (Below threshold)

....then the lead penguin muttered under his breath, "You'd think these liberals would know which foot is the left one.", but continued the Hokey-Pokey lessons realizing that it was all in vain.

"Let's see now: Bill and Hi... (Below threshold)

"Let's see now: Bill and Hilary, Al and Tipper, Ted, Howard and...uh oh. Teresa? Teresa?! TE-RAY-ZA!!!"

"Let's go pick up Katie Hol... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

"Let's go pick up Katie Holmes."
"Think we've got a shot?"
"Maybe, we're taller than Tom Cruise."
"Good Point."

Taking a break from Capitol... (Below threshold)

Taking a break from Capitol Hill, Democrat leaders decide to blend with the populace. "We're one of you - really!"

As Kate reaches out to clas... (Below threshold)

As Kate reaches out to clasp the hand of her boyfriend Steve, she realizes the shocking truth; he has decided to "come out" on Disney's "Penguin Pride Day."

Walk like an Egyption.... (Below threshold)

Walk like an Egyption.

Hey Algore!!!! Does this lo... (Below threshold)

Hey Algore!!!! Does this look like global warming? If it is; what the hell are these penguins doing running around in Callyfornia?

So, I'm just thinking what ... (Below threshold)
Rachel Edith:

So, I'm just thinking what would possess a soul to get pengiuns drunk and make them walk a mile in your shoes?

After a rough day of bloggi... (Below threshold)

After a rough day of blogging Kevin, Jay, Paul and the guys from Powerline go for a few drinks in Nashville.

Update: <... (Below threshold)

Update: Winners announced. Comments are now closed.






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