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Well, at least they didn't have to go far for help...

There's an old joke that the three most important elements in real estate are location, location, and location. The same is true for car accidents.

Ron, Carter, 49, was just leaving the Eliot Hospital in Manchester. His mother, 84, was there to pick him up. But she made a little bitty oopsie: she hit the gas pedal instead of the brakes.

After running down her son, she smashed her car into a concrete pillar. Both mother and son were taken in for treatment.

Even more fortuitously, there were two witnesses to the crash. Two Manchester Police detectives were at the hospital to conduct an interview, and saw the whole thing.

Say what you want about elderly drivers, but this lady was certainly efficient.


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Comments (19)

That's what I call planning... (Below threshold)

That's what I call planning ahead.

We're all a little amused a... (Below threshold)

We're all a little amused at the convenient location this event took place. Unfortunately, this is not the first time an elderly driver has caused injuries. Sometimes those injuries are tragic.

Sad. The only positive note... (Below threshold)

Sad. The only positive note was that he probably still had his little plastic id bracelet on his wrist expediting re-admission.

Thank God no one here is ta... (Below threshold)

Thank God no one here is talking about the Dearlove memo, we have to keep the lid on this story before the MSM prints it everywhere and our cover is blown.

Maybe Bush and Blair will p... (Below threshold)

Maybe Bush and Blair will point their fingers at this old lady and make her take the heat for the illegal war they had planned. I bet she could have figured out a better exit stratagy than either of them did, something like DON'T GO! I know you guys love illegal wars that raise the body count because we are getting kind of crowded in this small world. So lets give three cheers for Bush and Co. for their valiant and brave effort of hididng away and sending out their personal meat pieces to protect our oil! You gotta admit, since life is priceless and oil is expensive, Bush and hgis buddies have made quite a killing in exchanging one for the other, pun intended.

Joser,Does it hurt... (Below threshold)


Does it hurt?

Being that fucking stupid, I mean . . .

Please elaborate Bo. Maybe... (Below threshold)

Please elaborate Bo. Maybe I'm too stupid to see how I'm so stupid. Maybe I'm just awestruck by how clever and intelligent your rebuttal was.

People, kindly do not respo... (Below threshold)

People, kindly do not respond to this particularly stupid and misplaced blathering of Joser. I have warned that person that further attempts to hijack threads for their own twaddle will result in their banning.

We got plenty of places for that around here; there's no need to try it on every thread.


So it's my fault that someb... (Below threshold)

So it's my fault that somebody else brought it up, very clever. Well, I guess I apologize for Minnie bringing it up in an unrelated thread and going with it myself. Though I think there would be much commotion if I had just agreed with her and put moonbat somewhere in my reply, but you know how it is around these parts.

Now, if only her insurance ... (Below threshold)

Now, if only her insurance adjustor wwas one of the witnesses too. All in all though, it's a great way to keep from having to traipse all around town for witness testimony adn medical coverage.

Oh, and can't we all just get along? No? Oh well.

Joser, the point is that th... (Below threshold)

Joser, the point is that this thread has nothing to do with Bush. What Minnie did or didn't do has nothing to do with what you do or don't do. If that's too difficult for you to comprehend, I'm sure I can break out the crayons and draw you a picture.

I bet she could have fig... (Below threshold)

I bet she could have figured out a better exit stratagy

Not sure about that, but she sure could have taken out her share of insurgents.

What's the cut off age for the armed forces?

So, Joser, your defense for... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

So, Joser, your defense for being an asshole is "someone else was an asshole first?" Sorry, doesn't wash. minnie is a low-grade buzz of an annoyance, one I'm half-convinced is a bot and sooner or later I'll swat it. Regardless, she's so illiterate that it takes work to decipher what she's saying -- work I don't often bother to expend. You, on the other hand, put serious effort into your assholiness.

If you want to cry out "selective enforcement" and that you are being punished for being more successful as a pest than minnie or a couple others, fine. I've heard worse. Appeal it to Kevin, should I ban you; he'll care even less.


Jay Tea,...I love that word... (Below threshold)
Zsa Zsa:

Jay Tea,...I love that word assholiness! Joser really gets belligerent with you! You are so funny the way you take his assholiness!...I love this blog! I think you are so funny! Thanks once again for making me laugh!...I probably have a real warped sick sense of humor though!

I've always been put off by... (Below threshold)

I've always been put off by Joser's "assholier-than-thou" attitude.

Wait, no I haven't...

Joser is one of those assho... (Below threshold)
Zsa Zsa:

Joser is one of those assholes who just have to blow and spew alot of hot air all the time to get attention! I believe characters such as Joser are full of rage not to mention shit! If you will pardon the expression! ...Is it Joser or Hoser? I am not sure how that is pronounced?

I had a relevant and amusin... (Below threshold)

I had a relevant and amusing comment to make, but this thread has so distracted me that I have forgotten it.

What Spoons wrote (^^).... (Below threshold)

What Spoons wrote (^^).

However, I can take away with me a very special gift: a newfound word (thanks, Jay) for-to-remember-a-certain-level-of-offense by. I'm going to go listen to Jackie Gleason's big band romancing just to wash that thing out of my...wait a second, let me rephrase: just to pause and reset.

What Spoons wrote (^^).... (Below threshold)

What Spoons wrote (^^).






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