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Quote Of The Day - Minority Report Edition

"The man's father is a wonderful human being, I think this guy is a loser."
Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid responding to a question about President Bush. Sen. Reid latter offered a tepid apology.


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Atrios has a feature called... (Below threshold)

Atrios has a feature called "Wanker of the Day" where he skewers conservative lame players for idiotic moves like this which make them look like morons and gain them zero politically. I nominated Reid for tomorrow's Wanker of the Day but haven't heard anything over at Escaton yet. I'll keep you posted.

- On one level you have to ... (Below threshold)

- On one level you have to be disposed to take the Dimbulb Dem leadership serious when it comes to losing, since they've shown themsleves, collectively, to be experts at it as of late....

- Prediction : The jackass stubborn obstructionism is going to gain them even more slippage in the political arena. The Bolton smear campaign is about to blow up in the Dem's faces...

Yet another proud moment fr... (Below threshold)

Yet another proud moment from the Dems. Remember this and other brilliant mouth diarrhea the next time they whine about raising the level of political discourse.

It's tragic that Reid (and ... (Below threshold)

It's tragic that Reid (and others similar) stick with the "he's driving the country into bankruptcy" rant about President Bush, and don't seem to be able to understand that it's THEIR SPENDING THAT IS...driving the country into bankruptcy. Never met a bankrupt individual who had control of their expenditures.






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