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Happy Mothers Day

If you're a mother, hopefully you're having a wonderful Mothers Day. I'll share with you the card the kids got for Mrs. Wizbang:

"It's Mother's Day, Mom - forget about the cooking. forget about the cleaning, forget about the laundry..."

"Just pretend you're Dad!"


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Comments (7)

Yes, Happy Mothers Day Ever... (Below threshold)

Yes, Happy Mothers Day Everyone!

Cute card...I was guessing ... (Below threshold)

Cute card...I was guessing the punchline was something like "it'll still be there tomorrow!" ;)

Nice.... (Below threshold)


Wizbang, I think you will h... (Below threshold)

Wizbang, I think you will have a very happy marriage, since you recognize that the upkeep of the family home is not the sole responsbility of the female.

In most households, both parents work outside the home. The home is the responsibility of all those that live within it. Mowing the grass once a week, on a riding lawn mower, does NOT equate to the upkeep and cleaning of a home. It is a family responsibility.

My parents were married in ... (Below threshold)

My parents were married in April 1951. And you might think it was the cliched 50's marriage... mom stayed home when I came along in 1954, dad worked

But the reason they have ended up still married, celebrating their 54th anniversary last month, was through it all they have been equal partners, regardless of the division of labor. (pic of my mom in 1954 on my blog) My father was fully capable of cooking/cleaning etc having been on his own and self-supporting since he was 15. Mom handled all the family finances.

The success of a family is going with one's talents, interests and strengths and not feeling roped into any particular "role" ... AND always being respectful of your partner.

The flower says it all. Nic... (Below threshold)

The flower says it all. Nice Mothers' Day post.

Hey, this is "abshay photo"... (Below threshold)

Hey, this is "abshay photo", No I'm not a mother, but it was neat seeing my photo being used for a great use :) did they print it out or just email it? Thanks for posting a link to our site






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