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Not So Great Moments In Marketing History

I'm sure the folks who put this product together thought they had a guaranteed winner...


Corey Clark Says Paula Abdul 'Told Me She Loved Me' - [MTV]


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Comments (4)

It's...so...bright...you go... (Below threshold)

It's...so...bright...you gotta wear Prozac over yer eyes....

"But wait! There's more!"</... (Below threshold)

"But wait! There's more!"

"Just Call The Number On Yo... (Below threshold)

"Just Call The Number On Your Screen!!!"

If Paula Abdul was attracte... (Below threshold)

If Paula Abdul was attracted to that POS, she HAD to be on drugs. My bet is with Paula. The Corey dude thinks he is God's gift to the female population (smooth). How many illegitimate children does he have? That he does not support financially? (Un-smooth, Corey.)






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