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Britney Spears - When Accessories Collide

When Britney Spears announced she was pregnant with Cletus Federline's love child, we noted that her annoying little pooch Bit Bit seemed to have been replaced by an ever present Starbucks container. At a shopping expedition in Arizona two weeks ago the pint size bitch squared off with the frappacino container in vying for the pregnant ones attention. Obviously (and unfortunately) the reports of Bit Bit's demise were premature...

Now that we've retired our favorite Britney picture, we're on the lookout for a worthy successor. Based on the (preview) Spears new reality show - Britney and Kevin: Chaotic - which premieres on UPN May 17th looks like a gold mine of unintentionally funny material. Be sure to catch the Hilton-esque infrared camera work in the preview...


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Comments (22)

Ah, spring, when strapless ... (Below threshold)

Ah, spring, when strapless maternity dresses and nursing halter tops hit the racks at Wal-Mart. It's the favorite time of the year for for trailer trash skanks. Throw in a pair of fur-cuffed ankle boots for that "just left the Salvation Army store" look and your good for a night out of bowling or bingo.

Those frappachinos are like... (Below threshold)

Those frappachinos are like 1100 calories a peice, and I bet she swills 5 a day. Girls getting F-A-T fat and fast. We should have a Britney Spears weight gain contest and see who comes closest to guessing her final pregnancy weight. This isn't going to be pretty, and I like it.

call me old fashioned but p... (Below threshold)

call me old fashioned but pregnant women should gain weight, not 'Shamu' style weight, but a fair amount of weight.

And, c'mon, the girl can't catch a break - millions of women get pregnant, gain weight, dress less-than-fashionably, and go out and about with their business.

The entertainment industry is finally serving up a slice of reality, and now people are bitching. Relax guys... could be worse, she could be putting out some godawful Kabbalah Maternity Exercise tapes.

My only real worry if for the kid --- Britney is pure concentrated trailer park ... if there's a supercell thunderstorm or tornado nearby, it will find her.

I think that container has ... (Below threshold)

I think that container has ice water in it. But she really shouldn't leave the house without her make-up.

"Cletus Federline". Damn. I... (Below threshold)

"Cletus Federline". Damn. I'm gonna be chuckling the rest of the day over that.

It's the Rosie O'Donnell Be... (Below threshold)

It's the Rosie O'Donnell Betty Rubble look!


I work for Starbucks and ca... (Below threshold)

I work for Starbucks and can assure you that our marketing people are not going to exploit the fact that she has been frequenting our stores. Let her spend all the money there she wants, but God forbid one of these photos makes it into an ad. Perish the thought.

"Grammy Award-winning pop i... (Below threshold)
Clay Jarr:

"Grammy Award-winning pop icon Britney Spears and husband Kevin Federline will share their personal love story through exclusive, never-before-seen private home videos they shot themselves during their courtship, engagement and wedding. This fun, uniquely personal series will give viewers a rare glimpse inside the pair's relationship and life together."

The footage begins shortly after Britney and Kevin first met in Los Angeles and headed off to Europe together on tour, leading up to and including their wedding day. Through new footage and commentary, Britney and Kevin will personally guide viewers through their story."

Personally guide viewers? Migawd, I feel lunch comin' up.

Where do you sign up to get... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

Where do you sign up to get one of the puppies?

Folks, this is why celebrit... (Below threshold)

Folks, this is why celebrity handlers always hire professionals for their clients' hair, makeup, and shoes.

Left to themselves, celebrities (particularly ones from Podunkville, LA) should NEVER venture out in public.

The only thing that I fear from these episodes is that someone will decide to make Trailer Park Chic the new "in" look for the summer.


Hey, put her in a school gi... (Below threshold)
Master of None:

Hey, put her in a school girl uniform, and I'd still do her.

Ah, those boots just really... (Below threshold)

Ah, those boots just really make that outfit come alive!

Not me. What I'd catch, I c... (Below threshold)

Not me. What I'd catch, I couldn't hide from my wife.

I think I agree with a few ... (Below threshold)

I think I agree with a few earlier and that is that she's pregnant, give her a break.

She's going to gain weight -- I've seen more than a few women remain on diet mode during pregnancy and pose real problems to the health of their child.

If she wants to wear fluffy slipper boots, I think I can understand why.

I think the first photo is ... (Below threshold)

I think the first photo is sweet, and, about the second photo, I'm trying to imagine what most (if not all) the guys on Wizbang look like taking out their trash.

...while not even being pre... (Below threshold)

...while not even being pregnant (most of them, ha).

Is the show going to have f... (Below threshold)

Is the show going to have footage of Cletus telling his pregnant girlfriend that he was getting married?

I've been pregnant 4 times.... (Below threshold)

I've been pregnant 4 times.. two winter deliveries, two summer. Pregnant during warm weather is no picnic

But I'd never even go to the supermarket dressed in that getup! That's strictly in the backyard with your swollen ankles cooling in the inflatable kiddie pool look.

Just more proof that celebrity/$$$ doesn't equate class.

So how much caffeine is the... (Below threshold)

So how much caffeine is the poor baby being fed?

So... I guess it is officia... (Below threshold)

So... I guess it is official that she is no longer a virgin eh? I know my mother will be so dissapointed. She used to tell me to find a girl more like Britney... ya know one one that was saving herself for marriage and ya know blonde.... Mother never liked the girls I dated.

"Got Milk?... (Below threshold)

"Got Milk?

Well hooooooooowdy y'all! S... (Below threshold)
Cletus Podunk:

Well hooooooooowdy y'all! So happens I live in in-bred Tennessee, in a trailer park that is ................... and if'n y'all send her here, there go the neighborhood!!






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