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John Kerry, Outsider

This morning's Boston Globe has a puff-piece about John Kerry (isn't THAT a surprise) as he positions himself for another run for the presidency in 2008. It seems that Kerry is trying to position himself as the outsider, challenging the Washington establishment on behalf of the little man.

I'll let others mock him for that. I'll let others discuss his 20 years in the Senate, his dumping of his first heiress wife largely because she eschewed the spotlight, his marrying a second heiress worth twice what the first one was worth and who had experience as a Senator's wife to boot, his many homes around the world, all the other elements that would seem to cast doubt on his ability to empathize with the common man.

I can see him as a Washington outsider. After all, during his last run for the presidency, he missed so many roll call votes that it's possible a good chunk of the Washington establishment forgot he was a senator at all. He's probably been going around DC having to re-introduce himself ("yeah, I remember you. Didn't you used to be in the Senate or something?"), dust off his desk, update his ID, have somebody's car towed from his assigned parking space, and so on.

Maybe he ought to do one of those credit card ads on a DC television station, where he holds up his card and asks "do you know who I am?" After all, it's a phrase he's apparently used quite a bit.


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Comments (25)

"I'm RELEVANT!!!! I'm RELEV... (Below threshold)


("I'm also cynical, conniving and mendacious --- but you know that already")

I went, I read, I'm sorry, ... (Below threshold)

I went, I read, I'm sorry, he is still a looser!

I want to know what nutjob ... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

I want to know what nutjob actually thinks Kerry can be portrayed as a Washington outsider. 20 years in the senate, even without much to show for it, pretty much makes you an insider.

The Boston Globe? You mean ... (Below threshold)

The Boston Globe? You mean the gay-newspaper that printed porn-site pic's and said they were from abu Ghraib?

I think it will be fun to w... (Below threshold)

I think it will be fun to watch Kerry and Hillary scramble and fight for the money.

So does this mean we should... (Below threshold)

So does this mean we should expect Theresa Heinz to once again become Theresa Heinz Kerry sometime in 2007?

IF Kerry could be considere... (Below threshold)
Zsa Zsa:

IF Kerry could be considered a Washington outsider? It is only because many of the other Senators never recall meeting him!...He repotedly doesn't show up too often on the Senate floor...HMmmmmm! no wonder he feels like an outsider!...

I don't hold water for Kerr... (Below threshold)

I don't hold water for Kerry, didn't vote for him, and only thought about it hoping that if he were President there would be more government gridlock which might prevent them from spending more of our money and/or starting more wars.

Our beloved Chancellor Palpatine (I mean Bush) demonstrates that either he is the sublime Sith master, using Jedi mind tricks to stifle irony, or he is as obtuse as a SovInformBuro apparatchik in the '30s.

"Stable, prosperous democracies are good neighbors, trading in freedom and posing no threat to anyone."

The president pointedly said, "The United States has free and peaceful nations to the north and south of us" and "we do not consider ourselves to be encircled."

"All free and successful countries have some common characteristics - freedom of worship, freedom of the press, economic liberty, the rule of law and the limitation of power through checks and balances," Mr. Bush said.

"The idea of countries helping others become free, I hope that would be viewed as not revolutionary, but rational foreign policy, as decent foreign policy, as humane foreign policy," Mr. Bush said.

Hello Jedi mind trick.

OK, riddle me this, Batman: Is he saying that the United States is NOT a "stable, prosperous democracy"? What did he really mean by "trading in freedom"? Was it, trading freely? Or was it more like Steve McQueen said in "The Magnificent Seven"---"We deal in lead, friend." America really poses no threat to anyone?

John Deere having trouble s... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

John Deere having trouble staying on topic there are ya?

Frankly, I hope Kerry keeps... (Below threshold)

Frankly, I hope Kerry keeps at it. This quixotic effort has the potential for very high entertainment value. And I can just see the leadership at the DNC rubbing their foreheads in frustration. I wonder who's going to get the job of having to sit Mr. Kerry down and say "Look, John .......".

You can't expect intelligib... (Below threshold)

You can't expect intelligible discourse from a lawn tractor.

Kerry is political roadkill... (Below threshold)

Kerry is political roadkill, just like Al Gore before him.

His behavior seems to be a common thread with the Democrats, including their ex-Presidents(think busybody Carter. Gag.) They just won't shut up, find happiness playing golf and fade gracefully after the Fat Lady sings.

Kerry is a joke and apparen... (Below threshold)
Puddin Tang:

Kerry is a joke and apparently thinks the average American is either a 3rd degree idiot or mildly retarded. How can a 20 year Senator and a patron of the Kennedy family possibly be an outsider?

When Kerry made his comments and told the audience "he wanted them to be angry at Washington D.C." someone should have asked him, "why aren't you trying to solve the problems Senaotr?"

I hear that he served in Vi... (Below threshold)

I hear that he served in Vietnam!

Kerry actually did serve in... (Below threshold)
Sean Thompson:

Kerry actually did serve in 'Nam. Maybe Bush was fighting termites in Texas with Tom Delay at the time, but he sure didn't have the guts, cuz he checked off "non-combat duty please".

Kerry also made Boy George pee in his pants at that first debate when they shook hands at the start. I heard you could smell it from the audience. " 'Course I know it was bin Laden that attacked us!" [email protected]#$%^ Whatever, dude!

Hey Sean, give it up, you'r... (Below threshold)

Hey Sean, give it up, you're guy's a loser.

dammit, I'm a loser!!!!!</p... (Below threshold)

dammit, I'm a loser!!!!!

YOUR guy!!!!

- Go ahead Sean... Tractor ... (Below threshold)

- Go ahead Sean... Tractor ... Lie'beral moonbats et. Al... Run him again... Hell I'd even back him enough to get him through the primaries just for the humor kindling wood his sad ass would provide... and oh the fun of watching the second beheading... Make our day wookies... and while we're comparing records how about that "less than honorable" discharge thingy... and that pesky form 180 that keeps getting "forgotten" about... I can't wait till Mapes book hits the shelves. Unless shes been bought out, that should put a cork in the left for awhile....

"empathize with the common ... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

"empathize with the common man."
Oh sure, he can do that.
After all, he is a rather common politican.(and person)

Well Mike at least you didn... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Well Mike at least you didn't say he was a looser.

Sean:Ted Kennedy w... (Below threshold)
Puddin' Tang:


Ted Kennedy was expelled from Harvard and left Mary Jo Kopechne to die.

Robert Byrd was a Grand Kleagle in the KKK and fought Civil Rights legislation.

Joe Biden was caught plagarizing the writings and words of others on multiple occasions

This is your Democratic braintrust - you ought to be very very proud. It's only in such a weak field of Democratic candidates that a dullard and shameless opportunist like Kerry could emerge as a candidate.

I'll take an ex-pest control guy over your brain trust anyday.

Hey, Sean, we are still wai... (Below threshold)

Hey, Sean, we are still waiting for that horse-faced pinhead to release his military records for public scrutiny. Remember when he promised months ago in public to sign Form 180?

But, if this pathetic gigolo who has sucked off of rich women for his opulent lifestyle coupled with his undistinguished parasitical public careerism is your hero then so be it, Sean.

And, Sean, think about this, the ballot box ultimately determined the debate winner. Whoo Hoo!!!! Sean, we haven't got President Kerry!!! So, hold that thought for awhile.

The best of the $perm ran d... (Below threshold)

The best of the $perm ran down his mother's leg when he was conceived, and left him damaged. He came out as half a man, with a lot of fabricating about himself to make up for the $perm loss. The Twit! I really feel sorry for him.

I feel even sorrier for the lonely, rich, women he preys on. They must really have self-esteem issues.

That is right!...He never d... (Below threshold)
Zsa Zsa:

That is right!...He never did release those military records. What is up with that?

Must be Shrum's idea.... (Below threshold)

Must be Shrum's idea.

Give yourself hell, John.






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