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Vanity Fair - Jeff Gannon's Public Blogging

In an article sure to upset those who attach great symbolism to the investigation of Jeff Gannon, Vanity Fair gives the inside story on Gannongate. The article gives a bit of perspective to those who marvel at the access to White House press briefings Gannon got and to other Washington area events. As Woody Allen once noted, "90% of success is just showing up," a lesson the article makes clear Gannon took to heart.

Two humorous quotes from the story, first on insignificant the whole Gannon affair actually is.

...[F]rom the standpoint of Washington, D.C., power politics - as opposed to pure human interest and intrigue - his irrelevance is one of those rare things on which left and right agree. "I can't emphasize enough what a marginal figure he is," says David Corn of the liberal weekly The Nation. "The fact that the guy is, well, 'lilliputian' makes him sound bigger than he was," adds the right-wing National Review's Jonah Goldberg. Right-wing bloggers, Goldberg wrote, had bagged Dan Rather and Eason Jordan; left-wingers had bagged "a chipmunk."
And this on Gannon's hopes of redemption..
Sure, he [Gannon] says, he's radioactive now, but America loves redemption; just look at Dick Morris, Marv Albert, and Martha Stewart. Of course, as Dan Froomkin of washingtonpost.com points out, this is redemption with a twist. "Most people in the American tradition of falling and being redeemed, they were someone in the beginning," he says. "This is a whole new narrative: you start as nobody, you fall to great depths, and then you're a name. It's pretty cool."
Froomkin obviously hasn't been paying attention to Paris Hilton's life story...


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Comments (9)

"This is a whole new narra... (Below threshold)
Master of None:

"This is a whole new narrative: you start as nobody, you fall to great depths, and then you're a name. It's pretty cool."

The only name that fits that description is Monica Lewinski. Maybe Gannon can sell a line of purses.

But what Monica had in her ... (Below threshold)

But what Monica had in her closet was at least relevant to the story...

Don't forget about the Wash... (Below threshold)

Don't forget about the Washingtonienne -- like it's even possible to forget HER.

Zzzzzzz......Does ... (Below threshold)


Does anyone remember the frug? Yeah, it was sure something to talk about when it was happening, fershure.

And moving to Seattle</i... (Below threshold)

And moving to Seattle? Because it was just so neat?!? And Billy Idol?!? ~Wow.~

Hey, Sarah, don't sell poor... (Below threshold)

Hey, Sarah, don't sell poor Jessica short. She achieved the highest honor an American woman can hope for.

She appeared in Playboy.

Now all of America knows exactly how she likes to groom her nether-regions. I mean, come on. Who WOULDN'T want that kind of accolade?

Is there anything more path... (Below threshold)

Is there anything more pathetic than the left's obsession with the Gannon story? Out of the same morbid curiousity that a horrific crash inspires, I went to the Huffington Post, and there are TWO stories on the front page about this on her 'big launch day'. I'll take pictures of scantily clad women on Wizbang, thank you.

To borrow from the brillian... (Below threshold)

To borrow from the brilliance of protein wisdom, one must remember that it is not all about the GAY PORN COCK OF DEATH, it is about the HYPOCRISY!

I was shocked actually how ... (Below threshold)

I was shocked actually how Vanity Fair ( a very liberal magazine) really showed how stupid the leftwing blogs were to go after this story.






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