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And if they divorce, it'll be "show me the money!"

This photo from Carolina Herrera shows country music star Kenny Chesney kissing the hand of his bride, actress Renee Zellweger, wearing her Carolina Herrera designed wedding dress, on the beach in Cruz Bay, on St.John in the U.S. Virgin Islands on Monday, May 9, 2005. (AP Photo/Carolina Herrera)

Country singer Kenny Chesney must have really, REALLY liked the movie Jerry Maguire. First, he took Renee Zellweger's famous line "You had me at 'hello'" and turned it into a hit song. (Which, for some reason, was titled "you had me FROM 'hello.'") Then, when he actually met the actress at a Tsunami Relief show (he sang, she answered phones), they apparently hit it off. And now, they're married.

Here's hoping it works out better than the last Hollywood/Nashville marriage, when Julia Roberts briefly tied the knot with Lyle Lovett.

(This post is a bit of a "payback" to Kevin. I feel he kinda stepped on my toes with his "fun with numbers" piece -- I feel a little territorial about mathematical matters around here -- so I'm posting a "celebrities" piece of the like he usually does. But without the pictures.)

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I hope it works out as well... (Below threshold)

I hope it works out as well. I like Renee Z. (I'm too lazy to type her last name every time I refer to her.) And I for one think she was a lot cuter when she was built for Bridget Jones.

trouble in wizbang paradise... (Below threshold)

trouble in wizbang paradise :)

Pffpt, no picture :-)... (Below threshold)

Pffpt, no picture :-)

Pictures of Renee Zellweger... (Below threshold)

Pictures of Renee Zellweger would have been most welcome.

Difference is- Chesney's ac... (Below threshold)

Difference is- Chesney's actually pretty hot- and a good singer.

Had anyone even *heard* of Lovett before Julia?

Won't last, of course, but they're a cute couple.

Anyone got the over/under o... (Below threshold)

Anyone got the over/under on when this marriage will fall apart?

I'm sayin' 9 months.

Had anyone ever heard of Ly... (Below threshold)

Had anyone ever heard of Lyle Lovett before Julia Roberts married him?

Yes. Has has more talent in his hair that Roberts has in her whole body.

Renee is a big lefty. I as... (Below threshold)

Renee is a big lefty. I assume Kenny Chesney is an America loving normal guy. Hopefully he talk some sense into her. That would all be worth it.






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