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Lawrence, Massachusetts: You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

As every true Star Wars geek knows, Chewbacca is supposed to be from the planet Kashyyyk, the forest-covered homeworld of the Wookiees.

But that's just the official story. It turns out that Chewie was actually born in Massachusetts.

So much for my long-standing belief that nothing good has ever come out of Lawrence, Massachusetts...

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Your link is flawed. The E... (Below threshold)

Your link is flawed. The Eagle Trib website is set up to make linking difficult. I'm not able to find the story you're referencing.

Same here. Although I'm tot... (Below threshold)

Same here. Although I'm totally sure you're right about the hive of scum thing.

All this time I thought Spe... (Below threshold)

All this time I thought Spenard -- a section of Anchorage, Alaska -- was the most wretched hive of scum. Villainy, not so much.

For villainy you need the minority caucus room on the Senate side of the U,S, Capitol.

I thought Turtle Bay had th... (Below threshold)

I thought Turtle Bay had that distinction.

There is a search function ... (Below threshold)

There is a search function at the site

Just search site for WOOKIE or LAWRENCE in May, 2005

I thought Turtle Bay had... (Below threshold)

I thought Turtle Bay had that distinction.

Different kind of scum, I think.

Any one else but me find it... (Below threshold)

Any one else but me find it really funny that the owner's last name is Fehrmann?






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