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Quote of the Day - American Idol Edition

"It was like trying to have Woody Allen play the lead in Shaft."
Simon Cowell explaining to Anthony Fedorov that he was was entirely too white to sing If You Don't Know Me By Now.

I have no idea what would make Cowell say such a thing?!?!

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"He's a complicated man,<br... (Below threshold)

"He's a complicated man,
But no one understands him but his woman..."

Or, as Woody would have it:

"But no one understands him but
the adopted daughter of his former lover..."

Complicated indeed.

Oh, and as to the song sele... (Below threshold)

Oh, and as to the song selection? After covering
the Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes classic,
where exactly *is* Mick Hucknall today?

IF you gave Anthony a bad c... (Below threshold)

IF you gave Anthony a bad curly perm and a bit of the strawberry blonde who could pass for the famous white guy who sang this song into the top forty in the 90s. That little tiny guy from Simply Red.

Jumping Jesus Christ On A P... (Below threshold)

Jumping Jesus Christ On A Pogostick! It's the "You're gettin' a Dell!" dude!

As opposed to Bo Bice who s... (Below threshold)

As opposed to Bo Bice who sang "For the Love of Money" with pure soul.

Hey, Vonzell NAILED the Mel... (Below threshold)

Hey, Vonzell NAILED the Melvin number!

If Woody Allen played John ... (Below threshold)

If Woody Allen played John Shaft, that would instead make him the Hebrew Hammer: "Shabbat Shalom, Motherf**kers!"

Admittedly, Simon has a poi... (Below threshold)

Admittedly, Simon has a point, but . . .

Wouldn't this have been classified as "hate-speech" if the message were reversed?

Bo, I was thinking the same... (Below threshold)

Bo, I was thinking the same thing.






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